EDGE's "Best of 2010" awards

EDGE magazine's winners for "Best Game" (of 2010), "Best Audio/Visual Design," "Best Hardware," "Best Developer/Publisher," and more.

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boogeyman9992857d ago

Meh at least Red Dead picked up some awards.

StanLee2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

I find it difficult to believe Super Mario Galaxy 2 hasn't received more Game of the Year recognition. It's the highest rated game this year and along with it's predecessor, the highest rated game this gen. It's like the core gaming press has decided to no longer acknowledge the Wii as a gaming console. Kudos for Edge for the nod to a great game.

ReservoirDog3162856d ago

I still haven't finished SMG2. I loved 1 and finished it completely. But 2 feels too same-y so far. It's like 1 never happened. I know Mario games aren't made for story but I don't feel it's as good as 1. And the hub world, that purple star thing and general same-y-ness just didn't rub me the right way. Made me not want to finish the levels cause I'd have to go through all the annoying stuff.

Very* good game in terms of level design and fun but bogged down by annoying stuff.

FinalSpartan2856d ago

I agree SMG2 is for real gamers. Awesome gameplay. Where its shuts the fanboys who argue about games with great graphics but are medicore in gameplay.

Koolno2856d ago

Don't compare wii scores with next gens scores...

cod has 9 on wii, and it's just a joke for a real gamer.

eagle212856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Congrats to SMG2! Well deserved! :)

@Stan Lee..Destructoid and Gamereactor awarded SMG2 GOTY, as well as ONM. :)

Homicide2856d ago

Nice to see that Platinum Games won best developer. Vanquish and Bayonetta are my two favorite games of the year.

AndrewRyan2856d ago

I'm glad Minecraft won best indie. It is amazing.

Arup022856d ago

EDGE, at least one magazine i respect.

dkgshiz2856d ago

That sucks. They are probably the worst reviewer of all time.

Arup022856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

haha I'm saying EDGE in Brazil, not in the the US

People are disagreeing but they probably never been on Brazil and never read the EDGE from here ¬¬

Venatus-Deus2856d ago

Edge is a British publication and the Brazilian copy mostly includes articles translated from the UK magazine.

There is no US copy unless imported.

yamzilla2856d ago

god of war 3 single player and starcraft 2 multiplayer goty for me!!!

TheHardware2856d ago

Edge is a joke.

coming soon, top 10 reasons Edge is a joke. but first I gotta walk the dog.

Terror_B2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

"Edge is a joke"

Why is that little man? Because they gave KZ2 and Gt5 only a 7 out of 10? Need lotion for that butthurt? Edge is a superb publication that are very fair with their reviews and dont buy into the hype BS that comes with games like KZ and GT. Their word is almost gospel within the gaming world, its just Sony fan N4g users that dont like them.

Google vaseline butthurt bum lube if you need help.

Lykon2856d ago

edge is a beautifully produced magazine with many interesting articles but it can't be denied that they have treated the ps3 differently at least with the scores, but we are all used to this now and have learnt to add a point or two.

Dude_2856d ago

No they don't, The only games they do actually give a bit higher scores are the british ones. All those fanboy blogs with ludicrous stats and ironically biased analysis are sickening.

It's some people who are looking way too much into it, to the point of being paranoid. Edge are being harsh and they use the whole spectrum of scores, which leads to whiny zealots and conspiracy theories.

Koolno2856d ago

Terror b and others stupid fanboyz, like some biased mags, because they downplay the best games..

pathetic :)

TheHardware2855d ago

Hey terror_Barbie, I googled "Vaseline butthurt burn lube" and teh #1 pick was

now Terror_baby ...2 things come up...1. I don't think any of those people on there ever had sex before, and 2. are you one of them? lol I mean why else would you send me to OKcupid....

hey lets look at a few of your last posts

"LOL, Kinect sports sold more than GT5, Sony must be ashamed."

"Sublime? No chance. Well at least maybe it is for N4G users. GT5 is so bland i found it hard to stay awake so i decided to sell it and went back to playing the best racing game this gen and maybe of all time, Forza 3."

"The Xbox 360 is without doubt, the best console this gen.

Thank you MS"

Terror_bird whos really the fanboy? lol
and uhm you've just been added to the "____ is a joke" list congratz ;D

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Terror_B2855d ago


LOL did you seriously use one of your alt accounts to agree with your own last statement!?!?!?

You are such a loser!

garrod2854d ago

"Their word is almost gospel within the gaming world" the sheer stupidity in that statement is beyond human belief lol well done Terror_B you've outdone yourself this time for sure.

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