The Joys Of Assassin's Creed Multiplayer

So while a large and terrifying number of you will be playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops online, day in, day out and night in, night out, an admirable portion of you are playing Ubisoft’s hooded hero; Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. We Got This Covered looks at the multiplayer and tells you why Ubisoft got it right.

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gameseveryday2864d ago

Ubisoft did a great job with this one

Cwalk8162864d ago

I agree, I enjoyed much more than their past installments.

ColinKapow2864d ago

The multiplayer sounds great and its the main reason I intend to pick up Bro-Ho but I've still got castlevania and ass creed 2 to finish before I do.

Doctorofreality2863d ago

Long long campaign (good though), but i'd add the kick -rope thingy' awesome...

TheHip142863d ago

MP was fun, SP was kinda boring

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