Don’t waste your money on Black Ops pack

BT writes: "Major Nelson announced in his latest podcast that DLC for COD: Black Ops is coming up early next year February. It includes 4 multiplayer maps and one zombie map. Now this is great and all but has Treyarch forgotten that maybe 90+ % of their gamers are still suffering from major flaws in the original version of Black Ops. It seems even after the 4th patch, things have barely cleared up for most."

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RonyDean2858d ago

I must be one of the only lucky people to not have any problems with this version of COD. Truth: Im really enjoying it. Unlike past COD games were I picked them up for a week then I was done, I am still going a month+ strong.

$15 bucks tho is a lot more then I would like to spend on only 4 maps. But, from reading the descriptions, they do sound good.

dead_eye2858d ago

I've had a few problems but when it works Black ops kicks MW2s arse all over. Won't buy any maps till the problems are sorted.

SeanScythe2858d ago

I'm done with this game, BFBC2 will hold me until KZ3 is released and I'm not about to waste $15 on 4 lame maps and a zombie map that I already paid for with [email protected] I'm sorry but if I already both that map for zombies I should be able to play it not rebuy it and then play it.

ksense2857d ago

bad company 2 was just like $7 yesterday on steam lol

MGRogue20172858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

I will be buying Hydrophobia Pure instead of this map pack..

edhe2857d ago

Don't forget to spend the difference on something else that's awesome.

WithMyLastBreath2858d ago

I am liking black ops too! although I am not buying dlc, I rarely ever do, especially if it's this much just for some maps.

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The story is too old to be commented.