Top 5 Capcom characters to never face off against Marvel

PSBeyond takes a look at some of Capcom's characters who'd make a good addition to Marvel vs Capcom

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Quagmire3769d ago

I would buy 10 copies of MvC3 if they included Pheonix Wright.

waltyftm3769d ago

OBJECTION,,, your honour that sentence clearly ummm,,,

Me too.

jc485733769d ago

objection! (overruled)

oricon3769d ago

I really find these character wish lists ignorant and dumb for example all the people who are now thinking mk9 is gonna be the best fighting game just because Kratos is in, mainly scrubby people complain about how their favorite characters not in the game and wont buy it because of it, i really dont like seeing these type of people talking about fighting games like they know whats good for it.

HungryGoku3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

Who are you to say who is wrong and right if people don't like Marvel vs Capcom 3 they don't know what is good for fighting games?

This is a fan service game if alot people are complaning the game company ain't doing a good job.

oricon3769d ago

no its really not if you read the interviews marvel mainly decides who goes in and who does not from the marvel side.

guzman3769d ago

Mortal Kombat is garbage.

RedPawn3769d ago

Wang Tang
Fou Lou
Bilstein for a 6th.

Raendom3769d ago

Interesting list. But I think that now Kratos is in MK9 he can't ever be in a game with SF characters. :P

Ratchet5103769d ago

puting kratos is MVC would be unfair because he is the strongest game character in history. DBZ, bleach and one peice dont count because they are to powerful for gaming.

Tony-Red-Grave3769d ago

so i guess the games for those animes are BS /s

aside from that add vergil and remove trish smh stupid to go with trish and not vergil

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