Developer Confirms Kinect Is Coming To PC

A Korean developer has told IncGamers that Microsoft is definitely bringing Kinect to PC, confirming its latest online title will feature support for the device.

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Zir02887d ago

Thats great news, this will allow Kinect to reach everyone.

toaster2887d ago

The sad part is that the hacks and mods will be much cooler than whatever official software MS plans for Kinect on PC.

Mystogan2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

how do you know that when the core games haven't even launched yet except for Fighters Uncaged.
which i think is a Developer disaster just watch this if fighters uncaged used that software it wouldn't suck so much.

Codename D
steel battalion
Rise of Nightmares
Project Draco

I believe kinect will help us get more exclusives as long as developers like grasshopper are supporting it.

-Alpha2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

None of those exclusives are proven (yet).

And I question if PC gamers care. If any group hates motion controls the most it's PC gamers.

I like what Kinect is capable of and it looks to do well, just a little skeptical of how it will perform on PC. But the ball is in the devs' court

AAACE52887d ago

Did anyone not see this coming?

People complain about hacks and such, but in the end it will only bring more attention to a platform!

Lots of people bought a Psp because you could mod it and have a large library of games from past consoles as well as a few games from the Psp.

People bought lots of Ps1's and Ps2's because you could Mod them and play games burned games and games from other sources.

People bought Xbox and Xbox 360 because you could mod them and play burned games and games from other sources.

Lots of attention will go back to the PC now that hackers have a new toy to play with. Don't know for how long, but PC will get some attention from this.

Baka-akaB2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

I wouldnt care for it with games on pc . But i'd settle for a "fancy mouseless-mouse controller" , when plugging the pc on the plasma .

Basically an easier to reach home theater , without dealing with keyboard and mouse .

Problem is , plenty solution already do that cheaper .. with wiimotes , probably soon if not already move controllers , and obviously remotes of all sorts . All cheaper

Back to topic anyway ... how is that even news ?

The first times ms mentioned "natal" , they were straight about bringing it on pc later on . Especially pushing it thanks to video chat on their live services

2887d ago
Rush2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )


Don't let the limitations of your imagination define a device.

I see plenty of ways of removing rails on movement from Kinect, why I do agree it's not an easy answer to fine a well working solution to it doesn't mean it's beyond the scope of possibly.

When Kinect first launched it didn't think it would receive half the support it has from the mod community and frankly am impress regardless of it's performance in it's intended market gaming.

gamingdroid2887d ago

"Don't let the limitations of your imagination define a device."

That quote is so full of win I had to bubble you up and hit the agree button!

Biggest2887d ago

What about the imagination of the developers? Not everyone is an MIT student/professor. If the current and future Kinect titles are any indication (future titles with gameplay videos shown) the developers are having trouble with their imagination as well.

candystop2887d ago

Alpha, none of those games are proven yet in terms of game play but I think the developers are more than proven. No game is proven even almighty pS3 exclusives until the final product is released. It's going to be interesting to see how they work (Star Wars included) but as of now they have tons of potential.

R2D22887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

@Toaster - yeah because playing motion on your 22" monitor is much better than playing on your 42" LCD/Plasma -_-

2886d ago
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8thnightvolley2887d ago

pc kinect is inevitable coz its already going that way without support so MS cant ignore the potential sales in that direction.

buckethead_9112887d ago

Looking at the all the hacks which have surfaced over the past couple of weeks, Microsoft has no reason to not bring Kinect to the PC.

phatak2887d ago

So I dont need a 360 to play kinect anymore? awesome.... NOT, its not like I was gonna buy it anyway

WhiteNoise2886d ago

Kinect blows, it will flop on PC.

Bigpappy2886d ago

M$ said they were bringing Kinect to PC from the start. Bill Gates himself hinted at it.

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syrinx2887d ago

I am not sure how well it will do on a PC simply because you sit down at a PC which is the norm.

ct032887d ago

There will be different applications and games for PC. It will be less "full body" focussed.
Of course nothing stops them from porting over the 360 games, but I don't think there's much of a market for this on PC.

graciousd2887d ago

I would love to have Kinect for my PC. Let's hope that the system requirement is not too high as I got a three years-old pc.

Hope MS confirms this news!

Great news!

sickpup2887d ago

We already knew it was coming for the PC a long time ago. When MS said it was working on releasing the drivers as part of the next XNA development package that means PC development as well as Xbox will be open to Indie developers. No more hacked drivers. The uses of the Kinect won't become apparent unless they can increase the accuracy and prevent lag. The video of XBMC on the PC are nice but the application interface needs to be redesigned thinking of Kinect usage. Developers will have to consider that when designing.

Xfanboy2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

I ain't mad at that!!(maybe the mod community will come up with something for games)

all in all the Mouse is the origanal motion controller!!

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