3 New Batman: Arkham City Screenshots Show Off Bats' New Combat Moves Rocksteady show off Batman's new combat moves in these latest Arkham City screens.

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pedrami912857d ago

A triple take-down im seein' there ? :)

pr0digyZA2857d ago

Combat in the last batman game was one of the strongest points, so I can only imagine how they are planning to top it.

DaBadGuy2857d ago

Batman snapping necks and cashing checks, all I ever wanted from a Batman game.

TheGameFoxJTV2857d ago

Batman doesn't even kill does he?

Arup022857d ago

In Batman AA he killed no one.

TheGameFoxJTV2857d ago

Ok, so the guy above me confused me. Batman doesn't snap necks. lol

ElementX2857d ago

Not going to look at any videos or screenshots of Arkham City, nor am I going to read any articles! I want to be taken by surprise! Yes I know the enemy this time, it was unavoidable with articles stating the nemesis in the title... I can't wait for this game!

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The story is too old to be commented.