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More than five long years developer Polyphony Digital and mastermind Kazunori Yamauchi worked towards another highly acclaimed part of the "Real Driving Simulator"-Series, supposedly giving it the perfect finishing touch. Now the fifth part has finally arrived and attracts with its well-known strengths ...

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IRetrouk2861d ago

not really, presentation as a minus alone = fail

IRetrouk2861d ago

and by that i ment the review

BullCrap2860d ago

This review is one of the worst ive read ever. Did they even play the game? i dought it. GT5 is still king, nuff said.

RedRedSuitSDF2859d ago

Nope... Forza 3 is still the king. And anyone who says it isn't is in denial. Love all these Sony fanboys on this site that hold on to meta critic scores, and then ignore the meta scores for Forza 3 vs GT 5.

monkeyfox2859d ago

i take it you havnt played gt5 then? yawn...

RedRedSuitSDF2859d ago

Patch or pre patch? Played it before patch... thought it was pretty much just like all the reviews are saying. A good racer... not a great racer.. but a good solid one. It's ok that it's not the best.

So ya, I have Forza 3, didn't feel like buying another racer that's not as good overall for my PS3... so I took it back to ol blocbuster, and checked out another game.

GT 5, is like the reviews say. And that's a nice solid 84% of a game. Nothing to be butt hurt about. It's just not a great game. It's ok. I liked mod nation racer too... but that's just not a great game. Fun... good... just not great. It happens.

Boody-Bandit2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Really now?
Would you like to recant your statement above?
According to PSN account you never touched GT5.

And your gamertag doesn't even exist on XBL unless you have it spelled wrong under your profile.

RedRedSuitSDF2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

LMAO! I haven't updated my PS3 since they had the "jail break" update come out. Try again. ;) No need for me to right now. I'll probably have to update my PS3 when KZ 3 comes out, because that will be the only game coming out now/future, that I want to play online.

Again.. try again. :)

PS... since I rented... I did NOT to the install. Again.. no need to waste room on my HD.. I only have the 40 gigger.

So yes.. try again. But I think I won't be able to post on this again, because of those bubbles.. or whatever the heck they are.

ps.. i'm glad ya'll can see that I DO have a PS3 as well. :) Yep.. I'm a fan of all the games from all the consoles. Not like most PS3 guys who only have a PS3. Uhh... and ya.. Same name on Live. Why don't you hit me up with a friend invite?

UltimateIdiot9112859d ago

I think you're the one in denial. As far as I know, many Sony fans stop caring about the meta critic scores because of the constant bias. But hey, only talk about the fanboys who do hold on and make a blanket statement because that is what trolls do.

If you think Forza 3 is better, fine. Keep that opinion to yourself or speak it out on a Forza topic but this is about GT5, so GTFO.

ocnkng2857d ago

Renting this game from Blockbuster for 3 - 5 days is just not enough time to even scratch the surface of this game. Sorry I think you had made up your mind even before put the GT5 blu-ray in your drive. Assuming you have a drive that is.

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jriquelme_paraguay2860d ago

GT5 is for hardcore gamers... not for Noobs

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