Plus Members Can Play MAG Free Until Expiration of Membership

With announcement of MAG coming to PSN and a Trial for Plus members, Many fans are questioning the Trial, Zipper responds, "As long as you’re a PS Plus member, you can play the game at no charge, with a level 8 cap." Which means you can Play MAG as long you have membership, but you cant level up after 8.

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deadreckoning6662949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE! Sony's gtta do this with more games! Good feature...but I don't think I'd be interested in playing M.A.G. From what I hear, it ain't that good. Never have I seen a game drop in price so significantly in such a short period of time. It came out this year....and Gamespot ALREADY have it for like 15 bux new. Guess its not in high demand. Smart move by Sony giving it out for with a PS Plus subscription.

@ABizzel1- Yeah, well at least you tried to like it. I recommend Bad Company 2....EASILY the holy grail of competitive online play on the PS3 next to NPS: Hot Pursuit and Warhawk IMO.

"So you base how good games are by what other people tell you then?"

I never said that. All I stated was that I haven't heard good things about it. It could still be a great game...but I'm just not interested in trying it out at the moment. Btw, I liked Alpha Protocol as well despite the reviews.

@HolyOrangeCows- You don't need a PS Plus subscription to get into betas. I got the KZ3 beta off a glitch in the Indian PS Store. Its ur decision, but all I'm saying is that there are other alternatives to getting free shit on PSN. Gamesharing is another example.

ABizzel12949d ago

This is interesting. I wanted to really like MAG, but playing the beta ruined it for me. It was so chaotic. There was so much going on, and I didn't know what I was suppose to be doing, because our team leader wasn't talking.

How is it now?

oddexarcadia2949d ago

Yes, MAG can be very chaotic and has a steep learning curve. Though with a little looking, you can find a clan to group up with and make the game 100% funner.

The silence is mostly still there for pick up games. When you run with a clan though it's a lot better.

I know, a lot depends on if you are in a clan. Though to be fair, this game was built on the idea of having a tight group of people working together in a unified front. Hard to do with randoms.

If you are interested in playing, you should check out the clan I'm in.

We are mainly a SVER clan with a group of us doing a tour through Raven.

If you have Plus, it is worth the download.

kneon2949d ago

The chaos is what I love most about MAG, there is just so much going on.

I wish I still played it more often, but there is just such a huge backlog of other good games to play, I haven't even finished GOW3 yet. GT5 is sucking up way too much of my time at the moment.

ijkabob2949d ago


100% funner would be the same right? Like if it is if you have 100% as many apples as before you still have the same number of apples. But yes. Clans rule, go WKE.

UCMEandICU2949d ago

lvl 8? Your weapons and skill abilities & equipment are all so weak and most things aren't accessible at all.

Plus, no way to experience leading a squad as squad leader? cause you need to be at least lvl 15 and w/ a mic to get that experience. Your first win as SL, in a tough battle, is the best lol

I guess I can understand what they're doing. You're essentially playing a game for free no matter how you cut it. I think it's a very bold and innovative business model and something I think will work.

Great, DOM maps getting over 5000 in lobby? lobby to game in 0.5343secs FTW! lol

oddexarcadia2949d ago


It's ok if you don't understand math. We all have our weak points in life. </joke>

But to be serious, 100% more of something is the same as saying twice as much, or double, or whatever way you want to say it. (Double the fun anyone?)

And just for good measure. ONS brings it rough. LoL

HxCGamer2949d ago


i think you meant 100 times more.
because that other kid is right about the whole 100% situation.

not trying to be an ass btw.

ABizzel12949d ago

Thank you oddexarcadia.

I'll definitely try it out again.

oddexarcadia2949d ago


100% more of something is more than the original. If you have 50% more, that means you have all of the original, plus half of what the original was.

Let's say you have 10 of something. 100% MORE of whatever you have is 10 more. Giving you 20.

Do you see now?

So how about them PS+ benefits guys?

nycredude2949d ago

Level people get raped in this game. Unless you are god of fps games you will die alot!

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BlackTar1872949d ago

Man this game didnt even really get me hooked till lvl 20 1-8 was boring to me.

Shazz2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

So you base how good games are by what other people tell you then ? Ive read numerous reviews and been told off people about games being ok but not great and wouldn't you know they have been brilliant e.g. The fight lights out , tumble , enslaved , alpha protocol are games I really enjoy even though others didn't . Give mag a chance and I bet you will be glad you did if you like tactical shooters

HolyOrangeCows2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

So, with the PS+, you can play the Killzone 3 beta AND MAG?
I think I'll have to get on board.

"KZ3 beta off a glitch in the Indian PS Store"
Oh, that's right. Anyone know if that still works?
I think I'll still get it for MAG and supporting awesomeness, though.

sunnygrg2949d ago

Sony has taken the beta off the Indian Playstation Store :/

Focker4202949d ago

As well as the DC Universe Online Beta

2949d ago
kneon2949d ago

"Never have I seen a game drop in price so significantly in such a short period of time"

No, that's becoming quite common now, maybe even typical. ME2 has been around $20 for quite a while now. POP:The Forgotten Sands, Bayonetta, Enslaved and many more games launched this year can easily be found selling for $20-$30.

I even saw Halo Reach Legendary Edition for $30 a couple weeks ago, though that was a one day sale and not a permanent price drop.

Anyway it looks like retailers are getting really aggressive with the price cuts. It's almost guaranteed that most games will see a significant price drop within 6-8 weeks of launch.

Christopher2949d ago

That's actually pretty awesome. Sure, you're capped at level 8, but it's a free online shooter on the PS3.

Lich1202949d ago

He was right, 100% more is twice as fun. As well, funner isn't a word. But its the internet, and whats the internet without a few errors in text?

(note my lack of apostrophes)

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Motorola2949d ago

Thats awesome, plus MOVE support :D

DarkBlood2949d ago

makes sense, it is a online only game and its only good as ur subscription till the online of this game dies in 40 years or so

Shazz2949d ago

Will hopefully build the community up good and get people telling mates to either buy mag or sign
Up to plus

irepbtown2949d ago

I'm signing up for sure.

BlackTar1872949d ago

Greta game to me i loved it but i got to lvl 60(I believe was the amx) on all 3 factions SVEr being my favorite for teammates Valor for GUNS (SCAR-LW) and Raven for nothing really ;)

oddexarcadia2949d ago

Aw c'mon! Raven's guns are laser accurate. And they have black leather. LoL

Also, the new level cap is 70 and they revamped a BUNCH of the menu and in game stuff.

MGRogue20172949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Good for Plus members. :)

mrv3212949d ago

His original comment was along the lines of

M.A.G isn't a good game, though.

I was about to reply

Opinion isn't fact, but he changed it.

soundslike2949d ago

the term you are looking for is "NINJA'D"

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