The Uncharted Franchise Is Simply The Best Game In Its Genre

The Uncharted franchise has proved beyond reasonable doubt that it has no equals and has constantly pushed the genre where it belongs to previously not seen heights. I have always criticized developers who center more on graphics and appeal to realism while retarding gameplay, but now I see things differently.

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proudly_X2857d ago

your names says it all . . ***Lunatic**** so i won't be commenting further to save my bandwidth.

seij5552857d ago

Looks like xbots are in full force today. Look at all the random disagrees.

sunnygrg2857d ago

"The Uncharted Franchise Is Simply The Best Game In Its Genre"

I agree whole-heartedly. There is literally no contest.

PlayerX2857d ago

Lol the ps3 fanboys are mad over disagrees? The irony.

deadreckoning6662857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

@LunaticBrandon- I don't like linear games either, but the point of Uncharted 2 was to create a cinematic experience that is as interactive as possible. If you want to tell a good story, there has to be some type of linearity there.

If you don't like the Uncharted franchise, there are other action/adventure franchises like Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect that might fit your needs.

RedDead2857d ago

This^^ some games just need it

nycredude2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Mass Effect is as linear a game as they come. Sure you can choose which mission to do first but each mission itself is as linear as any other game. Also calling Mass Effect an rpg is stretching it. Both games are 3rd actino shooters with rpg elements, the second one more so than the first.

I've played both games 2 times so I am not bashing they are great games just not really an rpg. IMO Gran Turismo 5 is more an rpg than ME 1 or 2.

Jebus lots of nonsensical disagress here. Some trolls are out in force. Did they just release NPD numbers or something?

Hellsvacancy2857d ago

Leave the mofo alone, hes a probably a COD player, NOTHIN linear bout COD

MariaHelFutura2857d ago

There is some SERIOUS disagreeing going on in here.

PS3Freak2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

How can you possibly disagree with this comment? It is an obvious fact.

Hoje03082857d ago

Who gives a shit? If you don't like it, then why bother commenting? I like open-world games just as much as the next guy, but you simply can't get the kind of set pieces you can in a linear game. It's a design choice. If you don't like it, just shut up and move along.

Objective2857d ago

People are entitled to make fair comments, and fair comments are not always positive.

Hoje03082857d ago

A fair comment would've offered a little more in the way of objective criticism related to the game, instead of just stating that you don't like it.

Objective2857d ago

He stated very clearly that he found it too linear. Does he need to write a thesis before it is fair comment?

ComboBreaker2857d ago

too open for me. I like to feel a sense of direction in both the gameplay and story flow, and not a sense of aimlessly wandering around, lost.

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SuperKing2857d ago

I'm guessing this generation will be remembered most because of the Uncharted franchise. Hopefully The Last Guardian will share it's pedestal, because I'm a bit of a Team ICO fanboy :)

ape0072857d ago

not only uncharted man,also call of duty, gears of war, gta 4, mgs 4, mario galaxy, mass effect, bioshock and still more games to come like rage and crysis 2

anyway I cannot F**** wait for uncharted 3, uncharted 2 was the one of the best games ever

Rainstorm812857d ago

i dont think it will be remembered for IPs not new to this gen....out of your list Gears, Mass Effect, maybe Rage and Bioshock.....

But IMO Mass Effect and Uncharted are the frontrunners they changed they way people look at and play RPGs and Action adventure games

Koolno2857d ago

LBP, Killzone, gow3, resistance or heavy rain..more than all you said after uncharted.

GodofSackboy2857d ago

Littlebigplanet just changed everything for me. I've been playing it for 2 years, with only small interruptions from other games. But of course, a large interruption from Uncharted 2, I mean the online co op is so addictive!!!

Kakihara2857d ago

...b'but... it's not a game ... it's a franchise.

Quagmire2857d ago

Lol, gaming "journalist" these days...

killa_sam2857d ago

UC2 was a great non linear game so UC3 will on be so much better. Nothing linear about UC2.

rjdofu2857d ago

Your comment is like saying the Sun flying around the Earth.

bananlol2856d ago

Well, in space its all about relative moment;)

slutface2857d ago

Uncharted changed everything for Sony

GeneGodHand2857d ago

Mgs4 changed everything for Sony i remember those bundles sold out in a second.

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