Nomura and Takahashi on Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

Andriasang: For its final issue of the year, Famitsu has another big look at Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy, along with an interview with producer Tetsuya Nomura and planning director Mitsunori Takahashi.

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RedDead2859d ago

Anyone betting Sora from KH will get a spot in it? Even though he's not an FF character. He's Nomura's character

Deathstroke2858d ago

If anything, Noctis would have a better shot at being in it.

Also, everytime I see Dissidia 012 I keep thinking of it as Dissidia 1.2 which is probably why they did it as it doesn't look like much of an upgrade and new characters and stuff could've been DLC.

RedDead2858d ago

I knoow but I doubt that, since we don't know Noctis full powers, it would be a spoiler.