ITC launches investigation into Xbox, thanks to Motorola

The International Trade Commission on Friday announced it has launched an investigation into Microsoft's Xbox business, after Motorola filed a complaint last month that alleged patent infringement.

The two companies are in the beginning stages of a legal battle over Xbox, PC and mobile software.

On Oct. 1, Microsoft sued Motorola for patent infringement and filed a trade complaint. Microsoft again sued Motorola on Nov. 10, alleging the Schaumburg, Ill.-based company has been hiking royalty rates. Motorola fired back the next day with a lawsuit alleging Xbox, PC and mobile patent infringement, and on Nov. 22 filed its complaint with the ITC.

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Mystogan2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

This is a battle Motorola can't win...what are they gonna do Ban 48 million Xbox 360's?

so there is a Mobile wars too? lol

good thing MS came up with its own Unique Phone OS instead of blatantly copying apple like Google did with Android.

Motorola has trouble with everyone, MS, Apple and Nokia

and yet they make shitty phones only phone not so shitty is the Droid 2.

well they both have reasons enough to sue Motorola infringes a Mobile phone patent from MS and they are charging way to much to use their tech for Xbox 360 just because they know MS has a lot of money.

If this goes on, In the end we all know who's the loser anyways...there is no way Motorola can win this.

Apple,Nokia and MS Vs Motorola

NYC_Gamer2857d ago

MS might have to sign a check

Wenis2857d ago

"On Oct. 1, Microsoft sued Motorola for patent infringement and filed a trade complaint. Microsoft again sued Motorola on Nov. 10, alleging the Schaumburg, Ill.-based company has been hiking royalty rates. Motorola fired back the next day with a lawsuit alleging Xbox, PC and mobile patent infringement, and on Nov. 22 filed its complaint with the ITC."

Cat fight!

ComboBreaker2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

If Microsoft lost this case, they can easily pay Motorola by hiking the price of Xbox Live again. That's how deep Microsoft's pock is. Microsoft's pocket is so deep that it extends right into 360 gamer's pockets.

Anon19742857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

They aren't looking to ban existing 360's, but what they can do is prohibit the further import and sale of 360's in the US. This is Microsoft's own fault for being greedy. They used Motorola's tech in the 360 console, paid them for years and then suddenly decided they didn't like what they had to pay to have the tech included.

If I lease an apartment for years and suddenly decide my lease is too much, I don't get to simply stop paying and continue to use the apartment. Motorola has every right take this to the ITC and fight Microsoft's bullying tactics - and obviously the ITC thinks so to because its not actively investigating Motorola's request that Microsoft "cease and desist" importing 360's into the US.

And it's not just a simple matter of signing a check either. That's the problem, Microsoft didn't sign the check. If Microsoft could simply pay to make this problem go away they would have simply paid the fees they've been paying Motorola for the past 5 years to continue to use their technology.

I think Mystogan should take a second and read up on what's going on here. It's clear by your comments you haven't looked into this. Motorola isn't trying to ban existing 360's. They were paid already for those. They're trying to stop Microsoft from selling 360's using their tech that they haven't been paid for.

plenty a tool2857d ago

lol i just saw the who posted this!!!

then writes a massive post hoping beyond hope that microsoft will be made to stop selling 360s..

sorry bud, it aint never going to happen!

when are you keyboard warriors going to realise that you aint changing the console wars, or that hope alone is going to make microsoft stop selling 360s??

why dont all you people trie and make them buy some more game studios? seeing as that is another thing that inflames so many on here...

anyway, im just waiting for some vietnam tomorrow

kaveti66162857d ago

darkride, that would never ever happen.

remember when Microsoft lost a case and everyone said they wouldn't be able to sell MS Word anymore?

Yeah, that didn't stop them.

There is no way that Motorola can do anything.

These legal battles are little tugs of war between competing companies.

Either Motorola will budge or MS will, but nothing at all is going to happen to the 360.

gamingdroid2857d ago

Unfortunately for darkride, the Xbox 360 doesn't hinge on Motorola's patent alone. They will just work around it and most likely they will just settle it.

MS is just flexing their muscles against Motorola a little. Probably cause Motorola is making unreasonable demands. I know I would, if I was Motorola.

This is common.... nothing new, let's move on.

fr0sty2857d ago

The Motorola patents directed to Xbox relate to digital video coding, WiFi technology, and graphical passwords.

TreMillz2857d ago

O, is that y Android is being used more then Windows Mobile and is constantly taking market share away from it? Also please show me whats unique about windows mobile? Because for something so unique, it lacks ALOT!

Mystogan2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

MS just lost its grip with the Mobile market

But if you look at Windows Phone 7 you know everything is gonna change.
It lacks a lot of things because it just released, Of course that would not be an excuse for not having a simple feature as Copy/paste but in january it will get it anyways.

Major update in February.


The UI is Completely different then that of IOS or Android...dude have you even seen WP7 before?

TreMillz2857d ago

Ooo look at the disagrees? did i offend the 10 ppl in the world still using windows mobile? i wasnt even referring to windows mobile 7 i meant windows mobile period. But looks like i cant say anything bad about windows in this convo...the ability to play xbl arcade games on your mobile phone that has to be the best idea this "GENERATION-TION-TION-TIO N!" Gimme a damn break microsofts dominance is OS for computers, they fail at everything else...

BX812857d ago

@TreMillz Stop being a drama queen. They just disagreed with you the same way you disagreed with them. Geez lady calm down!

kneon2857d ago

Android also lacks a lot, including stability. But it seems most smart phones these days have this problem.

I haven't tried WP7 yet but it seems to be an improvement over the previous versions, not that they were so great.

I have about 20 recent phones and they all have issues, yes even Android and Apple.

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Christopher2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

***good thing MS came up with its own Unique Phone OS instead of blatantly copying apple like Google did with Android. ***

You really are ignorant of how the different OS work if this is what you believe. Especially if you somehow think the UI of the WP7 is vastly different than that of the UI of iOS.

cyborg69712857d ago

Android is open source tard. Any Apple OS is super closed. So tell me again about how Google copied the iPhone.

r1sh122857d ago

nothing will come from this.
Microsoft have too much power, Motorola will be paid the royalties according to the price hike.

Motorola are fighting 'wars' on multiple fronts, they will never win.

mrv3212857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

'good thing MS came up with its own Unique Phone OS instead of blatantly copying apple like Google did with Android. ''

Your an idiot, Android, was produced by Android inc. Which was purchased by Google in 2005, in DECEMBER '06 rumours of an Android base operating system emerged. The iOS was first revealed in 2007. So please tell me how did Android 'copy' Apple since Android was in development prior to 2005, ACTUALLY the Android system has been in development since Late 2003/early 2004, evidence of this comes from the fact the co-workers of Android inc. Previously help jobs are VARIOUS communication companies so it isn't beyond reason that they continue to work in fields they know about.

But hey, let no one go into any detail on how Apple VERY clearly stole from Xerox Parc, please because you may find stuff that your not comfortable with... AND in several interviews Steve Jobs openly admits to stealing from Xerox.

Also, Android is based on Linux, I'm currently using Ubutnu and there's this thing called Ubuntu software centre not unlike the FUTURE plans for something similar coming to the Mac, Apple stole from Linux.

Simple PC facts.

Speaking of charging too much, Microsoft, don't you just hate that everything costs so much money. Want a new OS to fix the problems with the previous ones that should have been fixed in a SP1 that'll be $100's even for basic. Want a very UN-STANDARD Office program which uses UN-STANDARD .doc and .docx formats just to prevent people using open office at home? Well you'll have to pay for that also.

Disagree, hey? OK, Google purchase Android in 2005, a 22 month old company whos co-founder worked with various other communcation companies ( FACT! ) they no doubt doubt where working on an operatin system ( LIKELY! ) hints of a google mobile began in 2006 ( FACT! ) Apple did no display the iOS until 2007 ( FACT! ) so how did Android inc steal from Apple?

SO HOW WAS I WRONG? 8 DISAGREES YET NO REPLIES, IF I'M WRONG REPLY WITH FACTS. <- Google purchases Android inc. A 22 month old company in AUGUST 2005!

'Android's co-founders who went to work at Google included Andy Rubin (co-founder of Danger),[21] Rich Miner (co-founder of Wildfire Communications, Inc.),[22] Nick Sears (once VP at T-Mobile),[23] and Chris White (headed design and interface development at WebTV).[24] At the time, little was known about the functions of Android, Inc. other than that they made software for mobile phones.[20] This began rumors that Google was planning to enter the mobile phone market.'

kaveti66162857d ago

Wall of text, bro.

I'm not disagreeing, but I have no desire to read all of this.

xtremexx2857d ago

everyone is disagreing with you because they cannot be bothered to read the comment

mrv3212857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

So the idiot points policy

'I don't understand too much reading, I disagree '

Examples including the British view of the computer during WW2.

P1NKY2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

I found that interesting and informative. (+ Bubbles)

For all those who disagreed. If you don't understand or can't be bothered to read the text then don't disagree. How can you disagree with something you don't understand or haven't read?

P1NKY2857d ago

I don't think anybody likes me, or people just like pressing the disagree button. Oh well lets see how many disagrees I can rack up ;)

mrv3212857d ago

DW, Apple fanboys tend to be mostly the same, we disagree because Steve is our holy leader, he shall lead us to the Kingdom where there is no flash, everything costs most than it's worth and does less.

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hiredhelp2857d ago

This is a battle Motorola can't win...what are they gonna do Ban 48 million Xbox 360's? ..
----------------------------- -----------------------------
This isnt gonna happen this is just a grudge match right now.EGO AGAINST EGO. its a mobile war a war that is new to microsft. i hope motorola wins. im no fan of motorola acept the razers still look great. but if this means another dent in microsfts pocket them were do i sign.

RageAgainstTheMShine2857d ago

So does this mean no more Window Phone 7 for Moto phones.

Oh, Don't forget to add

Google + Sony + Apple + Nokia + Motorola.

Why does M$ have so many enemies?

Any way M$ has the backing of the US federal government & a gold mine of cash as big as Fort Knox so fending off these pesky companies should be no problem.

TreMillz2857d ago

Because they playing in areas they shouldnt be in. Notice M$ basically has the computer OS market locked. thats fine. Apple breaks out of it and makes iPods, iPads, iPhones, iPanties, etc. M$ wants some action and launches the fail known as Zune. They caught a break launching 360 early but still have lots to prove in gaming. the mobile market just ran away from them because c'mon ur mobile OS is crap compared to others now, then they launch a search engine which really....cant compete with google.

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Xander7562857d ago

Funny how Microsoft files a lawsuit against Motorola for patent infringement and then in response Motorola sues Microsoft for the same thing!

P1NKY2857d ago

Think its the other way around

Xander7562857d ago

Well not according to the article...

P1NKY2857d ago

Yeah my bad. But Microsoft didn't file a lawsuit for Patent Infringement, that was Motorola.

P1NKY2857d ago

@My disagree

Whats with the disagree? Why/How could Microsoft file a lawsuit against Motorola for Patent infringment when its Microsoft using Motorolas' tech in the Xbox?

Microsoft filed a lawsuit against Motorola because of the alleged price of royalties being unfairly high for using Motorolas' tech.

R_aVe_N2857d ago

I think it is bad for both company's in question. It makes both of them like greedy as crap. And for the most part they are..

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