G4TV: Big Ones: Upcoming 2011 Releases

Mass Effect 3, Uncharted 3, The Elder Scrolls V, Homefront, Resistance 3, and Forza Motorsport 4 are just some of the huge titles set to release in 2011. Adam Sessler gets a head start on the gaming year coming your way.

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Iamback2861d ago

ehhh no The Last Guardian? MEGA facepalm

HolyOrangeCows2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

List needs more Killzone 3 and LBP2.
Or Infamous 2 and Gears 3.

FACTUAL evidence2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

ME3 releases in 2011, or just trailers/gameplay? If so it sucks for ps3 owner, they have to put down 120$ that year.

EDIT: @Iamback Not saying it's hard but not every body has the funds for it. Some people have you know....Priorities?

Iamback2861d ago

hmm no it doesn't suck. Paying for good games is not hard.

Jay5202861d ago

So they pick games like Homefront, SSX, over games like LBP2, KZ3, GEOW3, etc. You would think that with the games coming in 2011, that they couldn't possibly make such a weird list, *sigh*

weird list is weird.

silkrevolver2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Great 2011.

Memo-Xen x31002861d ago

I want to shoot Sessler in the face with an Auger. Kiss your @ss goodbye Sessler, slow and painful. Merry Christmas!

Iamback2861d ago

yup i can't stand him.

GeneGodHand2861d ago

Honestly that man is really ugly and im not the type to make fun but dam keep his face away from a camera.

JakemanPS319942861d ago

god you guys are jackasses.

HungryGoku2861d ago

He goes by a script so he really is a g4 slave gamer truth hurts :(

Lirky2861d ago

ME3 wasn't listed for Ps3 on g4tvs listed videos in orange. They are doing this probably so ppl would speculate there was never a ps3 one ever announced.

Iamback2861d ago

good eye. Definitely not accident. Bunch of 360 fnaboys they are. It hurts i know.

Chaostar2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Was Killzone 3 on that list? I was only half watching ¬_¬

Iamback2861d ago

Nope. No KZ, no LBP, no Infamous 2 and many more. Like RAGE. Ok sure they can't fit every game on that list but weird list. Forza, SSX and couple other WTF.

Chaostar2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

I had a feeling it was gonna be a half-arsed list, hence my half-arsed attention.

If you're gonna publish a list-video of upcoming games at least try and include MOST of the highly anticipated titles. The whole video was like a cut and paste from VGA trailers, lazy journalism at best.

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