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Check out the review scores from the latest issue of EDGE.

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The Meerkat2863d ago

They didn't like much this month.

Yi-Long2863d ago

... together with Super Meat Boy it's probably the best game that came out on XBLA this year!

Easily a 9/10 for me, with the only negative being that sometimes the camera is stuck behind something which can make it a bit awkward to see what your ilo (or milo) is doing...

Oh well, it's EDGE.

DORMIN2863d ago

So is there anybody out there that ever agrees with Edge's reviews?

Don't get me wrong Edge is a very enjoyable magazine, they have some of the most intelligent articles in the industry.

But their reviews are absurd. They wholeheartedly don't play a part in helping me decide whether or not a game is worth purchasing.

-Mezzo-2863d ago

GT5 = 7 WTFFFFFFFF. It's a 9.5 Games at least.

Yi-Long2863d ago

... now it's just an old game with a shitload of cars, and too few original new interesting fun tracks to race on.

For the car-enthusiasts, it's a 10/10 game, cause you can collect and drive so many cars and enjoy it.

However, for the rest of us who just want to experience a fun racing-game, GRID (example) offers more gameplay-fun and great tracks.

I really hope for GT6 we will just see more interesting original tracks, instead of a 1000 more cars. I don't care about that many cars. I care more about where I drive them.

thief2863d ago

Revamped tracks.
200 cars with modelling and detail way superior to any other racer out there (if you disagree, try comparing the cockpit views on GT5 and Forza 3 _
Nascar, Rally
New, better physics model
Damage models – a generation more advanced than Forza
Weather, improved lighting, 1080p, etc

Yeah, its virtually the same game as GT4

Yi-Long2863d ago

Did I!?

I said if this game would have come out in it's current state 3-4 years ago, it would have blown us away in every aspect.

However, in the meantime, we've had games like GRID, DIRT2, Forza 3 and many more, which looked and played as good or maybe even better than what GT5 is now offering.

GRID for example is just a whole lot more FUN to race. It looks absolutely amazing, all the races are tight and exciting, the sensation of speed is much better than it is in GT5, etc etc.

I'm not saying it's a better game. I'm saying certain aspects of that game were better than in GT5.

I think many gamers would have a lot more FUN when they would pick up DIRT 2 and GRID from the bargain bin, instead of buying GT5.

However, if you're into collecting a thousand cars and oozing about a billion polygons on those cars, you might prefer to pick up GT5.

thief2863d ago

So basically your gripe with GT5 is that it still plays as a simulation, and a much improved one over GT4, rather than playing like a “fun” arcade sim? You know, games like Grid or Forza where you can finish courses in times FASTER than what the best drivers can in real life?
Did it ever strike you that the problem is that you want to pretend that you are playing a simulation but you don’t have the patience or desire to play one, whereas millions of GT fans want the series to stick to its roots? That Polyphony have delivered what fans wanted, not reviewers or faux “racers” like you. And try playing Motorstorm or Burnout then, they are much more “fun” than Forza or Grid.

Christopher2863d ago

Comparing GT5 to GRiD, NFS, MotorStorm or similar arcade racers is like comparing Flower to PixelJunk Shooters. The goal in the games are completely different and really aren't comparable.

You say 'for the car enthusiasts, it's a 10/10 game' when that's what the game is all about. Why would it get ranked otherwise? The problem is that the reviewers aren't simulation gamers, they're arcade racing games who, much like their FPS and action/adventure games, want to be excited with crashes and other action moments rather than treating it as a simulator.

NewMonday2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Me and some friend just had GT5 online marathon session, we played rounds of Rally, the switched to cities, rotated the weather and the day and night settings, then switched to NASCAR, it was a big thrill; I don’t know if you can do this in another game.

We had full damage switched on, so driving was scary, one mistake and your done.

vsr2863d ago

At Yi-long

Motion-blur is not fun. It's an effect to hide the inferior objects. like other Racing games except GT5.

True fun is GT5

Yi-Long2863d ago

... I never compared GT5 to arcaderacers like NFS or Motorstorm.

It's fine that you want a simulationgame, which is why i said GT5 deserves a 10 for all car-enthusiasts.

However: what would you rather have. 1000+ cars, OR 50 different gorgeous exciting environments to race through!?

Personally, I don't really care if a game has 300+ cars, cause I'll never play with all of them if the tracks become too boring too soon.

I'd rather have more tracks.

Koolno2863d ago

No, it's a 9-10 game now, just check the more serious reviews, not the one put day one after launch.

dead nation 5 : edge sux really hard, and it's not the first time.


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thief2863d ago

So GT5 is as good a game as KZ2 according to Edge. Thats the only part of their scoring I can agree with.

jessupj2863d ago

I find it absolutely disgusting how GT5 has been treated by reviewers, absolutely disgusting.

Koolno2863d ago

Not all man, not all.

XRider2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

You guys should stop by metacritic sometime, unless your delicate egos prevent you from going.

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andron2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Why do these Edge stories come with a cover shot from 2007? Annoying...

And he Dead Nation score is ridiculous, I think it's a great game.

Edit: And I'm not going to mention a certain other score, we all knew it was coming.

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Optical_Matrix2863d ago

Considering the GT5 hate campaign that has been in effect since pre-launch, a 7 from Edge is to be expected. Tbh, I expected a 5 or 6.

Si-Fly2863d ago

Edge gave a 7 to GT5, it has a metacritic score of 84 so I don't think that's any harsher than they usually are. I'd personally rate GT5 8 at the moment, if they keep up the patches it'll end up being an 8.5/9 game.

In reality Polyphony wouldve been best off delaying the game until it was finished even if that had meant a Fall 2011 release date, wouldve saved a lot of moaning and groaning ...

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