NPD Black Friday: Full November 2010 NPD Monthly Videogame Sales Figures and Analysis

NPD's blackout continues as Kinect helps revive the industry from its 8-month slump and makes this the best November in videogame history. Full review and exhaustive analysis from John Lucas.

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belal2950d ago

lol funny article usa= world yeah ....

IF you didn't know EUROPE PLUSS ASIA> BIGGER THAN USA, and who is outselling who? ouch ps3 is outselling 360 and wii. spinn it all you want, but ps3 is doing just fine.

Christopher2950d ago

This really is irrelevant to the news article, though. If people want to see numbers that aren't just US, then create and post them. Otherwise, the best figures we have to work with are NPD.

zootang2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Playstation has always been a niece market product until it becomes mass market price at $199. I don't think Sony are too bothered as long as it's doing predicted world wide sales. Meanwhile MS are really happy that it is doing the numbers it is. No problem?!

rroded2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

"Sony’s PlayStation 3 got lost in the crowd with (hmm?) 530,000 underground movements sold in Movember. In Blue October, PS Tri sold 250,000 mood ringed Move things showing merely double its output. Yow. What happened to last year’s console phoenix? Unlike the 360’s remodel, last year’s PS3 remodel doesn’t show any lasting power. Sure it’s doing better than it was in its previous existence (before the redesign) but last November’s total was 710,400. This is well below that and that’s not good when your home console competitors are improving over last year’s results.

Sony cannot rely on the PS3’s worldwide numbers overcoming the 360. America is still the biggest money market in the world and as long as the 360 triumphs in America, the PS3 will always be compromised. They had ‘em on the ropes before the 360 transformed but now the 360 is taking it to the Wii. Momentum is crucial in this extra-innings game and Sony needs a new strategy to realize that 10-year plan. Perhaps the 360/Kinect will run into a wall next year and the PS3/Move can capitalize in the long term. Could we have a new tortoise and hare scenario? In the meantime, even with the system-defining Gran Turismo 5 the PS3 plays the underdog role once again. Hopefully, slow and steady really will win the race."

so jus for laughs why not compare the move launch vs kinects... numbers arnt that far off. Sure it was a solid launch for kinect but lets see if it has legs. IMO if they deliver on the games they have a chance.

PraiseJeebus2950d ago

Well, reading all the Fanboy comments from ALL SIDES, I only have one thing to say:


gaffyh2950d ago

Lying article lies, it isn't even NPD data. It is all analyst stuff and numbers are not from NPD.

Raoh2950d ago

@ rroded

america is actually not sony's biggest money market. if anything the better it does in america the more money sony loses.

the american dollar is so weak that after the sale of sony japanese products in america the conversion rate from the dollar to the yen comes to a loss.

i wouldnt be surprised if SCEJ has put america on the back burner until the economy rebounds.

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BabyTownFrolics2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

this thread will become a pro ps3 circle jerk soon and you wont have to feel alone in your defense of the ps3.

belal2950d ago

i only have one question: do you label all defending ps3 sony fanboys ? I have both consoles, and play on both. but it dosen't take a genius to see that ps3 is killing the 360 everywhere except usa. I Wwouldn't be worried by the sales of us, 500k isn't little and the sales in japan almost evens it out and europe gets ps3 above 360. i am just on the facts here, but if you have any proof that says otherwise, be my guest. but i want a source that is reliable.

2950d ago
acky12950d ago

we soldiers of sony stick together and will defend the ps3 'til the bitter end.
Sony 'til I die

The Meerkat2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

I'm not a genius.

So could you tell me WHY the 360 is beating the PS3 in the USA?

2950d ago
King_of _the_Casuals2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Geez, why must everyone always bring up the World Wide Sales thing when NPD figures come up. YES, we know that NPD is just North American numbers......but for us North American Gamers, that is what is relevant to us.

But It's GREAT that all our industry is doing well with November 2010 being the highest selling month....EVER!!

Nintendo DS – 1,500,000*
Microsoft XBox 360 – 1,370,000**
Nintendo Wii – 1,270,000*
Sony PlayStation 3 – 530,000†
Sony PlayStation Portable – 288,000‡
Sony PlayStation 2 – 88,000‡

NeoBasch2950d ago

As long as division doesn't apply to world. 360 is by far the best selling console in the US at this time. That doesn't mean the world. You have to take ALL countries into account when you're computing total sales. I'm sure Sony is concerned about their sales in North America, just as Microsoft is concerned about their sales everywhere else, except maybe the UK.

And don't forget, the Wii used to be the leader in North American sales. The 360 received a giant boost this year what with the redesign, but now imagine if software sales explode for the PS3 next year. Hardware sales will probably follow, and we will see a lot closer race between the three next year.

BabyTownFrolics2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

both my ps3 and 360

both are successful consoles this gen, and I try not to get caught up in the daily bs the sales articles generate on the comment sections here.

also for clarification I never labeled anyone a fanboy, and I dont see how sony needs to be defended from anyone or anything.

this conversation has been going on for years and there is no end in site. so might as well comment on the comments, since the news on this subject hasnt changed.

I will break open the santana champ and poor you the the first glass, when sony overtakes the 360 in total worldwide sales. I dont count folks who had to buy another 360 due to rrod or the year headstart because I'm a dick.

nycredude2950d ago

I am sorry both sides of this console war is retarded but seriously you 360 fanboys really are the most insecure of the bunch. All you talk about is sales NPD this NPD that. Do we really need an article bashing the Ps3 every month when Npd numbers release? It's only been the last month or so the 360 has been pumping numbers like this, which coincides with the release of Kinect.

All you people hollering about sales but fail to realize this isn't a good thing. It means focus will be shifted to casual Kinect ware since it is the single biggest reason 360 is selling so well! If you are a core gamer this is NOT a good thing!

Also I am sure if every month when Japan numbers release and we have an article bashing the 360 on N4g you guys would be up in arms also so lets stop the sales nonsense.

Both consoles are doing well and both are getting their ass handed to them by Nintendo.

Play games not sales.

DaTruth2950d ago

If somebody had said, "PS3 sux, because of poor sales", than it would be completely logical for someone to state, "USA is not the world".

But to be first comment and bring that crap, when nobody has said anything prior, is just pure a$$ness and butt-hurtedness, not to mention fanboyism at its most obnoxious.

This article is not about the world and even if PS3 doesn't perform in America, that doesn't mean it sux, if it outperforms the 360 worldwide. But lets stick with the current topic, which is America.

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Mystogan2950d ago

lol funny fanboys Kinect = fail yeah...

2950d ago
testerg352950d ago

No way!!! You're telling me that an article about NPD numbers isn't talking about world numbers?? How is that possible? That totally means that all this time NPD numbers are not valid because it doesn't include the rest of the world.

Seriously.. are you stupid? Why the hell do you complain about an article about NPD numbers and how it doesn't equal the world? Its about NPD numbers!

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RedRedSuitSDF2950d ago

Looks like belal is the one trying to do the spin here. Turning this into a World wide article, instead of the NPD one that it is.

It's to be expected though. SDF in full force these days after GT 5 and the recent NPD numbers.

Great numbers for the 360, and I'm glad to see it beating the Wii. I hope it beats it here for the year finally. Will be good to see a new champ here in the states.

BlackTar1872950d ago


that was the worst comparison i have ever read in my life lol.

360 wins in US your in a US article i dont see what is so hard to understand?

evilunklebud2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Who cares? Sales do not equal quality.... not in the US, or world wide, so I've been told.

Most users know the NDP is the US, not the world, so why brother bring up the US=World thing?

The US accounts for only 46% of the worlds gaming market....

darx2950d ago

Only? That's a big only though.

evilunklebud2950d ago

Yeah, I said it with a twinge of sarcasm..... I forgot the /s. My bad.

candystop2950d ago

@belal, Thanks for the smile you insecure trash talking fanboy. The rest of the world does not only prefer the PS3 hence the 360 outselling it worldwide when you include the USA.Don't selectively remove USA from the world figures to make it seem as though 360 is not selling. You contradict your self by saying we think USA equals the world and then turning around and saying Europe and Asia equal the world. BY now you would think the bitterness of worn off but it's easy to see your just angry SOny will never catch MS. :P

strickers2950d ago

You do know Ps3 has still outsold the 360 WW this year?The reasons for 360 domination of the US come largely down to 4 things.
1.It came out as the first next gen console.
2.The US do like to buy home grown products.This has lessened but still a factor.It's the most insular developed country.
3.Build quality and in fact quality in general are not prioritised in US.
4.The main reason is price.The US is the most price sensitive place and 360 has always been cheap.
There are,of course exceptions to this but they tend to be higher end products.Consoles have always been cheap and cheaply made.
Maybe if the PS3 had Apple written on it then it would be different.Apple are one of the exceptions.

The Kinect success is a very US thing too with sales in EU/JP below Move and that hasn't set the Eu/JP alight.
You can walk in and buy Kinect anywhere in the UK and on any online store(well you could when I checked about 5 days ago).

darx2950d ago

@ Stickers

You have no clue in waht your talking about, what a wasted post.

2950d ago
candystop2950d ago

@strickers, I will not even waste my time trying to convince or reason with people like you. It is what it is so grow up and deal with it.

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Belasco2950d ago

Good for you, sport, you know geography!

sak5002950d ago

BELAL wants to take teh "NASIM" troll award of the year on ps3 fanboys behalf.

belal2950d ago

WTF, check my comment history, i am not a fanboy, but you are trying to hard to make me look like a fanboy. only fanboy here is the ones ignoring the world and only focusing on usa.

testerg352950d ago

belal, you do understand that this is an NPD article don't you? So shouldn't the posts talk about the article?

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xgodofwar4sss2950d ago

time to play numbers people. numbers are better then games

tatotiburon2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

"Kinect helps revive the industry from its 8-month slump and makes this the best November in videogame history."...nice microsoft...all the people who said that kinect will fail: OWNED!.

oh boy reality check: US is the second biggest market in the industry now that you all want to compare it with a full continent but in market share who is bigger??..United States, thank you very much.

now back to wonderland (N4G) and let the spin continue...

BlackTar1872950d ago

I hope you legitimately use Kinect cuz its ruining my 360 hardcore titles.

Mustang300C20122950d ago

Seems like we still have people fighting for the title of dumbest comment of the year. 187? Man don't murderdeathkill your self your in the running dog.

Stealth20k2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

All I know is the ps3 has exclusives january (lbp),february (neptune,yakuza), march(ar tonelico III),.....and basically every single month till the end of the year.

Thats all that matters

bubbles please

sak5002950d ago

Keep waiting and hyping for your 3 exclusvies a year for overpriced console whereas you conveniently neglect to mention 100s of multiplat coming out also next year which will be better and will dominate sales wise on 360.

xstation792950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Yeah keep repeating all those ps3 exclusives and maybe it will make you and your fellow ps3 fanboys sleep better tonight.

Edit: What would be more impressive is if those ps3 exclusives everyone keeps talking about actually sold good numbers.

Instinct_Gamer2950d ago

@ sak500- what hundeds of multiplats are you talking about? did you conviniently leave them out?

xstation79- if you are more impressed by sales than quality then you must be a
JUSTIN BEIBER's biggest fan.

IMO the quality of games is what makes a good game- PS3 has the best quality exclusives.

yes many developers do a garbage job at porting and usually those games are not worth a crap anyways. But the ones that count are either just about the same or better... Mass Effect2 will be the definitive console version on the PS3.

Cherchez La Ghost2950d ago

Is Kinect still a faliure?! Shovelware?!

I'm loving all the hacks I'm seeing on tech websites people are doing with Kinect. Sony game lineup is strong for 2011. I hope MS have some confirmed titles besides Gears 3 & Forza 4.

BlackTar1872950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Dance Central titles. Im just kidding im very critical of kinect because its ruining my xbox library WITH wii titles

Cherchez La Ghost2950d ago

The Kinect launch titles are just starters. I've tried the Dance Central demo and it's no joke. If your ass is overweight, Dance Central will help you shed some pounds.

Kincect titles will get better as time goes on. There are hundreds of people know with these tech hacks will probably making games for Kinect one day. Trust, the games will be better in the future.

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