Hydrophobia revamp announced

Manchester-based developer Dark Energy Digital wants gamers to give watery Xbox Live Arcade game Hydrophobia a second chance – and to help convince them it has announced the release of a title update it reckons completely changes the game.

The title update, due out tomorrow, 21st December, coincides with a price drop from 1200 MS Points to 800 MS Points. The Trial has also been extended. New and exclusive screens are below.

Pure, as it's called, introduces new button mapping and improved controls, combat, cover and camera systems.

You'll also notice clearer damage feedback and objectives.

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HolyOrangeCows2861d ago

Maybe they could try releasing a good game from the get-go next time, eh?

mrv3212861d ago

It's never too little too late with a new IP for the simple reason you have lost anything, a year ago no one knew the game, today no one remember the game.

I do suggest that they should have added a multiplayer mode, and look I honestly don't believe all games should have a multiplayer. Because most don't, but when doing a downloadable game it can be a big game changer when it comes to reviewers. I'd like to see how water could change the multiplayer situation. ALSO imagine a portal based multiplayer game with your character dual wielding the portal gun AND a AK-47 for example, imagine the speed of that game, I'd love it. it's be such a anti-camping game, if you could should a portal under a guy and then the other portal outside of the map boundries causing insta death or one portal under someone and the other on a wall, disorientating the guy.

KingZFlipper2861d ago

Nice to see that the development team listens to the community...

Balt 2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

I smell a PS3 port coming soon. They changed the name, they revamped some engine stuff and ironed out some bugs. Big enough to rebrand the IP and get away from exclusivity. And putting it on the PSN would allow for and extra 44 million users to have the chance to buy it. That's nearly 90 million possible sales.

Yes, this game will be on the PSN before the end of the year.

MGRogue20172861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

I am getting it. Anyone else doing the same? Only 800MS Points, Pretty good deal. Better than buying Limbo for 1200ms points..

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