Hit-Reset's Xbox 360 GOTY top ten

Hit-Reset's RicMe85 runs down his top ten Xbox 360 games of the last twelve months, culminating in his nomination for Game of the Year for the Microsoft system.

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Yi-Long2862d ago

... Where's Super Meat Boy? Where's ilomilo? Where's DJ Hero 2 or Rock Band 3? Where's Halo Reach? Where's Bad Company 2? Where's Naruto UNS2?(fantastic party-fight game!) Where's NBA 2K11??

And James Bond at nr. 1!? Seriously....!?

Nolando2862d ago

how do these list keep getting approved...

No halo: reach on a xbox 360 GOTY list...

This guy thought sonic all star racing was better that bad company 2 and halo... Wow... just Wow... i know everyone has an opinion... but Wow...