Capcom Recommends Dead Rising Small Text Solutions

So far, Capcom isn't committing to patching Dead Rising. Yesterday afternoon, the company confirmed to 1UP that their zombie thriller was optimized for high-definition television sets, confirming suspicions from gamers, and explaining the problems standard definition users have been experiencing.
"Unfortunately Dead Rising was optimized for High Definition TV's. Due to this, the font in the game might be difficult to read on standard definition TV's," the company said in a brief statement.

Capcom has also released a series of recommendations for gamers with small text syndrome:

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SEER5375d ago

It's wrong. I'm really disappointed in Capcom, what were they thinking? The majority of people have a f*ckin SD TV anyway, so they are knowingly supporting a minority of the market. A company of their prestige should hold their heads in shame. It makes no buisness sense either. Are they going to do this with all of their future next-gen games?