Kinect is Useless (On the Xbox)

Revolt-Tech Writes:

The recently released 3D motion tracking peripheral is, in a word, useless on the Xbox 360. When originally announced we were given an amazing tech demo of what was known as “Project Natal”, along with the wonder boy known as Milo. This technology promised, but apparently did not deliver when released on the Xbox 360.
Many games are shovelware or poorly use the hardware, and have no doubts, Kinect is a quite an amazing piece of hardware!

It seems contradictory to the title, but Kinect is actually one of the most innovative pieces of hardware we have seen and has a great potential. Unfortunately, this potential has no future on the Xbox 360.

Take a look at some of the following hacks for Kinect:

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DarthRevan2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

Holy shit guys, calm down. I submitted this like 5 minutes ago and tis already got 8 approvals. At least read the fucking article first

Zir02911d ago

Anything that gives a hint of negativity to something MS/Xbox related gets approvals in record time.

Mystogan2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

No its not the same.

Anyways how is it "useless" when its only out for Like 1 and half month? WTF??

I could say the same about Move.
its useless because i can play Resident Evil or MAG better with the controller.

You know its true.


What are you trying to say?

Lionhead2911d ago

Zir0 and Mystogan in the same article, so it's gunna be one of THOSE huh?

BattleAxe2911d ago

I played that Kinect adventures or whatever its called for the first time last week at a friends place, and it was pretty crappy.

The first thing that bugged me is that everytime you restart the game you have to go through the 5 minute Kinect set up process.

The second thing that really bugged me is that you need alot of space. My friends livingroom was just barely big enough to allow us to play. It kept telling me to back up all the time.

The third thing I noticed was the huge latency issues, especially on the menu screen.

TheTruthTeller2911d ago

i dont have a kinect but if what you are saying is true about the 5 minute setup everytime you restart the game this to me sounds unacceptable also the space issue is a big concern to me also the lag issue would depend on how bad that is as i have not seen it i cannot make any judgement myself.

Koolno2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

yeah mystogan, it's not the same..

lies and biased reviews against ps3 = approvals

fact agaisnt some games, kinect = approvals.

KingME2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

@BattleAxe - your comment alone immediately show anyone that has kinect that you haven't played it.

I have kinect, and have played Kinect adv many times, and can't recall this 5 minute process that you speak of. It does calibrate the play space "ONCE" when you first start to determine the space you are playing in. And that takes about 30 seconds.

Once that is doen there is no recal or setup you require so stop trolling a making shit up.

I also don't recall this huge amount of latency you claim. I mean seriously some people will just lie in heartbeat, what I don't understand is why would you simply make shit up.

Just another pathetic fanboy i guess.

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2911d ago
Christopher2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

Technically, a lot of what we've seen for demonstrations with Kinect on the PC (such as the finger tracking) is possible on the 360. The problem is that it takes a lot of the processing power of the 360 to do it, which is more than they want to give up for handling game processing at the same time.

In addition, a lot of Kinect's implementations don't make much sense for use on the 360 since it's primarily connected to a viewing peripheral that is meant to be viewed from more than 5 feet away.

The benefit behind PCs are the almost virtually unlimited processing that can be done in parallel between the Kinect sensors and a video game.

2911d ago
Raoh2911d ago

LOL calmdown DarthRevan, its not like you wrote a thesis on this, its just a few short paragraphs and videos that have already been seen. very easy to read in less than a minute.

eliasg2904d ago

It wasn't necessary to say XBOX in your title. This may guide people into wrong assumptions...

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Godmars2902911d ago

More like its unproven on the Xbox. Something that's solely MS fault as they promote the idea of Kinect over its function.

ilikestuff2911d ago

kinect could be good, they need to make a good game for it to find out, the dancing game is a joke, they say kinect is innovatived and they release a dance game with it, c'mon, i mean really, c'mon

Kleptic2911d ago

that is really it overall...500 million for marketing, but there obviously isn't one big budget top tier game to really show?...

500 million would produce AT LEAST 10 ridiculously advanced kinect games that would make everyone squirm...but MS doesn't operate that way...period...hell you could half the marketing budget, still make it very well known...and have 5-7 huge games for it in the pipeline...and probably still save money...and overall, you know, maybe impress the people that are actually going to use it for more than a month?...

ajlopo2911d ago do you know there are no good games in the pipeline for it??? Are you inside or something? the stuff they announced at TGS is coming too...I play the Kinect almost daily, as well as my other games, Fable, COD Black Ops, Halo, etc. Dance Central is very well done, and Kinect Sports runs great too.

Kleptic2911d ago

"inside or something"?...?...

you don't have to have any special privileges to know MS is NOT pumping that much money into a single game...let alone a kinect game...they haven't in the past, why would they now?...

expensive top tier titles make headlines throughout core gaming audiences...If there was any game that had a massive budget to any degree scheduled for any release within the 8-10 months...we would already know about it...MS has already publicly admitted to where they spent their money in regards to kinect so far...and it was not on multiple envelope pushing titles that tend to get the attention of core gamers...

Don't take what I said personally...I am not saying there are 'no good games' for kinect...If you enjoy using one, thats great...I am saying that the business decisions behind kinect are definitely not for the core gaming crowd, and there is no evidence so far against that...Core gamers are a difficult group of people...They spend lots of money gaming, and are nearly guaranteed to keep spending it, but are also extremely hart to impress...the casual crowd is not...they are perfect for short term business models because their interests shift faster than anyone elses...

All I mean overall is that most core gamer's that bought a 360 for core online gaming titles like Halo, gears of war, Fable II, etc...aren't the audience MS is focusing kinect on...and their spending habits clearly illustrate that...

i'm just going by trends...Watch next year as MS releases very similar, low budget kinect games that get big attention from casual gamers...They can be polished, well made, and fun (i'm not using 'low budget' as a bad thing)...but they aren't going to be AAA games that rearrange the industry at their release window...and thats never been MS's goal with kinect...

eliasg2904d ago

Kinect has huge potential, if only Microsoft raise the capture resolution to 640x480. Thus, i am having grate fun with Kinect adventures and kinect sports!!!

LordMarius2911d ago

Well Dance Central is fun

BannedForNineYears2911d ago

.....Fun if you don't mind making yourself look like a retard. :P

Christopher2911d ago

Most people don't mind that in their own home, actually...

I look a total spaz playing Zumba with the wife. But, it doesn't matter since we're not broadcasting it to the world.

kaveti66162911d ago

you don't mind making your self sound like a retard to the general public (internet).

Why would people mind looking like retards in the privacy of their own homes?

On the other hand, I'm sure you wouldn't be talking so much if your first and last name were available to see.

Ratchet5102911d ago

Lol that is true, the kinect makes you look retarded. Think about how stupid you look while you are playing a game, like gears of war 3 how will you move, shoot, roll and duck lol. When people walk in your room they will say wtf is wrong with you what are you doing.

AceofStaves2911d ago

If I'm gaming, and having fun, I don't care what I look like. Who cares what people look like playing Kinect as long as they're enjoying themselves?

KingME2911d ago

@Harrykid32 - Then N4G must be fun for you based on your own comment.

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fredfenster2911d ago

No use? People are having fun with it, so kcuf use.

R_aVe_N2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

I don't think it is useless it just has not been tapped yet. I think dancing games will become very popular on Kinect. What I think is useless is Kinect for a PC. The distance that people are from a PC would make this almost unusable. Who wants to get up and move around when you are on your PC?

Baka-akaB2911d ago

1. it doesnt have to be full body motion

2. Some of us hook up the pc to a plasma or lcd tv for videos or a few games .

3. Who doesnt want proper os control without mouse keyboard ?

R_aVe_N2911d ago

That is true I guess. I just never felt the need to do any of that. I am sure in the future something like this might be useful, but right now I don't really see a point.

Christopher2911d ago

***3. Who doesnt want proper os control without mouse keyboard ? ***

Actually, I don't. I'm a full on keyboard user with as little mouse interaction as possible. It's one of the reasons why I work fast. Moving to a point where I'm holding my arms up in the air for a half hour or longer just isn't optimal to me.

Having said that, there are possibilities for using it, just not as widely as people seem to think.

Mmmkay2911d ago

dos is better than kinect..

Baka-akaB2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

never said anything about a work setting .

To be clearler let's describe my current setting in the bedroom .

a pc with its 24" screen and next to it (and in front of a chair and a bed at least five meters away ) a 50" plasma tv , obviously for the consoles and sat tv but also hooked to the pc via one of the hdmi ports .

I always switch to the plasma in pc mode for the following task :

-games that play better with pads and sticks (such as fighting games on emu).

It basically means that when not sitting in from of the pc , i'd be going back and forth between it and the chair/bed , if not for the following options :

-the mobile phone as a remote via softwares
-wiimote properly emulated on pc (hopefully soon the ps move)
-wireless keyboard and mouse (hardly great without a proper surface )

Again i see kinect on pc as a decent way to controls the basic os and video features (but still too expensive at the moment) . Not some productivity too .

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L-a-i-n2911d ago

I agree Kinect can be really cool if they really try to use the tech. The same can be said with any motion controls. I still don't see any real use for it on PC though. I sit two feet from my screen on a PC. I am a PC gamer mostly and keyboard and mouse are a must have. They need to stick with consoles to be honest I have enjoyed a few games on Kinect.

Kleptic2911d ago

to me a mouse has always been pretty much the best 'motion' controller available...which is where it seems so redundant to try and up that on a PC...

for gaming consoles...I get it...for me personally i think the better parts of connect are not for gaming...but for normal OS navigation...but even that isn't a high priority for works, but its obviously not a big part of the peripheral overall...

kinf-of-zon2911d ago

My problem with kinect is, it will take time to make something unique with it and I feel that gives Sony a chance to come out with something cool.