Nvidia vs ATI: what gamers need to know

After more than a year of promises but no follow-through, Nvidia finally brought a competitive card to the table. Here's what gamers need to know.

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NYC_Gamer2857d ago

nvidia has the two fastest single gpu cards on the market

darando2855d ago

you get what you pay for. and i think ati's GFX cards have less cons TBH.

ATi_Elite2854d ago

Fastest single GPU? Sounds like we are cherry picking to make our favorite brand a winner.

At $500 single GPU or Dual Gpu or Dual Card set up you have to look at the performance level within a price point. That's what I tell everyone who I build a PC for.

A GTX 460 1gb SLI set up at $400 will out perform a GTX 580 at $500 AND allows you to run 3 monitors.
HD 5970 at $500 beats a GTX 580 in most games and allows you to run 6 monitors.

Now if your dead set on a GTX 580 sli then yeh go ahead but if not always go for two for better performance.