Christmas Day = Newbs On COD

Ahhh that great day where you open all your presents and enjoy them, sadly some or most of these presents might be Treyarch’s Call Of Duty Black Ops

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solidsnake2222862d ago

Not a brainbuster at all, 6 year old Bobby will start playing his new game with all of the other little kids on the block. Easy XP and COD Points, but annoying voices and teammates.

Cevapi882862d ago

dont you find it funny how the media talks about videogames making children violent, yet parents still go out and buy the games without having a clue as to what they are about

mrv3212862d ago

But it's the video game makers fault because parents can't say 'No, your too young to play GTA IV' despite the fact that video game publishers DON'T advertise to Children and do more than any other industry to prevent children getting hold of violent content.

NecrumSlavery2862d ago

Of all the games I play, COD is the least to make me violent. I get frustrated at it's lag and that makes me mad, but I don't think about shooting people or anything.

Peggle on the otehr hand makes me angry cause of it's difficulty. A simple puzzle arcade game makes me cuss like a jackoff almost everytime. My wife would ratehr me play Read Dead around my daughter than Peggle. Not that I would play that around her, but the point is the same.

GrieverSoul2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

I find it funny how people even make news or opinions pieces or blogs or something I cant get it right, only to say, in order words, that they suck at playing online games and look foward xmas time for some noobs to hop on the game in order for them to get easy kills.

Might as well say they need someone worse than them at the game in order to enjoy it. I like my online matches to be challenging. I love getting my kills against higher level players. Makes me feel I can step up my game to their levels.

Just like last year´s MW2 flood of youtube videos of guys getting nukes around this time, I bet we will see someone kniffing people till 11 killstreak without dieing. But by the time you check the score board and the guy who won is 7th prestige and the other 7 were in the mid 10s and 20s no prestige levels, you kinda feel cheated for watching. Its like an old saying about a lion sent to kill a pair of ants.

Tony-Red-Grave2862d ago

and THEY want to complain i mean common at every GS and Eb games they warn the parents X game is given the X rating because of X amount of things are you sure you want to buy this for son/daughter. then a week later same parent is giving his opinion on why games should idk whats the current trail on games? fact is its the parents responsibility the devs and retailers already did their end common sense folks.

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P1NKY2862d ago

I don't think you'd be matched up with the noobs too often as I've noticed that since i'm prestige 2 (just) I usually get matched with other prestiged players or high 40's. The only time I've been matched with anyone lower is because they were in a party with someone of a higher level.

Kee2862d ago

I play on the ps3 and only use my mic when playing with my real friends. I don't want to talk to 12 year old dumbasses who use voice changer to make stupid noises. Thats why I just mute everyone automatically.

So, yeah. Most people on the ps3 have mics. But they just don't use them a lot.

mauleriscool2861d ago

Last year I logged on mw2 on ps3 Christmas morning, every room looked like this.

P1NKY2861d ago

LOL. Wish that would happen to me. ;)

JsonHenry2862d ago

Just play it on the PS3, none of them will have mics!

jriquelme_paraguay2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

this is not true

edit: disagrees? denial.
i allways play with my whole clan, 6 vs 6, all with mics.

Also play with people of Brazil, Puerto Rico, Cubans, Argentina... lot of people with mic.

Maybe N.Americans are more shy tahn South Americans

JsonHenry2862d ago

I don't know very many kids who have mics on the PS3. As opposed to the 360 where every xbox comes with one so of course the younger kids will have one.

jriquelme_paraguay2862d ago

but you say NONE.. and thats is not true.

sleepy32862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

I've spent a LOT of time with this game on the PS3 and most people do NOT have mics.

I'm surprised Sony aren't bundling a cheap mic with the system yet. I myself have still not found a reason to spend 50 bucks on a mic for my PS3.

You can either get free online gaming and pay for the mic. Or free mic and pay for the online gaming. Choose your poison.

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Tony-Red-Grave2862d ago

CoD players are noobsgalore dont see the problem with a few more noobs being added to that mix

mushroomwig2862d ago

I never realized how selfish and greedy the COD community was, so what if there are new members joining? Everyone was a "newb" at one point or another.

femshep2862d ago

not to mention all the "newbs" are 5 yr olds trying to be tough and smack talk everyone and they do a terrible job at it which makes it funny

Keltik822862d ago

Actually I have to agree to that. I've never gotten mad at anyone on any game, because I've always remembered when I started and was scared that people would yell at me for making some sort of mistake. It's really nice for a fellow gamer to help them out cause as you stated, we were all newbs at one point. They got that game to have some fun not for people to yell at them or make fun of them and call them names. Sadly, gamers can be quite mean.

JsonHenry2862d ago

I don't think that this piece reflects the average player's opinion. Actually, I would be surprised if even more than the smallest % of the players even though about this.

femshep2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

this is the conversation ive been going thru at work for any M rated game

me: CODMW2 is rated M for mature are you sure your 5 yr old son can play this

them: yeah he see it in school all the time and he will be unpopular with all the kids.

me: ok but you do know this has terrorism in it where you kill hundreds of innocent people for no reason with out any attempt to stop the terrorist

them: oh i didn't know that....we'll let me get him grand theft auto

me: THAT'S WORSE! if you really wanna get him an M rated game get him Castlevania its awesome

that's how my mom was too and tho as a kid i would have been made at her i appreciate it now....and yeah parents don't care mostly cause a lot don't understand they just wanna shut there kids up and not have to watch them

Keltik822862d ago

If I told my mom I would be unpopular at school if I didn't get a certain game she would say "I don't get a shit, you're to young to play that game" I'm 28 now so I understand where she came from. Some parents just don't care what their kids play.

captain_dl2862d ago

It's already happening. Last night on Live was nothing but campers. I even saw my first boosters. The game will quickly go downhill now. :(

femshep2862d ago

thats all there was since day one......and the 6hr hacks were funny to find out too....broken $60 game that well tryarch is actually trying to fix by making even more broken patches XD oh activison how you make me LAWL every time they speak

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