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Xbox 360 Most Wanted Game Console this Christmas have revealed what they feel will be the hottest gifts this year, as judged by their most searched keywords.

The most wanted gift is the Xbox 360, which accounted for a whopping total of 5% of their total searches. Apparently Microsoft's console was searched for 5 times as much as the PS3, with the Wii roughly between the two.

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Community2912d ago
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matgrowcott2912d ago

I have to admit, I was surprised that it got 5 times as many searches as the PS3 did.

I'm putting it down to the heap of publicity Microsoft are giving the Kinect at the minute.

ian722912d ago

I am in the UK and Microsoft is advertising Kinect on TV too much. A Kinect ad is on 2 or 3 times every hour, where as I only see maybe 2 or 3 ads for Sony every day.

Shadow Flare2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

"I have to admit, I was surprised that it got 5 times as many searches as the PS3 did."

I've seen this happen before and what they failed to take into account before is that some people type 'ps3' and others type 'playstation 3'. So it's possible they just totalled only the 'ps3' searches. Obviously kinect and 360 have been marketed a lot more though

Serjikal_Strike2912d ago

This is what $500k in advertising gets you!!!

captain-obvious2912d ago

" have revealed what they feel will be the hottest gifts this year, as judged by their most searched keywords."

norman292912d ago

So hold on, because Xbox 360 is more searched one 1 site than Wii and PS3 its automatically a more wanted console at xmas? do you ask yourself what there were searching for? ask yourself what was in the rest of the search text (dont bite my head of just giving an example) Xbox 360 rrod fix ect andif this is how we base a most wanted item nowadays im going to spam google search with Bugatti Veyron. And dont call me no fanboy because i would say this if it was for any system/electrical, you cannot say something is more wanted than another based on 1 website, atleaste go cross reference with google/bing/yahoo ect first

matgrowcott2912d ago


1. This is based off a press release FROM As it says in the article and at the top of this page: 'what they feel are the hottest gifts this christmas'

2. This is a judgement of popularity, not of sales. If the 360 gets 5 times the amount of search terms the PS3 gets that is for a reason.

If you're going to presume that are counting every single search for the term "Xbox 360", and not every search for the term "Xbox 360" that ends with the user moving onto an online store then you have to presume they're doing the same thing for the PS3 and the Wii.

Which basically means this data is still valid, so long as it's not taken too seriously.

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hamburger1232912d ago

ofcourse they have games

but not good ones lol

blumatt2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

Most wanted game console in America this Christmas. /fixed Seriously, Worldwide sales is more important.
If you are remotely even a hardcore gamer, you will want a PS3 by the end of 2011. I don't even have to list all the games coming. But of honorable mention are Killzone 3, Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, LittleBigPlanet 2, Infamous 2, and Socom 4, in no particular order. There are several more too. The PS3 is a VERY relevant console, regardless of sales numbers in America (and I live in the U.S. and still realize this).
PSN: blumatt

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VINNIEPAZ2912d ago

WOW Look at all the haters coming out in this article.


Thatguy-3102912d ago

Will the xbox sell more than the ps3? maybe
Do I care? Not much
Don't see why people care as much long as the console that I own(ps3) gives me top notch quality titles I'm happy

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BullCrap2912d ago

The little kiddies need to stay on the xbox, real mature gamers play PS3/PC.

DiRtY2912d ago

Yeah... reminds me of

crazy people REALLY are like this.

What is next? Calling marketing unfair?

marison2912d ago

Very mature gamer. I think he is at least 63 years old.

Ruggadagod2912d ago

you do know that chad warden is just a youtube troll right? please don't tell me you take him seriously. he does not represent ps3 gamers as a whole. that's like saying generalmld(from youtube's biggest xbox 360 troll)represents every xbox 360 gamer.

xstation792912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

Why don't you read the stupid comments from all the ps3 fanboys first before claiming that they are mature gamers. You guys aren't even real gamers since you think that the ps3 is the only one with good games.

Edit: Whats really pathetic is all these excuses you come up with to try and make yourself feel better. Like claiming that people type ps3 different and therefore that makes the result innaccurate, or America doesn't eqaul world

MGRogue20172912d ago

no... Fucking surprise there...

Christopher2912d ago

Wait... each search for "xbox 360" counts for a desire to buy one? Couldn't that just mean more people are looking for info on the console or games they play on the 360?

Never understand why anyone would make such broad statements based on searching for specific words.

theonlylolking2912d ago

Eveyrtime a 360 hater looks up why the xbox 360 sucks it gets counted as a want.

2912d ago
sak5002912d ago


cuz people in real world outside n4g are much better at judgement of a gaming console. The expensive, waste of money that ps3 has been for last 4 years of it's life has made people wary of sony's lies and false promises.

ONly idiots who are blind to better MPlat and online experience on a much cheaper gaming console are the losers.

Koolno2912d ago

The exact opposite blind fanboyz sak, only brainless and misinfirmed people can't see the best value, the best hardwqare and games, for almost the same price.

Pooor delusional fanboy in denial..

HelghastDrake2912d ago

At this point, i dont care if PS3 only sells one console a month and 360 sells a million a month. All i know is next year im going to have my hands on some of the best games this gen only on PS3. While 360 just gets Gears 3 and Forza 4.

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