1UP: X-Men Arcade Review

Players who don't have the same nostalgic attachments might find X-men Arcade a tad dull or silly, but objectively, it's still a solid beat-em-up. If you did frequent arcades in the early '90s and remember just how fun X-men Arcade was, though, this is a must-purchase. Facebook your childhood friends, add them on Xbox Live, and relive an awesome period in arcade gaming.

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Balt 2858d ago

Bring on the retro's, man! I want an HD version of Double Dragon on the PSN. I wish I could get a compilation of it to be honest. I'd love to see a fully rendered 3-d remake of it, akin to the GBA version but still have the option to play the arcade perfect motherboard port too. Slow down and all. X-men is alright, I loved my play time with it but I still long for my Double Dragon!

Myst2858d ago

*Adds to the list the arcade Alien vs Predator*

There are just so many arcade classics that should and could be brought to both networks. I'm just wondering why it isn't being done. I'd love to have double dragon as well as the AvP arcade.