BC2: Vietnam Scores High, But Won't Matter on Consoles

The hype surrounding Electronic Art's new expansion pack for Bad Company 2 is astonishing. Clever trailers with hit songs, gameplay dressed with top of the line PC's, and now a handful of favorable "reviews" have sent FPS fans everywhere into a tizzy of excitement and wonder. People everywhere seem to be holding their breath for the next big thing in gaming that is taking place in Vietnam. However, it seems that there is a couple very important facts about EA and the current state of the industry that all the articles/stroke-jobs are forgetting.

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Cevapi882949d ago

isnt it weird that he goes after a game that has stable MP support AND then brings up CoD without even a whimper of how terrible it is to play online

double standards

and its funny how he thinks EA's CEO'S started a flamewar with Activision

fact check, a company only has one official CEO

kancerkid2949d ago

Wow, the servers were bad for the first two days of the game (I remember having no trouble). Big deal. Get over it. And yea, people are still playing the game. I stopped playing for a month and dropped from the mid 30,000s to the 70.000. Always do I find full servers.

Can't wait to get Vietnam

Sarcasm2949d ago

I'm confused, I've had zero issues with Bad Company 2 on the PS3 and the PC. I also like how the dedicated servers on the PC let's me choose the best ping so I always play without lag.

This guy's an obvious COD fanboy.

StanLee2949d ago

They're a shit load of COD fanboys out there and they're obnoxious as fuck. I already return Black Ops and can't wait to download Vietnam later tonight.

Pandamobile2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Smells like a COD fanboy. I've been playing BC2:Vietnam for 2 days now and I've only been dropped from a server once, and that was in the first hour that it had launched.

(Awesome expansion, btw, highly recommend it)

xxxAnubisxxx2949d ago

PC is a different beast than consoles... The console versions of the past couple titles have really had trouble with servers. And where is there a comparison to CoD?

Biggunz2949d ago

isn't COD still played on a P2P setup? I find it hard for activision to justify not having dedicated servers. I guess if the fools will keep buying it then why make it better. EA does have a loooong history of dedicated server issues the first week of most of their games but they get fixed quickly.

Koolno2949d ago

BBC2 had no troubles for ps3..

but never seen a "/onlineservers comparison" from "lens of lies" :)

Bolts2949d ago

Playing this on the PC and it's a great example of how DLCs should be done, not the $15 map pack ripoff.

snoopgg2949d ago

I hate pc gamers and thier egos. Consoles rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bolts2949d ago

Ok....where the hell did that came from?

bart9992949d ago

nice, will be downloading it myself for PS3 as soon as I can.

Serjikal_Strike2949d ago

I think DICE will be more prepared this time around...

but even if it takes a week or 2 to get it right ...I'll still be happy

scar202949d ago

Think i rather give EA Dice my $15 for a an expansion than to S***arch for 5 measily maps that should have been in the game from the beginning.And are now being sold for $15 bucks.Really activision can you get any worse?

xxxAnubisxxx2949d ago

Vietnam has 5 maps and it's $15.....

scar202949d ago

Yes i know but to make one bfbc2 map is like 3+ cod maps put together and plus we get new weapons so that's more for you're buck.

visualb2949d ago

yes...well done

it also has new scenario, vehicles, weapons, design, music and above all gameplay tactics (smaller maps, different weapons, etc)


5 maps on COD = 1 map on BF:BC2.

hassi942949d ago

As well as a new setting, new vehicles, new equipment and new weapons.

vickers5002948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Bad Companies maps, while big, aren't very well designed though. Most of it is just empty space for you to spend 2-3 minutes running through just to get to something that isn't a long, empty road, highway, desert, forest, etc.

So sure, I suppose putting tons of empty and inactive space in your maps could take up the space of 3 CoD maps, but who would really want that? Not me. I prefer more structures to big empty space which nobody uses.

The other additions do make it a slightly better deal though, even if the majority of the vehicles are just re skinned vehicles from Bad Company 2.

Oh well, I'm not getting either one of them any time soon (Vietnam or First Strike) so I guess it doesn't really matter.

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jdktech20102949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Newsflash - EA servers suck for the first couple weeks for nearly every doesn't matter the developer or game (Madden, Battlefield, etc....)...oh and especially Medal of Honor (I got 20 hours form that and I would have solid it months ago if it wasn't for the BF3 beta)

That being said, COD isn't an issue....In fact, I'm half tempted to trade it in for 30 bucks (as well as AC: Brotherhood since I beat it) which would give me KZ3 for free and allow me to pick up Bulletstorm.

I'm a bit worried about wanting to play COD later on though and that's my only reservation

jetlian2949d ago

isn't a game its more of a map pack than anything else

jdktech20102949d ago

Which is why there aren't many problems since it uses the BC2 servers...I might not have mentioned that but yea I don't anticipate many problems with this one

jetlian2949d ago

what i'm saying it shouldn't be any real problems since its only a map pack. the article make it seem like it won't be playable for a month or 2

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