Metro 2033 for Xbox 360 only $19.99 with FREE SHIPPING at Walmart, PC $18.95 at Amazon

For those of you still looking for that last minute gift, Walmart is having a great deal on a great Xbox 360 game! For a limited time (and with guaranteed shipping by December 24th), you can pick up a copy of Metro 2033 for the Xbox 360 at Walmart for only $19.99 with FREE SHIPPING! The game was given very decent reviews across the board with Gamespot giving it a 7.5, and calling it “well paced, punctuated by emotional and dramatic moments.”

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fromasterjay2863d ago

Metacritic had an overall rating of 77...not too bad!

Raoh2863d ago

this game is very good. played it on pc. short, but looks and plays well. i think a lot of gamers, especially on the xbox ignored it for its lack of online but for the price i strongly recommend it.. or at least rent it.

Motion2863d ago

I play it on PC and love it as well. I have heard though that the 360 version doesn't really hold up to the PC in terms of visuals and AI.

yamzilla2863d ago

metro2033 pc with dx11 or even dx10 looks [email protected] sickkk

destroys uncharted 2, crysis, killzone, god of war 3, the witcher, bfbc2 dx11, destroys them all in graphic fidelity, gameplay is a very solid 7.75