New Unreleased Batman: AA concept art Carlos D'anda gives a run-down on some unseen concept art.

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Yi-Long4167d ago

... but the extra costume was a bit of a let-down. I really would have preferred some of his other costumes instead of an armoured version.

VenomProject4167d ago

Like a classic 90's Batman costume...or maybe even a 70's styled Adam West outfit.

Also, Clayface is awesome.

Yi-Long4167d ago

... the kinda basic one from Batman Year One (black-grey with the simple black logo, also with the white eyes ofcourse.

I always hate it when the costumes you unlock aren't actually very interesting enough to wear. Ninja Gaiden Black kinda had the same problem.

mrmikew20184167d ago

Clayface and Two-face!!! Day one buy, I'm going to be so broke next year.