Tales of Xillia detailed in Famitsu — Scrawl

Scrawl: "This week’s issue of Famitsu has a good amount of new detail on Tales of Xillia, revealing a couple of surprising changes from the franchise’s traditional formula."


First Famitsu scan added.

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Razgriz2949d ago

I wonder if "attempt to create a more reality-driven experience" means higher chance for western localisation. You know, japanese usually go for realism when they try to appeal to the West.

Redempteur2949d ago

Everything right in my book

DarkBlood2949d ago

wtf another tales game, damn i love the gameplay n everything but BRING IT OVER HERE PUHHHWEASE

MetalFreakMike2949d ago

I got my hands on the Tales of Graces F demo on the Japanese PSN. I did not understand what they were saying but the battle system was awesome. It pisses me off that America is not going to be getting this game or Tales of Graces F also. Namco needs to get their head out of their ass and start working to bring these games over. As I said, no one wants a game that's pulled out of your ass but bring a game that people want and you will have your sales.

Redempteur2949d ago

Tales of Graces is one of the funniest tales of F ever than to "that" character ( pascal ) but the cast has some really funny moments.

Too bad you didn't understand it is awesome