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MGRogue20172860d ago

Nice, Off to download it now!

nix2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

i hope they let F1 cars to drive in Spec A... i worked the whole of yesterday to earn it.. only to find out that i can't take F1 cars to Spec A/B. could have at least given us a hint beforehand! 10 million is not that easy to earn!

@drekken: gee.. i swear. i mean if the game was broken before the updates, i would have been mad for the updates but man.. this is just to make the game better! whiners are gonna whine!

Shadow Flare2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

I think there's a specific F1 race in a-spec at around level 24 in the extreme series. I'm at level 21 so I can see it but can't enter it. Besides, it would be far too easy if you used the F1 car in other races dude

nix2860d ago

well.. i'm at level 25. when you have the F1 as your current car, you can't even choose Spec A or B. it just tells you it can be used for Same cars race option only. you can only do time trial option for it... which is pretty sad.

amiga-man2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

I know exactly what you mean, if only you had posted that a few days ago, i could have saved 12.5 million,hell of a race car though. my mate beat the time he did in a zonda by 10 seconds.
Any one know how i get the formula grand tourismo car, i need it for a race but cant get one?

SasanovaS19872860d ago


DavidBanner2860d ago

I did the same yesterday too 10 million down the drain

STONEY42859d ago

"Any one know how i get the formula grand tourismo car, i need it for a race but cant get one?"

Used car, gotta get lucky enough for it to show up in the dealer, and save about 5 mil or so if I remember. So save up that money, and grind that Daytona (or Indy 500 if unlocked, since you neeed EXP) for money.

STONEY42859d ago

*cough*American Championship - Indy Speedway*cough*, don't know why I thought of Daytona. But yeah, fully modded ZR1 RM will net you money like crazy there. Like the Wind's Indy is also a great place to grind.

But since you're already at the Formula GT event, I'm pretty sure you know all this already. Getting the money is easy. Getting the car itself... a pain. Especially since you need to be one level higher than the actual event requiring it in order to buy it (happened to me, sadly...).

Bathyj2859d ago

Keep in mind guys, I think the Formula Gran Turismo is a different car to the Ferrari F1. Like the X1 I'm pretty sure its a car without restrictions since it claims to be the most powerful Formula car conceivable.

Now, the real question, does is come in any colour besides that gay purple. I have one in the online dealership, but I might pass on it for a better colour.

Plus I only have $2M and are lvl 22.

aaron58292859d ago

I finally got the Formula GT car.. spent around 4.8mil for a used.. overhaul engine for 0.5mil and chassis maintanence for another 0.5mil.

then off to race... keep spinning out... lol

it's hard to get the right setup for that damn car.. oh well...

Level 26 and 2mil left because of that damn formula gt car... lol

SonyWarrior2859d ago

This update is amazing... I noticed better crash sounds and the visual damage appears much faster after crashes now.

aaron58292859d ago

Also, i noticed, the damages in GT Life are more sensitive...

i took my Civic for a spin... slight nudge on the barrier, the damages are visible... serious dents, scratches..

love this new update... now, i wish for the damage to be even more sensitive... a heavy impact on other cars, i wanna see my bumpers on the verge of going off.

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Drekken2860d ago

Wow... TSA, do you realize how obnoxious and whiny this sentence is?

We are now "annoyed" and mad at PD for updates to make their superb game better? It doesn't make sense to complain about updates that give new features or fix bugs.

They just gave us a way to backup our game saves to usb and you guys are complaining. At least PD is giving your website something to report on.

1112223332860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

If you clicked the link in the article you would realise that it refers to a previously written opinion piece.

Cue uneducated replies and disagrees in three, two, one...

AKS2860d ago

@ Pemberton_

A previously written opinion piece also from TSA. TSA were the ones whining in that older opinion piece.

Regardless, I love the rare car dealership in this update and look forward to more updates like this.

mfwahwah2860d ago

Quit being a baby. People will have different opinions than you.

Drekken2860d ago

mfwahwah, your pre-adolescent attack on whoever was about as well thought out as your name.

Me, being the mature guy as I am have totally accepted the fact that people have different opinions of me. You happen to fall into the category of the one other guy that disagreed with how big boys think.

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jriquelme_paraguay2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Happy with this updates... but is obvious.. PD was forced to release an unfinished game.

Is sad for the people who dont have Online

Redempteur2860d ago

Well a PS3 and no ONLINE is a heresy IMO ...

SnakeShady2860d ago

It may be true but at least they are tryin to fix it...unlike Gayarch and Activision.

ExcelKnight2860d ago

We can only hope that they release an easy offline way to patch games in the future. We can already download firmware to a memory stick/USB key, so why not patches? (this implies that you can go somewhere with Internet access for the download when you can't do it personally)

THAT would be a great feature for people who are missing out on some awesome updates for games.

RacingLightning012860d ago

Not uncomon nowdays though, at least the patches aren't killing consoles Like Call of Doodie, And are trying to make a more finished/ polished product.

gamingisnotacrime2860d ago

the game was not finished, but sony had enough and cant blame. get it out, patch it later. is better than wait 6 more months

jessupj2859d ago

Game works perfectly for me with twice the content of your average game. I don't see how it's an unfinished game in any way, shape or form.

BlackTar1872859d ago

Jessup i haven't had a problem yet either. So im not sure what they mean by unfinished. Im only a lvl 20 though so maybe i just haven't gotten far enough yet.

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Headquarters112860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Also you get more 1st place money for certain races? Historic cup race you earned 30,000 pre patch, now the First place prize is 42,000. IDK if they changed this for other races as well

Headquarters112860d ago

They also added a "start" option after you finish a race letting you redo the race. I don't remember this option being here before.

CernaML2860d ago

YESSS!!!!! I was so annoyed that I couldn't immediately restart the race once I completed it.

Such small additions that make the game so much better. :D

PS360PCROCKS2860d ago

really?? thank god! I hate finishing in 2nd only to have to go through money, credits screens, than exit, than re-pick the race and go through all the loading back to the race haha. Beyond annoying.

Dee_912860d ago

do they remove the hud now too
im updating when i get home

with these type of updates i hope in the future an update to add rims to standards will come
it doesent seem so far fetched now

Tru_Ray2860d ago

Dope! It was frustrating having to exit the race and then re-enter it again when grinding for credits.

I can't wait to check out this update. The patch was automatically downloaded this morning. Playstation Plus FTW!!!!

Pillage052859d ago


One of the only reasons I wish I was a plus member. This is almost must for those of us with slower broadband connections.

aaron58292859d ago

i'm not really happy with totally no hud... see i use both standard and premium cars... i have no problem without hud in premium cars as i use cockpit view... but standard cars.. i dont need anything else except for the speedometer..

PD ! I want everything off except the speedometer !!

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MarcusFenixITA2860d ago

Can someone please tell me if I should buy GT5. I bought a PS3 and I would like to test out a racing game cause I only got UC 1+2 right now. But I'm not that much into racing games. I probably won't play that good in the beginning but I've seen videos from GT5 and looks really great and fun.

SnakeShady2860d ago

it's great and fun but it's awesome with a Steering Wheel.

karl2860d ago

im going to be honest

if u are not a racing fan.. i would probably stay away from it..

yes its awesome.. you are gonna enjoy the graphics and the rain... and the cockpit... but once u've seen it all i just dont think its gonna be enjoyable if u wont dedicate enough hours to try and stay on track

its as beautiful as difficult ..

CernaML2860d ago

You see, that's the thing about Gran Turismo. Even if you're not a fan of racing games, the Gran Turismo games will keep you coming back. You become addicted and spend 100 hours on it without even realizing it.

Dee_912860d ago

gt5 will make u a fan of racing :)

lephunk2860d ago

Racing games are probably my least favorite genre... but Gran Turismo is the only Racing Franchise i put time into... it is beyond addicting...

DavidBanner2860d ago

Buy it is super fun if you like racing

redsquad2860d ago

@Karl 1.6.3: I sort of get what you're saying, but I have to add that even though I'm NOT a fan of 'sraight' racers, GT5 has me hooked completely. The desire to level up just 'one more time' is utterly addictive and the so-called "poor" user interface proved no problem for me - I'd bought my first car and was racing within minutes of installing.

And Fox, with all the assists on (no shame in that), driving is a doddle.

N311V2859d ago

I'm not a racing fan either but love GT5, I enjoy racing around in cars is see on the road every day. Also I have a steering wheel peripheral (Logitech Force Feedback GT) which are pretty affordable now, I don't think I'd enjoy the game as much without it.

Rageanitus2859d ago

if you dont like racing games dont touch it.... simple I have seen and heard too many ppl get disspointed because they thought it was going to be a typica racing game.... get nfs for the more casual crowd..... but if you have patience you will enjoy this game much more.

karl2859d ago


yeah u are right... but that wont extend the life for everyone

i say with assists and not being a simulation fan u can get around lvl 15 or 17 maybe without a problem

assist will help u not spin out the track.. and drive with lets say under 400hp cars...

but once u start getting the really awesome cars and u start tunning them and u might end up with an 800hp beast xDD

assist wont help u at all. even if u dont lose control of the car... u will end up against the wall in every corner..

but let me change my answer... since everyone i know loves to drive.. yeah.. like 90% of people.. i say now that he should get GT5.. as long as u are mature enough u will play it for a long time

that should be a good final answer

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trancefreak2859d ago

I bought the concept Ferrari sp1 what a pile. I love the enzo have it fully tuned but my viper acr owns it for 100,000 credits vs 1,000,000.

I need a race car now and not sure which to buy.

egidem2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Good for you! You know what? I'm ashamed of myself...I have been looking forward to this great game and I still don't know why I haven't picked up a copy yet. I think it's time to get some GT 5 racing onto my self.

DigitalAnalog2859d ago

You have to rely on sound where or when to change gears. But, I must admit it is a neat touch, although I'm extremely annoyed by the "classic" car races. Finding a vintage model may take luck and even if you did, it may not be powerful enough to win the gold even if you max spec the damn thing.

I also noticed the car roster updates itself significanly the more you upgrade your car. First I was racing with a Ferrari Enzo on the Supercar challenge and all of a sudden they put this Mclaren F1 car after I bought a new turbo and ungraded my engine.

-End of Line

Maddens Raiders2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

is already one of my most favorite games of all time. It's that good. The difficulty and times for golds have been taken back to GT1 GT2 days. The music is heavenly. This GT just feels right (like 3) and keeps on getting better. Love this wonderful game.

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Shazz2860d ago

hud off = WIN thanks pd

Digital-_-Smoke2860d ago

Confirmed so far:

- Online Collector's Dealership added to GT Life My Home
- Seasonal Events added to GT Life My Home
- Game Data can now be saved to USB and also copied to another account on same PS3 <- GTP tag dilemma SOLVED
- HUD can now be completely removed in a race (Display All/Hide instruments/Off)
- Mechanical Damage now available in Arcade Mode (Light/Heavy)
- Select User BGM for MENU (I believe this is new)]

Kazonuri redeemded !

nix2860d ago

great... i just want the darn whole folder to be played... menu or not menu.

mrv3212860d ago

The No HUD option will be great.

Mechanical Damage? So another way the IGN review was wrong.

IHateYouFanboys2859d ago

the IGN review was not wrong, as when they reviewed it it had NO mechanical damage whatsoever. for those who buy the game from the shops and dont update it online, they get no mechanical damage.

and theres still no mechanical damage in GT Life mode.

its a good patch, but instead of congratulating PD and jizzing myself like the rest of you, im still pissed that they released a game that has required over 1gb of patching to start fixing within a month of release. and it still has a long way to go.

its not good enough.

DigitalAnalog2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

They DO have mechanical damage before the update. It apparantly builds up the more you crash yourself in races. (It happened again when my driver went crazy with my car in B-spec mode) Besides, this option is for the Arcade mode and not for GT Life.

-End of Line

IHateYouFanboys2859d ago

@DigitalAnalog: "They DO have mechanical damage before the update. It apparantly builds up the more you crash yourself in races"

thats not what im talking about though, im talking about you smash your front drivers side into a wall and it screws up your steering because you wrecked the wheel etc. it does NOT have that. all it has is some lame 'chassis/engine damage' that basically just means once you drive the car, you can pay 50% of your cars value to fix it. i still havent noticed my cars behave any differently despite never paying for these 'repairs'.

i want the mechanical damage that is in online races put in to GT Life. this shouldve been there from the start.

DigitalAnalog2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Are you sure? I drive a GTO '97. I just had my chassis/engine maintained so my car was at 100%. After that one race where my driver smashed the car multiple times, I immediately tested it out at A-spec. It's not that noticeable at first but my car suddenly doesn't respond correctly. My steering went way out of balance and my car would easily shift side to side just by turning slightly. This is not the occasional "engine" maintenance where your car's performance is not as good. I'm literally talking CONTROL issues.

-End of Line

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Dee_912860d ago

i give gt5 a 9.5 now if they add rims for standards it will b a 9.9

skrug2860d ago

having custom rims for standard cars increase the score by .4 points? lol

jellybalboa2859d ago

the only thing that really bothers me is the damn jaggy shadows, they even mess up photo mode and in replays. and theyre always there in the starting of a race, can PD provide a patch for that please coz we really need 1.

Dee_912855d ago

@skrug lol
man i shouldnt get on here drunk smh

Ravage272860d ago

You can now earn XP and $$$ for online races!

The seasonal events are really awesome btw, everyone should check them out.

HOSe2859d ago

just spent way to much loot tuning in the 197 hp time trial

hennessey862859d ago

is the horrible shadows. one of my faviroute things in past gts was watching the replays but the horrid shadows totally ruin them in gt5

jellybalboa2859d ago

we definately need a patch for the jaggy shadows, theyre every where, when you start a race the first thing you notice is the damn shadows instead of your pimped up vehicle. when will we see a patch for this PD?

hennessey862859d ago

Im not trolling i love the game and anyone who wants to check out my stats on the game are welcome, my id is hennessey_86. The shadows are horrid.

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MGRogue20172860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )


- Mechanical damage in the single player practice mode;
- Renewal of the entire GT menu;
- Inclusion of seasonal events online;
- Ability to sell and trade cars with other users online;
- Ability to backup your saved game to an external hard drive/USB;
- Ability to remove the HUD!
- Select User BGM for MENU
- Other unknown changes

And remember, The game is like a living creature, It will evolve through updates/patches in the coming months. :)

acedoh2860d ago

At first I was thinking this update better be good considering how large it is. So far it's great. The race purses have been increased. In BSpec you have better options to race the same race again and change the racer even after you chose one. It's nice to see them making it better.