Madden Curse Movie in Development

A movie based on the Madden game franchise and its supposed "cover curse" is being developed by Electronic Arts.

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Cevapi882860d ago

Vick and Lewis seem to be the sole survivors even tho both faced scandals

still garnering success in the NFL

neo8812860d ago

Wrong Vick Broke his leg missed the first 12 games and Lewis injured his wrist and missed the last 3 games and did not have a interception that season.

Cevapi882860d ago

how the hell am i wrong? im talking about the present buddy, both guys are looking towards the playoffs...Vick has found success in Philly and Lewis is still one of the most dominating LBs in the game

im not talking about what happened years ago

djcitizend2860d ago

I'd say Favre recovered from it too, (2009)

Cevapi882860d ago

an injury that broke his NFL record of starts as well as sexting a younger woman even tho he is married...idk if he has recovered

djcitizend2851d ago

Well... his 2009 wasn't bad. 2010, yeah.. it's been a bad year to be in Minnesota...

Tuxedo_Mask2860d ago

A sequel to the Madden Curse movie will be released a year after the first film, but many will criticize it as merely a roster update.

solaris312860d ago

Half way through the movie you'll have to pay more to continue and see the end.