Witcher 2's insane difficulty revealed

CD Projekt RED's single-player RPG, The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings, is going to include a particularly challenging (make that 'incredibly difficult') play mode. The development studio said it plans to incorporate an 'insane' difficulty mode for their role-playing game. More after the break.

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pangitkqb2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

I can't wait for the Witcher 2. The original was awesome in so many ways and this looks to be an improvement and progression.

And that type of game-loss, as a punishment for death, does sound insane.

Christopher2862d ago

Insane sounds awesome, but it's easily bypassed by backing up one's saves on an external location. You can set-up a backup utility to detect updates to a file and back them up in real-time to another location. So, you could store all your saves out of the standard folder and when you die, you just move the old and unlocked saves back over to play them however you want.

Sorry, don't mean to be negative, just kind of the reality of it.

Depending on how the gameplay is, I might try this out. Not likely I'll finish the game with this mode on, but might be some fun while it lasts.

eggbert2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Kind of defeats the purpose of even choosing insane then...

Also, what is this game like? I keep meaning to get into it, but I never do.

RedDead2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

eggbert, from what I saw in a gameplay vid yesterday, a cross between demons souls, Dragon age and a open world game. It went from no knowlege on the game at all from the vid to preordered haha

Edit---And here it is

Substance101 gets the credit for showing me.

soundslike2862d ago

but it is still a hurdle to back up the save, I doubt anyone interested in this mode would cheat like that unless all they were actually interested in is lying to their friends about it or a trophy or whatever. Either of which are skeezy and people who would do it should take a look at why the hell they actually play videogames and/or kill themselves.

CrzyFooL2862d ago

I never died in The Witcher - bring it on!!

morganfell2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

The devs are a great bunch of guys and answer board questions all the time. I already preordered my Collector's Edition from the UK because there is still no word if the US version will be censored again.

But even the people that buy the basic version of the title get a hell of a lot for $49. Old fashioned value. Look at this:

You just don't see that kind of thing much anymore.

The second trailer is on youtube as well that shows the full collector's edition but N4G is restricting us to one link.

here is second vid that follows the one below that shows the Collectors: 7o

Dac2u2862d ago

Amazing, a dev actually providing extra content for free!? I hope they rub off on some other companies. I guess I'll have to pre-order to support them.

Letros2863d ago

LMAO, that is an awesome difficulty mode, would drastically change the play experience, and up the adrenaline, probably the rage too.

pr0digyZA2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Wow that is intense a bit like X3:the threat.Taking difficulty inspiration from Demon souls is also an awesome thing for them to do, glad they enjoyed it.And the importing of save games is gonna be a pain for me because I got a new computer, guess it's time to replay the first game for the sequel. At least this will have difficulty modes though so that the new players won't cry.

jack_burt0n2862d ago

they have been playing alot of demons souls for sure.

marioPSUC2862d ago

Glad to see there are still games being made that are trying to be extremely challenging. This game and Demon souls are really the only games lately that have a hard difficulty that isnt just BS.

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