IGN: First Look: Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection

We provided a first report last week on Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection, a PSP compilation of FFIV and its formerly downloadable sequel The After Years. Now get your first look through the screenshots we've uploaded to our gallery.

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RedDead2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

FF4 was one on the the better ones. I think it's has favourite regular battle theme aswell.

AndrewRyan2860d ago

Great! This is awesome Square Enix! Another re release with no graphical improvements whatsoever! I love it when you copy and paste super nintendo games and put a $40.00 price tag on them!

Thank god for Square Enix! :)

PrettyinPurple2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Joke comment? 'cause you started being sarcastic one way, and then wrong the other.

It has upgrades all over the place, nice looking 2D-sprites like the 20th Anniversary games. Not to mention it includes the exclusive Japanese Mobile/Wii-Ware sequel...

EDIT: Aw forget it! I'll give this "another" play-through... They better credit H.S in this one.

specialguest2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

This was first RPG that got me hooked on to RPGs. Before FF4, there was not a game that drew out different emotions from me for video game characters. This game had it all, betrayal, epic sacrifice, shocking twist, etc. AND it didn't need super bad-ass graphics to do so. But how can this be? Well, that's the magic of good character development, great soundtrack and story.

TheDivine2860d ago

Why do they rerelease old games like this when we have a better ds version they could fix up for psp? Id prefer the ds version to this, but if you love nostalgia, youl love this. Id like ffx-12 on psp or ps3 hd collection.

PrettyinPurple2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Seriously, there's no way I'm supporting this. You just don't re-release a game 3 times in the same generation.

This is the "9th" release of Final Fantasy IV! Stop taking the piss! I'm sure it could probably be the definitive version after the SNES original, but this makes me sick.

R_aVe_N2860d ago

I agree 100% SE is one of the worlds worst when it comes to releasing the same game over and over. The sad thing is people keep buying it...

Quietpower102860d ago

Well I personally never played Final FAntasy IV before, but now that it's being remade to the PSP I'll now have the opportunity to play this classical game.

HungryGoku2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Like Cod it's the same thing people can do whatever they want with there money.

GeneGodHand2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

I want it never finished it do you have a psp? @izuna

PrettyinPurple2860d ago

Yeah I do; believe me when I say you gotta give it a fair a shot. First timers will enjoy this re-release I'm sure.

femshep2860d ago

and yet FF versus 13 still isn't out yet

Thoreau2860d ago

how about using all of the dev teams to finish ffvs13

TANUKI2860d ago

Going to go pre-order this.

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