Xbox 'Doesn't Carry Anywhere Near as Much Sway' as Sony, says EA CEO

The Xbox 360 has been rolling as of late, posting six consecutive 'wins' in NPD's monthly reports, and the Kinect seems to be easily outselling PlayStation Move. That said, over the last few years, PS3 has made great strides in closing the gap with Xbox 360 in global installed base, and a number of analysts believe PS3 will soon overtake Xbox 360 in the console wars for good.

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donniebaseball2857d ago

I think he's right. Look at Europe, look at Japan. On a global basis, people just know Sony and PlayStation.

NYC_Gamer2857d ago

the PS brand has been around much longer

Sonyslave32857d ago Show
donniebaseball2857d ago

Yeah, that's also true. PlayStation has become synonymous with gaming like Nintendo.

Anarki2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

edit: nevermind.

Incoming shitstorm

I_find_it_funny2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

we all know this

nickjkl2857d ago


hit the deck


Get the Fuck down


gamingdroid2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

It's actually more than that as well, it is the Sony brand. In Europe, the Sony brand is seen as a luxurious brand. Think of BMW and Mercedes (unless you are in Germany).

That really helps Sony coupled with the fact that pricing can be laxer in Europe than the U.S. and they have a natural advantage.

Bottom line, both companies will "hopefully" use their advantages to their benefit.

But yeah, two decades of total domination (read Playstation brand) definitely will stand up against one basically a failure and another with reasonable success (read Xbox brand)!

rroded2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

in a big way vultures have already started loading their pockets n whats better offloading them offshore. How much of the bush handouts you ask over 90% taken out of the US...
sry but the dudes not just dissing ms so please b warned. Everyone with cash is running. Bets on how much of ballers billions are already safely invested?

Koolno2857d ago

It's so much better quality and value, without powerfull ms marketing and americans medias, ps3 would have "overtake" xbox since 2009...

Shadow Flare2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Continously outselling the 360 globally at a higher price point.

Its on course to outsell the 360 in total sales worldwide..

Reaching that sales number an entire year quicker then the 360.......

....yes, yes I would tend to agree with the EA CEO

SaberEdge2857d ago

Most people miss the bigger message John Riccitiello was getting across, which is that both companies are doing very well and they both have their respective strengths and weaknesses.

TheDivine2857d ago

Im suprised the 360 even managed to compete(much less do better) than the ps3. Nobody had an xbox, it was a pc gamers console. I think it did well because it was cheaper, came sooner, and brought new games like gears and mass effect along with live. The nich us gaming market last gen took over this gen. Nobody with a ps2 cared about morrowind, fable, halo, kotor, multiplayer, now these are the best games/features(oblivion/biowar e/fps). Ms is a western console, which you like is up to you, i have both but play my 360 more. Everyone must of started gaming this gen, 360 is the underdog that was expected to go the way of the dreamcast, the ps3 was the jugernaught. Even if Ms looses to sony they still won because they took half their market and created a dedicated gaming community. Play both and have more fun.

Vaud-Villian2857d ago

What is sway? Can I play it?

snoopgg2857d ago

EA used to rip on Sony and the Ps3, man how the tides have turned.

kancerkid2857d ago

All he seems to be saying is that the Sony brand name (Playstation) is more popular than the Microsoft (XBOX) brand name. He did not say either company was better, he is just talking about their perceived popularity.

Of course, fanboys will jump at every opportunity to tear either side down, to Hell with logic.

2857d ago
darthv722857d ago

xbox as a "gaming" brand vs the playstation brand.....obviously

MS as a company brand ... that is another story.

Are these types of articles meant to remind people of the way things were? When ps3 overtakes 360 you know what will happen...?

Nothing. That day wont all of a sudden invalidate the 360 and the role it plays in gaming.

Why is that so hard to get?


@ TheDivine

I just have to say, well said. I think you summed it up best.

King_of _the_Casuals2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

I don't understand what's the big deal. What EA CEO said was nothing bad. Everyone knows that Sony has a better name across the world and rightfully so. MOST there products are top notch and have been for a long time.

As for MicroSoft....if anyone had told them that at this point in only there 2nd generation they would be leading Sony in Sales they would've done Backflips with how happy they would be!!! They have absolutely stolen a giant portion of Sony's previous marketshare, while Nintendo has stolen another Giant portion.

But in the end it's just a WIN for all gamers!!!

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Mystogan2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

This is true, Japan hates Xbox but Europeans are not denying it. the PS3 leads in EU by only 1m units right now i believe. And thanks to kinect thats probably gonna change since kinect is very well received in Europe.

SuperKing2857d ago

Just out of curiosity, what makes you think Kinect is a hit in Europe?

And please don't quote VGChartz.

Danja2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Last time I checked the 360 just crossed 18 million units in Europe , while the PS3 has passed 20 million and will hit 21 million before the year ends ..

Next thing you seem to forget that the PS3 arrived on the market in Europe 16 months after the 360 did yet it has surpass
ed it , you really think the 360 has a shot at catching the PS3 ??

Kinect is reeping the rewards of a 500 million campaign and the holiday rush let's see how it will sell come next year when software becomes the driving factor behind every system after the holiday rush craze is over ..

360 might have America in the bag this gen but the PS3 usnt flopping in America either .. Its sells well in US+EU+JP ... Samething cannot be said for the 360 , Europe and Japan sales will continue to nip away from the lead the US has been giving the 360 all these years ....

40cal2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )


The PS3 might ahead by 1 million units, I really don't know. I do know that the PS3 launched on 03/27/2007 and the 360 launched on 12/10/2005.

With 15 extra months on the market the 360 is getting beat up in Europe. But try and look at it how ever you can to feel better.

Kee2857d ago

I'm from the UK and don't know 1 person with Kinect. In fact I don't know anyone who even knows what it is apart from myself and a few people on my friends list who follow games news.

Objective2857d ago

I think the way to look at this is that Xbox has caught up considerably with Playstation this gen (something few people thought was possible), and it will be interesting to see what happens next gen.

RememberThe3572857d ago

average non-gamers like Kinect. I know a few chicks that want it but they don't want to buy a 360. The appeal of Kinect is outside the average gamer, thats it's whole purpose.

But like someone said above, the point is that all the systems are doing very well this gen.

beavis4play2856d ago

No Way - first, your "the other kids are doing it too!" arguement is childish and doesn't have ANY bearing in the aaron greenberg comments. however, you are right in your claim that sony will use the same tactics. what bugs me about sony people is that they will put out a presser that talks about numbers (of consoles or games) SHIPPED rather than SOLD because becasue the shipped number will be bigger - every time i read those kinds of comments i just think - give us the number SOLD - not shipped.

so as far as greenberg - it's his job to not make sense? i guess i wasted 5 years of college and doctorate work - i could have applied to MS for this job. LOL

to all of you MS fanboys - i'm not being pro sony here - i just made a comment about something that bugs me about aaron greenberg. we could have as easily discussed a sony problem that bugs me - like what i mentioned above; or having what seems like 20 small firmware upgrades a year (damn i'm tired of seeing i need to download a firmware update when i turn on the ps3!)
i own a ps3 but i'm not afraid to say there are times i see things that bug me about the system (or sony).

calm down, xbox fans, i'm just carrying on a discussion that happens (this time) to be about greenberg.

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beavis4play2857d ago

someone send aaron greenberg a memo: there IS a world outside of the USA.

Elven62857d ago

Aaron Greenberg, you mean the same Greenberg who is a Microsoft US employee hence touts Microsoft US figures much like his US counterparts from other US based gaming divisions?

I'll get right on it.

beavis4play2857d ago

no it's the aaron greenberg who works for a major console maker who markets their product to the WHOLE WORLD but only uses US sales figures since they're the only ones left that can cover up the fact that sony has all but eliminated the OVERALL world sales lead MS enjoyed due to a full year head start.

keep trying elven - you'll get it some time.

karl2857d ago

he doesnt take calls from outside the US

Elven62857d ago

beavis: His job is only US related, for someone who seems to hate him so much you are certainly missing a few key details.

"Keep trying"? You're the one who has know idea how corporate structures work! Multiple divisions, positions, etc for different locations to appeal to local markets and conditions.

FarEastOrient2857d ago

Send a memo to VGChartz and tell them to get a real job instead of guessing numbers too. NPD is the closest thing we got to real numbers but they don't even count outlets like Wal-Mart and Amazon.

beavis4play2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

elven - i "hate" him? show me where i say that? i don't even know the man. again - reread my comments and you might get it.

as far as corporate goings on - no, i don't pretend to know -nor do i say that either.........i guess your reading comprehension skills need work as well.

let me try to say this as PLAIN as i can so as not to complicate it for you:

i think it's ridiculous for ANYONE involved with ANY corporation that is in the console business to keep talking about the sales of just 1 country and ingore the rest of the world just so they can create a propaganda that isn't representative of the big picture. - that makes NO sense. especially when that person (greenberg) and the company he works for (microsoft) actively pursue global sales.

No Way2857d ago

Sony reps do the same hit your complaining about..
It's not HIS job to talk about world figures.
It's his JOB to talk about the US figures.

What's so hard to understand about that?
But, yes, as you said.. it makes no sense.

RedDragan2857d ago

Is Greenburg really only catering to the US market?

I would say he is the global face of Xbox because there is nobody else with the same job in any other country.

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40cal2857d ago

"and a number of analysts believe PS3 will soon overtake Xbox 360 in the console wars for good"

Myself and dozens of other people on this site called this years ago, time frame and all. Some things in life are just obvious.

kaveti66162857d ago

". Some things in life are just obvious. "

like focusing too much on things that mean absolutely nothing.

40cal2857d ago


Confused as to how something that is obvious requires focus? Please explain.

This should be good.......

kaveti66162857d ago

You're focusing on the fact that one company is performing better than another company.

It's obvious that some people, such as you, spend so much of your time thinking about something so meaningless as that.

You'll of course get the most agrees because you're joined by raving lunatics that think the same as you.

40cal2857d ago

Really, I'm not. I am focused on things like my marriage, career, planing for retirement, the GT Academy at the moment, you know things that actually require focus.

Sayai jin2857d ago

@40cal - Hmmmm. All 3 consoles will be able to call this gen a success. The Gamer is the biggest winner. All that being said, Sony owned about 70 to 74% of the console gaming market while Ninty and MS only accounted for 12 to 13% each. Sony does not hold anywhere the lead they enjoyed in previous gens. Ninty really needed to get back on track after 2 gens of dismal console gaming sales. MS the newest kid on the block will tout that this gen was a huge success in contrast to last gen. I do not know why people care so much about who is on top of who. I personally like all 3 companies slugging it out in the trenches and neck and neck in a race, because it spells for better games, better prices, and much more.

Game on...

PinkFunk2857d ago

To be fair, rooting for a console is much like rooting for a sports team. There is SOME sense in it. Some people agree more with Microsoft's policies on gaming, sharing, networking, etc. Some people agree more with Sony's policies.

Focusing on sales is a bit lame, IMO, considering we don't make a dime out of it. It's really a debate on who's console receives more praise from the mainstream. But then, considering that some populations around the world are much different than others, we side with a console that sells more to OUR kind of people. I don't know, either way, the sales game is practically pointless as long as they're selling well enough to invest back into making games. And all 3, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony, are selling just fine.

IMO, the reason I prefer Sony's outlook on gaming, is because they focus a lot of the attention and funds into the creative development of their very talented first-party studios. As far as I know, there's little to no creative restrictions enforced by Sony, which is why time after time these studios release brilliant video game experiences. Microsoft, it seems, spends their funds on marketing and time-based exclusive content - both things I don't care for and do nothing to enrich my experience.

I'm really excited for LBP2 right now... that game looks on point. Well done Media Molecule, well done.

No Way2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

No one said you can't have a favorite console..
But, when it comes to half the stuff people on here talk about..

It just becomes, well, like you said.. lame.
Like the one person who disagreed with you! :P

JohnnyBadfinger2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

I salute you... couldnt have put it better myself.

Its a matter of which console appeals to you as a individual not a mass population. I will always choose 360 over PS3 and always take Xbox over Playstation... but thats me... im sure the rest of this site population will do differently.

I dont give a shit either. The Xbox has the games I like to play on a controller that I'M comfortable with.
But many of you and more of you prefer the Playstions line up of games and the old but very familiar PS controller.

I have no right to say which is better and neither do you... because our tastes and preferences are nothing alike.

The console war is nothing more than a pissing match between children... and when looked upon from a distance its kinda gay, watching 2 "adults"(i added the quotation marks because some peoples adult status is debatable) whip their dicks out and start spraying each other.

The Sony name in gaming will always be more dominant in the gaming industry because they were hear before Xbox and they made a awesome first impression... something the Original Xbox couldnt do when first launched.

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visualb2857d ago

well this is pretty obvious

whats the most important segment(s) of the market?

the international one.


its better to be good in every region of the world, than excellent in one and not so good in others.

still, like he says, both have done a great job

its not about who "wins" or "loses" anymore. now its just about enjoying the games =) (and trying to afford them all ='( )

QuodEratDemonstrandm2857d ago

"Still... both have done a great job"
"It's not about who wins or loses"

I'll agree with the first statement. And add that Nintendo did a great job as well.
As for the second.... I'll agree with it as far as this whole console "war" not being about who wins between Sony, MS, and Nintendo. It's about you, and me, and all of us who play the games.

Gamers win. Whether you're blasting aliens on Halo, zapping weirdo gangster... things on InFamous, or riding mine carts on Donkey Kong Country. You win. You get great games no matter what console you're on. Nuff said.

IHateYouFanboys2857d ago

"its better to be good in every region of the world, than excellent in one and not so good in others"

well yes and no.

in the video game world there are 3 main regions that get talked about - North America, Europe, and Japan. North America and Europe are the 2 main regions, accounting for probably 90% of console sales. Japan makes up a portion of the remaining 10%, but not all of it.

North America is the most important market, as its the one that spends the most money and buys the most games/consoles. If you 'win' North America in the generation, youve been very very succesful. if you win Japan on the other hand, you can still absolutely tank. i mean, theyd only need to sell a dozen PS3s a week in Japan to outsell the 360 - but that doesnt mean the PS3 is selling well there, does it?

Microsoft would - and should - choose to be HUGE in North America yet non-existant in Japan instead of being average in both. why? because it pays to be more successful in the bigger market.

Kon_Artist 2857d ago

Blu Ray :)

Watch how many disagrees amma get for this lmao

Scary692856d ago

One of the reason xbox is not so successful in Europe is due to the issues that MS is aware of yet does nothing to repair those issues. Only idiots keep supporting the xbox, and MS has done nothing but raise the subscription and blame the consumer when their system is in need of repairs.

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CrzyFooL2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )


jack_burt0n2857d ago

MS buys a chunk of activision

Sony buys a chunk of EA

Nintendo buys a chunk of Square enix

Then the wars really heat up.

Gamefan122857d ago

sony already has a small chunk of Square enix

Mystogan2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

What chunk is that? lol
They got nothing on Square dude...

If your talking Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is also on 360 and probably versus too

Edit: No need to get Aggressive with the Disagree button but rrw explains it all.
I was skeptical because FF XIII was also on 360.

gaden_malak2857d ago

They own part of Square Enix. It's why FF7 went to Sony instead of Nintendo.

Haro2857d ago

And there goes more proof of just how much Mystogan is misinformed...amongst ALL the other misinformed things he spouts on a daily basis around here.

Cevapi882857d ago

lol you seriously didnt understand that Sony owned a part of Square

you get all defensive because you didnt understand the meaning of "own" and then tell people to lay off the disagrees

Blitzed2857d ago Show
ssj2gohan832857d ago

Gamefan is indeed right. For those not in the know, Sony owns 9 percent of Square Enix stock.

FarEastOrient2857d ago

As a shareholder of Square Enix, it is nuts how much money was lost in bringing games to the Xbox 360 when the money maker is PSP, DS and PS3 in Japan.

No Way2857d ago

Hmmmmm.. I wasn't aware of that, actually.
Does that give them any say, over anything?

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rrw2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Sony own 8.25 of squre enix share in fact.

basically like this

there more closer to company more closer they are sided to

MS side

-take 2

-Square Enix
-Namco Bandai
Sony side

dont bother to add Nitendo. it is another level since they already the biggest publisher anyway.

Gamefan122857d ago

Thought it was a little more, ah well doesn't matter, they still own shares of Square Enix

Da One2857d ago

It was before the merger it was closer to 20% of what they owned of square.

After the merger the received a a lower percent of the shares. Square stock holders received .85 and Enix 1.15

skrug2857d ago

and ironically, square is the better company, =(

FarEastOrient2857d ago

Atlus is more Sony, with games like 3D Dot Heroes and Demon Souls selling more than expected.

Da One2857d ago

Atlus made none of those games, they just localized both

DS was made by Sony and From Software
3D dot heroes was also made by From Software and another studio

Atlus's first devloped game on next gen consoles will be Catherine. Or didn't they make some game for 360 already

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ajlopo2857d ago

I agree and he states it right in his interview "they’ve done a nice job of supporting some EA content to their own advantage" that says it all, translated means they've bought into us so we're going to state that sony is better. kind of, he really gives props to both platforms but likes Sony more and he states why. MS gets their boosts from other publishers too.

Serjikal_Strike2857d ago

2011 will definetly be in favor of SONY