Steam Holiday Sale Monday Highlights

"Steam is currently discouting over 1000 game titles from December 20th - January 2nd!

New deals will be added daily in addition to big discounts on publisher catalogs.

Highlights include:"

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Orionsangel2860d ago

I wish they're run that GTA collection deal for 7.99 again. I wanted that but got to it too late.

Red_Phoenix2860d ago

This is my first year participating in the Steam sale and I must say I never knew such sales could even exist. These games are practically a steal!

Dojan1232860d ago

You will be broke before you know it. They will put so many deals out there that you buy a lot of games even if you are not sure you will play all of them game that much.

duplissi2860d ago

lol yeah im still picking at games i got last year....

NegativeCreepWA2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Its hard to resist, only been PC gaming for a year and I have about 60 games because of Steam sells, Most I've barely played. Just cant resist the damn deals.

NegativeCreepWA2860d ago

Holding off on buying any none daily deals until the 2nd, it would suck to buy something at %25 off then the next day its %75 for a daily deal.

majdees2860d ago

Just bought BF: BC2 for 10 dollars heheh...

Nitrox2860d ago

lol, that sale pissed me off, I bought it for $20 about 3 weeks ago. Today, $6.79... Great game though, so I can't complain too much.

distorted_reality2860d ago

I love Steam. Everyone at Valve deserves a massive pat on the back for not only the Christmas sales, but the various sales throughout the year.

Unfortunately, all I want for Christmas is some Ep3 news lol.