Homefront Weapons List

Homefront drops on March 8, 2011 (hopefully no last minute delays) and I am already really excited! When it come to big team games I get really excited because I get the opportunity to kill wave after wave of noobs for free. Here are the weapons they have released so far please note that these images are not game renders and are more of a aid to help those who don't know much about weapons.

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trainsinrdr2864d ago

wooooooooooooow thats alot of weapons!

ThanatosDMC2864d ago

Seriously sad that this game is getting more buzz than MAG before it hit retail.

BattleAxe2863d ago

MAG is online only which is one reason, but I still can't understand people who think MAG is such a great FPS. I put a bit of time into it, and I personally found it to be boring.

Can't wait to see some reviews for Homefront.

ThanatosDMC2863d ago

Well, we did play MAG together for a bit but then you stopped playing and went back to BC2 or World at War if im not mistaken.

ASSASSYN 36o2863d ago

That was so weak. I could have guessed and knew these weapons were in the game.

SixZeroFour2863d ago

clearly that list isnt anywhere close to complete...i mean they didnt even add the rpg in the list when it shows and talks about it somewhat in the dev diary they put up after the list

SpitFireAce852863d ago

Lets hope for a beta sometime in January or sooner
i we can help the devs make it a great game.

DaCajun2863d ago

Please just say the truth you want a beta so you can play it before release.LOL

Typically I would say more than 50% of people who get beta invites these days don't give any feedback they just play it as a demo. I think the devs should track previous beta players and only keep giving invites to only the ones with actual constructive criticism and perma ban beta invites to ones that don't give any feedback or worthless feedback I've seen before like: "This game sucks it's horrible" I've seen crap like that so many times in beta forums for a lot of games in the past couple years.

SixZeroFour2863d ago

agreed...i would even go as far as saying some gamers (a real low minority of them) dont even know the difference between a beta and a demo

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