10.0 Reviews Gran Turismo 5

The much anticipated Gran Turismo 5 has been released. We have spent countless hours running it through its paces. Is it worthy of the Gran Turismo name or should it be put on the scrap heap? Find out after the jump.

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redwolf2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

GT home screen(inset) is probably one of the best home screen I have used in any game, its very well layed out packed with so much features and option

ftwrthtx2857d ago

I totally agree. Some users have complained that it is too complicated, but the complexity just goes to show how complex the game itself is.

talltony2857d ago

To some people this game has very little flaws. I love this game, it is mad addicting.

Raul_72857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

I love GT5, i have been playing it for the past 3 weeks since i got it like crazy..!!

GodofSackboy2857d ago

From IGN: A 10/10 review wrapped up in a 5/10 website

ftwrthtx2857d ago

is the site really that bad?

Black-Helghast2857d ago

Nah, but sometimes their reviews don't make sence...

josephayal2857d ago

DEF the best sim ever made

Lirky2857d ago

After the patches i bet gt5s score should raise on i doubt it though since mainstream internet-review sites Review on the spot rather than giving it time.

ChristianGamer2857d ago

So every single game that has ever been patched needs a re-review?

EmperorDalek2857d ago

Not in all cases however, the patches for GT5 have added a great deal of new functionality. Most patches fix bugs, GT5 patches could almost be considered DLC. 1.05 is a great example of how the game is being improved.

The IGN review definitely no longer applies to the game as it stands today. If they wanted to show the gaming community just how professional they are they might do a re-review but I doubt they will.

On a final note, the amount of hate this game has received just goes to show how many people are prepared to judge a game without actually playing it. I can understand those who prefer arcade racers not liking it but for those who don't even own a PS3 to bag it its just plain pathetic.

testerg352857d ago

So when would you actually review a game? Do you wait a year?

ilikestuff2857d ago

i think reviewers should have to beat the entire game, get all the trophies or achievements (except for the ones that take forever) before they review it

ftwrthtx2857d ago

Depends on the game. Beating a story driven game should be paramount to completing a review, but for racing games that's not always needed.

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