Disney hopes "Tron" videogames extend franchise

Walt Disney Co., which has explored previous Tron sequels in the video game space with titles like Tron 2.0: Killer App, has invested heavily in its latest convergence project. Disney Interactive Studios enlisted two developers to create a pair of video games that do more than just allow mainstream audiences and fanboys to jump on a light cycle or pilot a light jet.

Quagmire4545d ago

They cancelled Armada Of The Damned for this. Armada of the Damned, A Pirates RPG, over a movie-tie in game.

Disney is run by braindead monkeys in suits.

Godmars2904545d ago (Edited 4545d ago )

You say that as if just now realizing it.

Anyone who saw Gargoyles go from syndication to Saturday morning cartoon, with the firing of its creator along the way, knew this years ago.

I'm flummoxed that they didn't make revamped Disc of Tron and Lightcycle games for PSN/XBLA and iPhone.

Quagmire4545d ago

Oh I knew Disney was hopeless since the final Traditional Animation film of the Disney Renaissance, its just my hopes were high when they announced the Pirates Game, only to have them smashed at their ease of cancellation.

Kleptic4545d ago (Edited 4545d ago )

uh...good luck, Disney...