Learn The Origin Of The Illusive Man In Mass Effect: Evolution

What part did the Illusive Man play in getting humanity into the stars? One thing is for sure, he definitely threatened a Turian

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Myst2949d ago

This reminds me that I need to go back and finish the other two books.

SnakeMustDie2949d ago

The Illusive Man is badass.

Arup022948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Illusive man with those freaky eyes. I'm almost sure if ***SPOILERS*** You didn't destroyed the Collector station in the end of the game, we will use him for some evil plan. And what was those ships in the end of the game? Reapers?

distorted_reality2948d ago

Yes they were Reapers.

OT - I really should get around to collecting these.

GameOn2948d ago

How can they possibly hope to stop an armada of Reapers. Something epic is gonna have to happen.

edhe2948d ago


Because the reapers control the mass effect relay system so when they attack they simply turn it off, trapping everyone. They then take a few decades to systematically devour the galaxy before wiping the slate clean and starting again. Their control of the citadel was compromised, but maybe not Omega, since Omega is a reaper structure [as hinted in the last book].

So.. if you can subvert the relay system into not working with the kill-code from the reapers then that enables all the races in the galaxy to be able to react, defend, attack - and since you can kill them then there should be a fair chance at having a war instead of a slaughter.

And according to the trailer they need to land on the surface to do their thing - like eden prime - which could make them extremely vulnerable to orbital bombardments or FTL ship kamikaze efforts like detailed in the cerberus network news.

UltimateIdiot9112948d ago

Still wish I was able to score the Illusive Man lithograph.

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