PSP2 codenamed Veta, powerful enough to run Uncharted 3

MaxConsole: First of all, developers have described the PSP2 as a very powerful machine that could stand running the likes of Uncharted 3. Moreover, the PSP 2 is carrying a codename of 'Veta'. The revelations come via an article in the magazine which is titled 'Playstation's new portable'. This is also supported by revalations online that the PSP2 has more internal memory than the Xbox 360 (1GB).

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sinncross2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

I highly doubt it will be strong enough to run Uncharted 3... and if it did that would be insane expensive.

Maybe theoretically it could but with many alterations..

that said, I expect the PSP2 to handle PS2 games without a problem, so I'm guessing we may see PS2 Classics on the PSN with the PSP2 launch... well thats what I hope.
Would love to take the likes of MGS2 and FF10 on the go :)

visualb2859d ago

could run uncharted 3 at a smaller resolution and with slight lesser graphics maybe?

who will be powerful though, wonder when we'll head about it =O

NOOBKILLA2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

I'm very excited about the PSP2! However the PSP GO hit the stores at $250, PSP2 looks like it will be $350 the more and more I hear the rumored specs.

I'm a whore so I'll get it regardless. I can't wait!

Rush2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

I know am going to get slammed with disagrees by console enthusiasts and the "Power of the Cell Cult" but I disagree.

Handhelds ain't all that as far behind consoles as you would believe.


I know that's still sub 360 graphics, but consider this the Iphone 4 is used for gaming but it's not a gaming device as such. It's GPU certainly ain't the most impressive on the market.

It uses a GPU called PowerVR SGX 535 found in the apple A4 processor, considering the GPU found in the Samsung galaxy S the PowerVR SGX 540 is considered twice as fast imagine what the phone is capable of graphically.

And that's not taking into consideration the new Micro dual core processors found in the new LG handsets being released early next year.

I honestly believe given a duel core processor, and the PowerVR SGX 540 GPU or even something better. Sony could certainly match console level graphics on a handheld.

However is it economically viable is the question that remains unanswered and I don't pretend to know the answer to that.

morganfell2859d ago

I agree. I am not concerned about the price. The PS3 was higher than other consoles at launch - but it included a host of items for which the other big two charged for over the short and long term. I am more than happy with the direction of the PS3 and have no issues with a larger initial price on the PSP2.

Ju2859d ago

I would think a PSP2 is far beyond what your video show. If Sony wanted a standard device, they'd simple release some sort of Tegra2 phone.

I have the feeling the release of a recent cell patent has something to with this.

The PSP was basically a mini PS2. Same mips core and some additional logic. I don't think the PSP2 will be Android based (that's what the psp phone is for) I rather think it'll be a "mobile ps3" using a "micro-cell".

All those rumors make much more sense in that context. I'm curious what gpu they'd use. If at all. A micro cell with 4 spus coul d do much of what those mobile gpus do in sw if it has a fast rasterizer silicon attached.

NewMonday2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Its good if they would do a unified platform for PS3 and PSP2 games, it means the games can be purchased by the 40+ million PS3 users, and not having to wait for a big install base. Like playing IPod games on the IPad.

Another interesting thing is that if it is un-segregated from the PS3 PSN then it will already have the established services like Netflix. And if it runs on Android it will replace my IPad.

I wish it would be the size of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

TripleAAARating2859d ago

once again Sony's gonna ASSRAPE the competition in the gaming market.... they just gotta get the price right.

FACTUAL evidence2859d ago

Powerful enough to run as a ps3, more durable/powerful than a 360...I might start liking psp's...

DeadlyFire2859d ago

I believe PSP2 will be able to handle PS3/X360 level graphics. Why? Its rumored GPU is an undisclosed varient of PowerVR5 multi-core chips set to debut sometime soon. 4 core and 8 core variants are rumored to have same potential to sport the same amount of pixels as the GPU in the PS3 and X360. Both around 4.4 Gpixels. Not sure on GT or other specs though.

Also an article on possible PS3 co-processor describes a 4 SPE Cell CPU. Which was Sony's plan for mobile Cell CPU use. Likely the CPU for the PSP2. Very easily transition for any PS3 developer. Slightly less power, but still enough to handle almost the same potential. Very little to be cut down on.

BattleAxe2859d ago

If they release an uncharted game when the PSP2 comes out, then its a day one purchase for me. If the PSP2 has duel analogue controls, then I'll probably play it way more than I play my PSP 2000.

ReBurn2859d ago

By that standard the NES could run Uncharted 3.

Computersaysno2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

It'll be fast for a handheld. It wont be as fast as PS3 or 360 probably somewhere in between the previous generation and the current console generation. The reason for this is easy to explain and that is power consumption. Basically the critical aspect for chip design in the mobile segment. Everything lives and dies by how much juice it can pull down versus how much power the battery can dish out.

Sony could scale down a CELL processor or whatever but it was never designed for power efficiency to the same extent a custom mobile chipset nor the same sort of low power memory is so its highly highly unlikely.

RageAgainstTheMShine2859d ago

PSP 2 could be and should be first and foremost
a High Definition device
with Wi-Fi and
Digital Network Living Alliance compatibility on top of
HDMI connectors.
having a Dual Core Processor with at least
1GB of memory will be standard ordinance by the time of its release.

But the portable gaming arena has changed dramatically since 2008 4 years after the release of the PSP.If Sony wants to keep up with the likes of Apple & Samsung they will put these specs on the PSP2.

but with these specs its more powerful and more expensive than the PS3!

So to make the retail price very low the PSP2 might be as powerful as the PS3 with mini-blu-ray disc as its storage medium.
With Japan in mind, this is the more likely option for the PSP2 which IMHO isn't that bad at least until 2014.

BABY-JEDI2858d ago

I'm confused. So Whore's go out & buy expensive handhelds? & if so are these diamond encrusted handhelds or something? & what do the pimp daddys buy?
Just asking

Ju2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

" it was never designed for power efficiency to the same extent a custom mobile chipset"

That's not correct for the SPUs. They were designed from scratch to remove all legacy dependencies to be able to meet certain power performance criteria. As such, I think there is hardly any cpu/gpu silicon available today which can match that. Not even a ARM or Tegra core. Well, the PPU core in the CELL is a different story. This will probably never meet any embedded cpu power spec. But this can be replaced (by either a MIPS or ARM core, or some other low power device).

Computersaysno2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

''That's not correct for the SPUs. They were designed from scratch to remove all legacy dependencies to be able to meet certain power performance criteria''

What certain power criteria? How vague of you. Mobile segment? Obviously not. Its a pipedream that cell would be used for a mobile platform like this its pretty obvious. Sony already gave up on cell development years ago where you been? IBM slated it as a dead end. Conceptually it'll survive but thats all. You seem well outta date.

I can guarantee now this machine will not use a cell derived processor. I'll put money on it now. My bet is a tegra based chip which of course uses ARM because ARM would most certainly be more power efficient in the milliwatt scale than all or part of a cell based processor. Not just cell but nearly anything else. It's nvidia's architecture that reportedly put the chip over power budget constraints. Still i am sure they will fix it what with sony all over their case about it

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Vherostar2859d ago

PS2 classics on the god is my hope especially for my RPG collection :)

Blacktric2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

I don't think "God" would take playing PS2 classics on him kindly. I'd be careful if I were you.

Edit @below: Yeah I know :P. And thank you for the bubble, I bubbled you back!

Shikoro2859d ago

I think he meant: "PS2 classics on the go" :)

Your comment is still funny, bubble+. :D

mastiffchild2859d ago

I've said for years that Sony's biggest weapon for the next PSP should be the ability to download and play cheap PS2 classics from PSN on it with it's two analogues. Loads of us have games we missed on PS2, it's an incredible library and if it supports more PS3 remote plays also it's another boon in their struggle to shift units in the Ninty/Apple marketplace.

Overprice it, though, and they will see another "Go" situation.

Shikoro2859d ago

There are tricks with which you can do wonders and make it look exactly like (or better than) the big brother's game. It just depends if the game is in the right hands. :)

Anyway, I'm so looking forward to the PSP2, already saving money for it so I can be there day 1. :D

Spider0502859d ago

PS3 grahpic and blu ray = 299$
PSP2 with PS3 grahpic but no blu ray = 199$
So why not?
PSP2 cant be expensive if its like PS3 but without BLU RAY and big HDD

Shikoro2859d ago

That's the logical thing people would think of. But as you may have noticed, parts and components for mobile devices are more expensive than the ones we got in PCs, for example.

Just look at the laptops -- although they are smaller, they are still more expensive but their performance can't match the PC ones.

It's the same case here with a PSP2. They have to fit the components into the package and design them to emit less heat. You can't have a handheld with a processor that can go up to 60-70+°C, your hands would get burned really bad. That again means that they have to put more money into research to find solutions to their problems.

The conclusion:
Fitting powerful and fast components into a small handheld device isn't an easy task and it takes a lot of money and research. That also takes time which they don't have since the 3DS is out soon.

I don't expect more than $300 which would be fine for me if it would be sold for less than $500 in my country. :/

Hope I cleared that up for you guys. :)

BABY-JEDI2858d ago

I'm getting a deep inner sense that some speculation is occurring here. I really think that this article really hasn't told us anything that could lead us to evaluating a price point quite yet.
£250? Maybe £199? Marketable

FinalSpartan2859d ago

are these sayings gets exaggerated, is PSP2 really a PS3 on the go? If so damn.....thats amazing...But really come on run uncharted 3?

Myze2859d ago

Well, on a 4.3" screen (that's the PSP1 size anyway), you wouldn't need something such as a 720p resolution (UC3 rez) to make it look as good as you would on a 50" screen. It would probably only need to be at about half the resolution for the same effect (or even less), so if it's even in the same ballpark of power as the ps3 (which was developed about 5 years ago), I don't see it as being completely impossible to produce a game that is at least close to UC3. Especially since by the time the psp2 is out, the ps3 will have another year on it.

That all being said, to just hear them say UC3 on a handheld, it does sound pretty unbelievable (in a slightly believable way ;) ).

Christopher2859d ago

*head meets desk*

Just so tired of idiotic titles and articles like this.

Zir02859d ago

Its not just price think of the battery life, if this was true it would likely be just 1 hour.

MNicholas2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Processors on mobile phones have already crossed the 1ghz barrier without melting or exploding (too often) and processors are getting smaller and more efficient all the time.

In addition, remember that, on the Cell chip, one SPU on the only covers 6% of the die area.

This means that you can significantly increase the number of processing cores without a significant increase in chip size.

The Cell is the perfect example. Although it has far fewer transistors, for gaming applications, it utterly devastates the $995 Intel Core i7 980X.

Intel's top of the line Core i7 980x is certainly an order of magnitude faster than the Cell at running applications like Microsoft Office and Exchange Server but I don't think that's what the PSP2 will be used for.

Shikoro2859d ago

Basically, I agree. I don't know what Core i7's performance benchmarks for games are, but all in all, the Cell is a very powerful processor when used for games and when used right.

I remember reading an IBM roadmap which mentioned a Mini Cell. Would be great if a cost efficient, yet powerful one would be used in a PSP2. :D

ProjectVulcan2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

''The Cell is the perfect example. Although it has far fewer transistors, for gaming applications, it utterly devastates the $995 Intel Core i7 980X''

Not in gaming applications it doesnt.

Cell is certainly behind an x86 CPU for general purpose performance in games, among other reasons but including the advantage of huge amount of pooled shared on die cache such a CPU possesses (12mb L3 for i7-980x) plus not least of all x86's design for optimal intensive branching performance which can be critical in game engines, a well known weakness of CELL because its SPEs are completely devoid of dynamic branch predictors...

Cell is good for single precision compute- as such its better than (most) conventional x86 CPUs in that field. Generally nowhere near present generation GPU compute these days though. Things have moved on a long way and GPGPU has changed the game and double precision is the favoured format. For example PS3's version of CELL in compute manages about 15 Gflops in double precision, whereas a Hemlock GPU (5970) manages 1 teraflop (1000 Gflops) In fact PS3's version of CELL is slower than an average desktop x86 CPU in double precision- i7 980x manages over 100 Gflops DP, a dual core Intel Core 2 E6600 around 25 Gflops. Times change rapidly in technology land....

There is a reason you only have 1 bubble MNicholas, its because of your misleading information...

Ju2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

vulcan, what are you bubbling about. There is no double precision in games. No vertex uses double coords nor do pixels (if fp color format is used).

DP is completely irrelevant for gaming, much more so in a mobile environment as it only pushed the numbers of transistors required for nothing.

The SPUs can replace shaders - especially in a mobile application. At least for vertex operations, for pixel operations, too, if you can implement fast block fill ops into SRAM (which is the only handicap the current CELL has - most textures don't fit into SRAM - if you could, you could offload even more from the GPU. As such VRAM performance in combination with pixel operation (e.g. on texture sizes which exceeds 256KB) is faster on the GPU - not really if it fits into SRAM.

SPUs have (still) a more complex op code than shaders in GPU and hence can execute more complex code with less instructions which makes them still more efficient for a lot of things compared to GpGPUs. Also, you assume, that latest mobile GPUs have sophisticated shaders like the latest desktop GPUs. Which is not true, either.

A lot of these things can haven been addressed by a "mobile cell" or micro cell. Actually what it'll need is some sort of block memory cache logic (well, won't happen, I guess, due to transistor budget) or a faster SRAM "reload" instruction, faster memory piple lines or whatever. I could imagine the mem interface has changed for a micro cell. I can even imagine, Sony doesn't even use a PPC core for such a cell - but an ARM core (perfectly feasible - SPUrsEngine has no PU at all).

Branching can be avoided using calculus instead. Don't branch if you don't have to. Simple.

Pandamobile2859d ago

The only benchmark where an i7 would lose to a Cell is in video encoding.

A Q6600 quad core would demolish the Cell in just about every other conventional task.

ProjectVulcan2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

@ Ju

I was clearly talking about COMPUTE when i referred to double precision in an entirely SEPARATE paragraph to commenting on game code. I guess you did not read my statements very well at all. After i had dismissed the idea CELL was faster or remotely as flexible in game code than a modern x86 CPU i moved on to why some people claimed CELL is faster than x86- in compute. Pointing out that these days it isnt even all that fast for that either. Its not 2006 anymore, its nearly 2011 and GPGPU exists.

The question is why YOU are talking about mobile GPUs or other operations as irrelevant to gaming as compute (where did anyone mention mobile GPUs???).

Truth is CELL is neither faster than a modern x86 at conventional game code etc nor faster than a modern GPU for shader ops. No doubt its more flexible than GPGPU in some ways, but if you really want to stick to ONLY games (as you yourself decided to pull me up on! heh) then the usefulness of this flexibility is near irrelevant for games specifically. That is unless the GPU you pair cell with has a rather poor vertex fillrate......Not exactly a problem anyone would suffer on a modern unified shader GPU.

Simple conclusion?

Conventional x86 general purpose CPU + a fast GPGPU capable GPU is a better solution to any problem you may have be it running general code, compute, games, whatever than cell.

MNicholas had the audacity to claim cell would be faster in game code than a modern x86 CPU and clearly thats a big fat load of BS.

Ju2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

The i7 would loose in all compute task which use large data sets and vector operations. So much, that people build supercomputers ranking in the top 5 based on it.

The cell would sure loose in scalar benchmarks.

A lot of those algorithms can recoded using branchles operations (calculus, as I mentioned), some benchmarks could even run DP result on a SP cell to match full DP precision (scaling to DP only when necessary - google this).

Matter of fact is, an i7 (or PC) is a brute force approach to the same problem. Some of these problems can be solved in SW or in HW - both are valid ways to a solution of the same problem.

AI and physics code can run well on the CELL, so can vertex operations and pixel shaders (see MLAA). Saying the CELL is only good in "video decoding" is plain wrong. Still, a 2005 cpu can hold up pretty well to a 2010 cpu (and GPUs) in a lot of real-world use cases.

Result of those SW algorithms are becoming more apparent (in games for example look at UC3 or KZ3 - which look almost like a generation above what UC2 or KZ2 were). For compute, look up some examples in the scientific community, please (Folding at home as one example - and please, read the GPU vs. CELL argument. It is outlined in the documentation).

BTW: The only one who brought "compute" up was you. MNicholas did not. Read his comment again before you declare him a fanboy here.

ProjectVulcan2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

'The i7 would loose in all compute task which use large data sets and vector operations. So much, that people build supercomputers ranking in the top 5 based on it.''

Sorry Ju but people USED to build supercomputers with cell. Now they just use GPGPU because it is massively faster for most requirements.

I brought up compute because MNicholas was talking a whole bunch of bullcrap about how cell is faster than x86 in games, i pointed out that was very very untrue and that misconception is due to Cell's compute performance.


That USED to be exceptional before GPGPU came along and now is marginalised. The old supercomputer argument is always a bit boring when you consider the fastest computer in the world is packed full of Nvidia Tesla GPUs and x86 processors, because exactly as i said that the best comproimise is x86 + GPGPU to cover all bases. In fact 3 of the top 5 fastest computers in the world use a whole bunch of GPGPUs with x86.....the other two are X86 processors only.

It is important that people who are feeding this nonsense about cell's performance being greater than a modern x86 cpu for games are cut out quickly, as it only fans the flames of fanboy arguments.

Ju2858d ago

Every time someone counters your argument you change the subject.

First, you bring up compute vs. "cell in games" - which was totally irrelevant, now you counter "cell is faster in large datasets than the i7" with "but supercomputers use an array of Tesla chips".

Can you stick with an argument for once?

All my statements remain true in the context originally anticipated. Nothing has changed, no matter how you want to spin that.

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2859d ago
Ratchet5102859d ago

PSP2 will be more powerful than the 360, i know what sony is cappable of and it may not handle Uncharted 3 but U2 yes. Think about it they said it would come out a week before the 3Ds but they pushed it back towards the end of the year. We all know for a fact sony has first party launch games and it will out do 3Ds because nothing is more powerful than blu-ray. It not rocket science to figure out what they are planing with the PSP2. It will be powerful than the 360.

NarooN2859d ago

I think they mean it could run Uncharted 3 at a lesser resolution with lesser visuals. We're not THAT far behind in technology. The PSP released in 2004 and some games on that platform had top-tier PS2 graphics. This is 2010, so I expect that the PSP2 could match visuals of early X360 games or possibly beyond that.

The PSP2's screen will obviously be brighter and more crisp than the PSP's, and will most likely have a slightly higher resolution. It won't be THAT much of a push to reach early-this-gen visuals on a portable. What you guys are doing is going "it's portable, no way it'll have enough strength" but you gotta realize just how LONG six years really is in terms of technology.

Battery life is another issue, but I think it'll be on par with the PSP's battery life. Don't be surprised if you see early PS3-level graphics on there. The PS3's GPU is a specially-modified version of an nVidia 6-series card. That's a pretty long time ago. It's not too far-fetched to see this in a portable.

hiredhelp2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

NOT so true. it can be done.
look at the latest phones some have 1ghz processor. memory is growing along with the gpu. and at low resalution like 640/800 or below you can make a game like uncharted look awsome on small screen. look at god of war ghost of sparta. awsome.

what im saying is if ID,creaters of UPCOMMING RAGE' can produce a 3D game on the iphone. then he psp can do this game.
the chips are extreamly small witch means 2 things less heat. low cost.

lil Titan2858d ago

im guessing blu-ray for the psp right? unless there doing download only

TheREAL-HyDRo1x2858d ago

I doubt it too. Also this seems extremely fake. Unless they are working on something other than the code named "Zues" or the PSP phone. Also the article says it will have more internal memory than the 360 which is at 1 GB; thats more than the PS3 as well, but they'll never speak about that!

--Onilink--2858d ago

I think the best way to know for sure just how much the psp can handle can be determined by the amount of years left for the PS3 before the next gen comes. I dont think sony will release a handheld with the same graphical capabilities as the PS3 while the PS3 is hot on the market, it would make it look outdated, and since it seems like the PS3 still has easily 2 more strong years in the market, and the PSP2 really needs to come out next year, i highly doubt the PSP2 is gonna be as powerful as the PS3, i think it will be really close (with a slight edge) over the 3DS, since that one is already looking great.

My guess is, launch PS3 titles graphics.

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ElementX2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

"the PSP2 has more internal memory than the Xbox 360 (1GB)" Well it also has more internal memory than PS3.

A disagree? Both PS3 and 360 have 512mb of internal RAM. It's just structured differently. I don't see how MaxConsole could fail to mention that fact.

ProjectVulcan2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Most top end smartphones now have at least 512mb system RAM. Some even have more for example the Desire HD has 768mb RAM. Bandwidth counts a lot too but amount of memory is a big limiting factor for home consoles. Developers always beg for more memory ahead of raw performance like fillrates or cpu cycles usually, memory means flexibility, this is also why PC as a development platform is liked because the developer can guarantee there will be a nice big chunk of system memory to work with.

hiredhelp2859d ago

look at the stats of the sony x10 standard not mini. awsome specs. still one the most powerfull smart phones out there.

ElementX2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

While I know smartphones have a lot of RAM, that has nothing to do with my comment. I was stating that the PS3 has the same amount of RAM as the 360 but this article only mentions that PSP2 has more RAM than 360, which sounds sort of like flamebait. Why doesn't Max Console mention the PS3 has the same amount of RAM? Why not say PSP2 has more memory than both consoles?

DaTruth2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

The 360 also has 10mb of EDRAM, so the article might be correct when going with the bigger of the two systems! Than you go on the premise that most people know the 360 has 10 mb more ram than PS3.

If not you might have to list every console the PSP2 has more ram than!

ElementX2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

double post

FLOWCity2859d ago

One can only wonder the price.

Pixel_Enemy2859d ago

I would be willing to dish out $250 to $300 if it meets my expectations

Ratchet5102859d ago

Sony said the price will be so good anyone can just walk by and pick one up.

SIX2859d ago

If it launches with a killer line up. I wouldn't mind paying $300.

rezzah2858d ago

People seem to have memory loss (disagrees). The PSP came with a 300 dollar price tag when it first came out and it sold well.

Vherostar2859d ago

3DS ain't gonna be cheap either..

SonyNGP2859d ago

But it does have one helluva software lineup.

Ratchet5102859d ago

That is true because the 3D is takin a lot of money out of them and it will sell good. but the 3D doesnt mean it will be better than the PSP2.

HappyGaming2859d ago

When has Sony ever had a problem with line ups?
They have enough first party studios to make enough PSP2 games if they want to.

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RankFTW2859d ago

If the handheld makers were smart they would sell them for a loss at £200 and sell alot more than they would at a higher price.

Hanif-8762859d ago

That must be the dumbest thing that i've read on N4G. So please explain to me sir where would the profit come from? And i know that they can still make a profit from games sold but selling the handheld for a loss is stupid and i think that its a lesson learnt by Sony already with the PS3 that lost $200+ on every console sold.

Myze2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Selling at a loss on hardware is not stupid. If you sell for too much of a loss, sure, but a small loss is not bad if you have the software to back it up. A company like Sony (SCE) with a huge amount of 1st party studios can aim for software sales being their big profit over hardware (in their videogame division, of course...I realize they are a hardware company as a whole).

HappyGaming2859d ago

You know to little and yet chat so much...

hesido2859d ago

@deadlyspartan: So you wanted playstation to cost 900 dollars at launch? Of course they couldn't sell as many ps3's at that price.

gcolley2858d ago

piracy will turn your little loss into a disaster