10° : Top 5 Games that NEED To Return

Over the years there have been an almost infinite amount of games created. Some of these range from pretty damn good to absolute turd, but every now and then developers create something that is absolute gaming nirvana. These are always a pleasure to play and seem to just eat away the hours. When you play these games it becomes an obsession. If you’re not playing them, your constantly thinking about them and what you’re going to do next. It makes you feel like a kid again and brings about a joy that is not often experienced again in adult life.

So to celebrate this feeling, we at God is a Geek HQ have now created a Top 5 of “Games that NEED to return” list of all our personal favorites from back in the day. This list spans across all consoles and computers from since computer games were first created.

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Myst2911d ago

Kind of surprised there has not been an F-Zero as of yet. It would be an instant buy for me.

MadWindy2909d ago

yeah me too. Had hours of fun on the original