Watch An Xbox 360 Explode In Slow-Motion

Kotaku: Recently in Brooklyn, a group of people blew up 10 Xbox 360s and eight controllers. They did this in the name of journalism. We're showing you one of the detonations in the name of wow-this-looks-cool-in-slow-mo .

Serjikal_Strike4544d ago

Reminder kids: Take a 15 minute break every hour or else this happens to your Xbox 360 if you dont.

(this public announcement was free)

deadreckoning6664544d ago (Edited 4544d ago )

Why did they have to blow up TEN? They could have simply done it with one to make the point and give the others away. Pointless waste of a 360....and an even BIGGER waste of money. Those 360s could have made a couple of sick and/or underprivileged kids very happy this holiday.

I hope that the 360s in the vid were already broken.

NMC20074544d ago

EXACTLY what I came to post, such a waste, and in the name of journalism? What the f*** does that mean?

FinalSpartan4544d ago

ermm i dont get this either? what crap is this? they could of gave them to people who don't have them. One would be enough to get what ever crap point they trying to make, the rest could of gone top charity.

Lame article is lame.

Christopher4544d ago

Because they wanted the right photo of the explosion. They actually stopped at 10 because they felt they had the right photo(s).

This is standard for photos in journalism. How do you think they get the graphics anyway?

And, looking at this in poor light isn't really going to help. What you should understand is that not only are they writing an article about the death of gaming that will bring even more attention to video games, but they also just paid for 10 360s and 8 360 controllers, which funds the video game industry.

xX TriiCKy Xx4544d ago

They blew up ten because the 360 is only good for 2 things. Shooters and badass slow-mo explosions.

blumatt4544d ago

Well, it's kinda like letting a dying patient suffer (360) or putting it out of its misery. These guys apparently went with the latter. haha

n4f4544d ago

please the sick or deprave kids deserve something way better and beside they may not even have a tv

SixZeroFour4544d ago

youd think they would have used the ps3 instead so they could add "slo mo explosions" to their list of "it only does..." lol...its a joke, hope atleast some ppl get it

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ThanatosDMC4544d ago

Somebody should suggest to these idiots blowing up something more expensive since they seem to get off on it. What a waste...

Christopher4544d ago

They actually do this sort of thing all the time. It's like the 'Will it Blend' videos. How do most people think magazines get the photos they use in many of their articles and on their covers? It's not the first time they've destroyed items for use in a magazine.

ThanatosDMC4544d ago

The main thing that grinds my gear about the video is the fact that i recently just bought a 360 bundled with kinect yesterday. Normally, i dont care... but damn, i just spent a lot of money yesterday and just realized i may have given away my old 360 games.

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ijkabob4544d ago

OH WOW! I mean I see this all the time since my roomate has an Xbox, He actually keeps two on hand at all times so when one blows up he can just switch to the spare and buy another one later. Anyways, in slow motion! SO MUCH COOLER!

MaximusPrime4544d ago

already knew that since xbox 360 launched.

this is true to this destroyed house:

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especially during the festive period where there are sick kids in hospital,these 360s could have been donated to children hospitals

rrw4544d ago

If the Xbox is not already RROD

Montrealien4544d ago

I don't get it rrw.

anyways, on topic. Good point Lord-phoenix, if they did this in the name of journalism, they need to take a few more night course, they clearly have not idea what journalism is.

AssassinHD4544d ago

I think what rrw is suggesting that perhaps the Xbox 360s in the video were already broken in some way. If they were already broken then they would not be of any use to the aforementioned sick kids.

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DarthRevan4544d ago

Dont be so self-righteous
How about you go buy a 360 for those kids mr. saint?

Montrealien4544d ago

man, hyperbole much? Sometimes I swear the users on this site are just getting worst by the year.

NatureOfLogic4544d ago

I would not give a sick kid a 360,but I would them a PS3, more reliable.

Montrealien4544d ago

as reliable as a 2 bubble user from the incredible N4G community? I am willing to bet a launch 360 is more reliable then that, and we all know how reliable the first 360s were, rofl.

xX TriiCKy Xx4544d ago

A launch 360 more reliable than a PS3 Montrealien? You're calling others a troll, when you are trying your hardest to defend the system that is clearly not as good as the PS3.

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S_C4544d ago

How Does This Shit Get Approved

jannytime4544d ago

Because its N4G.
Im not gonna lie it looked pretty cool tho. Thank god it wasent my xbox lol

Montrealien4544d ago

thanks for reminding me, I just realized my filter is off, was wondering...