Wii beats Xbox and PlayStation in Channel 4 greatest toy poll

ONM: The Wii is the best console in the world according to Channel 4's 100 Greatest Toys programme. Wii came in 4th, beating Xbox and PlayStation.

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bruddahmanmatt2911d ago

That's because the Wii is a TOY while the PS3 (and even the 360) are much more than that.

DORMIN2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

Perfect example here of what the common mindset of the "general public" liken video games to.

I guess David Cage (Quantic Dream) was right he was saying people consider the "Wii a toy" and he received so much hate from gamers. Exactly was he was talking about here.

Technology and high-end entertainment is not a toy, didn't you parents ever tell you that silly journalist.

Acquiescence2911d ago

@ Dormin

Haha, I forgot Cage said that. Caused a bit of a stir, but I guess he was right in a way. Public perception and all that.

PHOSADRA2911d ago

Nintendo was a toy company before they started making video games...

sinclaircrown2910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

Something you "play with" is a toy. Do you feel like you're referred to as a child if you use a "toy"?

Since you're being so defensive, I'd say grow up and play with whatever TOY you prefer.

Adults have toys too.

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AEtherbane2911d ago

None of them are toys. Only fanboyism would lead one to call any of the three gaming consoles a toy.
We get it a lot of you hate the wii, but that doesn't make it a toy, seriously, it's just a stupid thing to say.

Xander-RKoS2911d ago

Alternatively, all three are toys.

Veneficus2911d ago

Sense? In my N4G? This is madness!!

sinclaircrown2910d ago

Only fanboyism or immaturity would make someone be so defensive about their "chosen console" being referred to as a toy.

They "play" << see that "play"... "games" << again "GAMES"

You guys are so funny.

BrianC62342911d ago

Of course the Wii beats the PS3 and 360 as greatest toy. I sure wouldn't call the PS3 a toy.

THC CELL2911d ago

yawn i stopped watching c4 since darren brown thought he could pull them lotto numbers out off his ass

SonyNGP2911d ago

You weren't here when the title was called "Wii is better than Xbox and Playstation according to Channel 4 poll."

It wasn't the original title. Hence the "Flamebait title" comment.

Motorola2911d ago

No it isnt, says TOY poll. I dont care if wii is the best toy, when I know the best VIDEO GAMING machine is either 360 or PS3 compared to wii

pr0digyZA2911d ago

Yup it is the greatest toy, but not the greatest console.