Rumour: Next Castlevania Exclusive To Xbox 360

Konami is set to bring the next console version of Castlevania exclusively to the Xbox 360, if recent comments from series creator, Koji Igarashi, are anything to go by.

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TriggerHappy4056d ago

Castlevania has always been one of my favorite games. I can't wait to see this gen castlevania game. If the 360 gets this as as exclusive, thats great news for them.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4056d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

Have you guys played the last two? I think Curse of Darkness was on XBOX. You're talking C quality games.

ericnellie4056d ago

when ever a developer announces a platform exclusive, the opposite side always responds with something like this "that game or series sucks anyway" or "I don't like those types of games anyway". Then when the developer announces that the game will be multi-platform, everyone rejoices or people cry about how the developer isn't loyal anymore. I just don't get it.

UnasFortuna4056d ago

It is true that the series has gone downhill however, the spirit of the originals could still be salvaged. I could care less if this doesn't come out on the Wii or the PS3 since I have all three consoles. I personally think that a title like this will come out on both nextgen consoles (no...the Wii is not in that category) for I think some companies do this trash talking just to get the press involved more. Probably won't get it anyway if it follows suit of the past few in the series.

Oncnawan4056d ago

I agree that feigning disinterest for multiplatform titles, or titles that one "loses" from his platform of choice, is pathetic. However, Lightning has a point. I played a wee bit of the demo of whichever Castlevania game that was released on the Xbox (remember when demos only came via OXM disks?). It was so bad that I could only stand to play a few minutes. I'll need an extensive demo of a 360 version of Castlevania before I can even start to take this title seriously. Some franchises make a successful transition from 2D to 3D (Ninja Gaiden, Legend of Zelda), some don't, some take a few tries to get it right.

ericnellie4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

I just don't think a game or series should be judged by what system it's for;) If they announced that it was a PS3 exclusive - this forum would be filled with different comments. It's the sad truth. I also have all 3 systems so I'm not biased at all but, if you look at the trend, every game that was a multi-platform game in the past that recently announces an exclusive deal...that series always gets bashed by the opposite side. Take for example Splinter Cell -- everyone loves that series but, the second they announced and exclusive deal the opposite side was like "SOCOM is better anyway" or "That series is washed up". If they would have announced it as multi-platform, we wouldn't heard those comments. Thats all I'm saying:)

Edit - Unas & Oncnawan, you guys have very valid points:) Thanks for the good feedback!

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ceedubya94056d ago

Once the series jumped to 3D it went downhill, but the 2D games still kick butt. Maybe if they keep it 2D, this could be a success.

hardmetal4056d ago

Guys... you have to know that Iga wants to make it for X360 & PS3, but the problem is that he doesn't have enough budget for both so he ends up with making it for X360 only and waiting for MGS4 sales to rethink about PS3. Iga stated that he was looking for new talented developers for the console's version and he wants to make sure that he could make a big profit from the X360 game. At the end, Iga decided to choose X360 due to Xbox sales in America AND SOTN sales on X360 which gives him a clear image about the potential gamers who prefer castlevania the franchise. Please, Silent Hill will come to both consoles..why would castlevania turn to be an execlusive game ? think about it ( yes you are right, It's The budget ). Also, I strongly can asure you that it's gonna be 2.5D like the PSP game. Iga wants to try the 2.5D through the PSP and see what if we like it.In addition to that, In GDC 2007, Iga made a presentation regarding the 2D games not being dead yet. That surely will give you what he really intends to do with the upcoming game.

Ludwig4056d ago

Kitty say what?

Are you a medium? nobody said anything relative to your post.... YET.. O_o

Rooted_Dust4056d ago

Seeing as the CastleVania franchise is big in Japan where the 360's presence is the smallest of all consoles.

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