Uncharted Movie Director Suffers Awkward Actor Plea

Kotaku: At a recent screening for The Fighter, an Uncharted fan approaches David O. Russell to tell the filmmaker just why actor Nathan Fillion is perfect for the flick. This gamer's played all the Uncharted games — all two of them! Awkwardness ensues.

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FiLTHY ESKiMO2862d ago

Okay. It's official - Nathan Fillion is definitely not getting the part. :P

Dramscus2862d ago

In all honesty, if your not going to play the damn games don't direct the bloody movie. Or for that matter act as any of the characters in it. It should be a requirement for all game movies.

Just retarded.

I_find_it_funny2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

he's like "f you and your game, i'm getting payed beeea..." lol

Wenis2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

I've never even heard of Nathan Fillion until... well about as soon as I read this article

Hmm Disagrees... well apparently I had heard of Nathan Fillion before. thanks guys for telling me what I know, because apparently I don't know what I know.

ECM0NEY2862d ago


Watch FireFly or the movie Serenity. Amazing universe and characters. Its like a Scifi western in space.

Dramscus2862d ago

Yeeaaaaahhhhh Firefly!! haha
Awesome show too bad fox is full of dumb clowns and cancelled it.
Also LOL at the 1 disagree. Kudo's to that person that wants to see more terrible game movies.

Wenis2862d ago

Western in space... sounds interesting. Thats what I liked about han solo so much, is because he was sort of like a cowboy but in space lol. but are you talking about Firefly or Serenity? I haven't heard of either but Ill look it up on wikipedia.

Dramscus2862d ago

serenity is the movie that ties up the ending of the firefly tv show after they canceled it. Their was so much fan support and the director wanted to finish the project for them so he shopped around and got funding to do a movie and finish up everything.

ReservoirDog3162862d ago

Well, mostly all movie games suck bad. Like suck bad. Only decent one was easily Hitman barring that weird sword fighting scene.

Point I'm trying to make is at least this time it has a director that can direct. Look at The Fighter. It's gonna at least get a best picture nomination. Everyone brings up Max Payne but that director failed on even the fundamentals of directing a movie. This guy can make a good movie though. Just give it a chance.

Hopefully optimistic is the best way to live life. What's the point of being so disgusted with life constantly?

Spydiggity2862d ago

what an extremely pointless article

inveni02862d ago

I don't want Nathan Fillion playing the part, but I would take ANYBODY over Mark Wahlberg.

Christopher2862d ago

@Wenis: When were you unfrozen from your 10+ year time in a cryogenic lab? Not only haven't your hard of Nathan Fillion, you also haven't heard of Serenity/Firefly? Are you new to the Internet? Do you work away from technology/TVs/computers a lot?

deafwing2861d ago

can't they just get Nolan to do the part ..

he'd have to loose some weight though and beef up muscle wise

JBaby3432861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

I've never heard of Nathan Fillion. Never heard of Firefly or Serenity either. After googling a few pictures I don't think he looks much like Drake. As far as acting I can't judge.

Honestly though I think the guy that played the Human Torch would be a good choice. He looks A LOT like Drake, especially in Push, and can pull off the sense of humor Drake has. He's a little more built than Drake but that's not really a bad thing.

I would take just about anyone over Mark Wahlberg though. I really hope they cast someone else.

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thrasherv32862d ago

@Wenis: Just because we are disagreeing with you doesn't mean we think you're "wrong."

You said, "I've never even heard of Nathan Fillion"
so we disagree. Do you understand how this works now?

Wenis2862d ago

Uh.. no I don't.

But obviously I know why i'm getting disagrees, it just doesn't make sense when you really think about it. But thinking really has no place on N4G

Chimerhazzard2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Apparently thinking has no place inside your head either.

"I've never even heard of Nathan Fillion" <- people aren't obiously disagreeing with your statement, they are disagreeing with the idea that someone hasn't even heard about Nathan Fillion, who is a pretty good actor.

By saying that you never heard of him, you are implying that you he isn't good enought to even being known, and people disagree with that. See? Not that difficult to understand is it?

I think it makes perfect sense.

pr0digyZA2862d ago

Wow chimerhazzard if you got all that from one sentence i don't even want to say hello because you'll just try and automatically tell me my life story.

egidem2862d ago

Even if Nathan Fillion is not getting the part, I still don't understand why they really need a movie. The Uncharted Game series will trump this movie so bad. Interesting, they are both named Nathan!
----------------------------- ------------------------------- -------
"You cannot be bad at watching a movie. You cannot be bad at listening to music. But you can be bad at playing a video game...and the video game will punish you; and deny you access to the rest of the game." --Dara Ó Briain

thrasherv32862d ago

That quote is so wrong. You can be bad at watching a movie and listening to music. Hell, %50 of the public does both.

dead_eye2862d ago

but you can still get to the end of the movie/music no matter how bad you are. The quote is so right.

M4I0N32862d ago

haha, i think i watched him say that on The Apprentice Your Fired :p

thrasherv32862d ago

@dead_eye: What does getting to the end have to do with anything? You just said you CAN be bad at music/movies yet the quote says you can NOT but you agree with it...

I believe there is a word in the English language perfect for you.

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tplarkin72862d ago

Russell was very generous and kind.

Andronix2862d ago

Director's can't just take any actor, buff him out, and stick him in a video game adaptation and hope it will work.

Look what happen with the Prince of Persia movie. Jake Gyllenhal is lacking in charisma and masculinity and women certainly don't idolise him. Sure it was quite successful, but this was despite the actor, not because of him.

Casting is everything.

azurechaos2862d ago

I hope you're being sarcastic about the charisma, masculinity and women thing... cause ladies certainly do like that guy.

I thought the Prince of Persia movie was pretty good.

Christopher2862d ago

I was originally against the PoP movie, but having watched it a few times, it's definitely one of the better movies based on a game that I've seen. Easily in the top 5. Surprisingly, the most annoying part in the movie for me was Molina's character who was written way too corny, even if he was the comedic relief in the movie.

I enjoyed watching the PoP movie more than I did A-Team, The Losers, and even The Expendables. That's a big accomplishment for a game-based movie.

madpuppy2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

I sure as heck don't want to see Mark Whalburg as Nathan Drake, But! It could be MUCH, MUCH worse!

They could have just cast Will Smith as Drake and Robin Williams as Sully! Holy crap what a nightmare that would be!! The only way It could be worse is if they somehow shoehorned Ben Affleck in the film somewhere.

M4I0N32862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Forget Robin Williams cast Steven Seagal! ROFL

LordZ2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Chill out people, it could be worst... ohh wait


Christopher2862d ago

Can't Sony choose to take back the rights to the movie IP from this guy? Don't they have some sort of approval about it?

How embarrassed will Naughty Dog be if their loved character is ruined by a person who doesn't even care for the games?

Sheddi2862d ago

What a douchebag he sounded like!
This does not look good for the movie....

snipes1012862d ago

Nathan Fillion definitely would fit the role IMO he's got alot of the wit and "subtleties" mentioned here that would line up with the part. This director is lame.

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Quagmire2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )


That Director is an A-Grade douschebag. - "You want that actor coz he looks like him?"

No faggnuts. Because Nathan Fillion IS Nathan Drake IRL. I swear the bastard doesnt even know that Uncharted is a game franchise. Sony, why are you letting this DickHead ruin one of your best franchise?

Im sorry, Im not one to rage, but it is a universal agreement that Fillion should be the only person outside of Nolan North himself to play an on-screen adaptation of Drake. Obviously Dickhead O'Rustballs didnt get the memo, and probably hasnt even played the game himself.

That should be illegal, shouldnt it? For a director to make a film without referring to their source material? Imagine how ridiculous Titanic wouldve been if Cameron decided to substitute the Iceberg for Godzilla?!

barom2862d ago

It's not a universal agreement. I disagree and I don't think Nathan Fillion is fitting for Drake. Sure he's somewhat close but he's unable to carry out the small nuts of comments that Drake has in the game. Fillion has a stone face, which means his facial expression rarely changes while Drake is all about animated expressions. In truth, there's only one Drake and that's Nolan North.

Mr Tretton2862d ago

I agree about Nolan North. He's still just young enough, he just needs to hit the gym and color his hair a little and he'd look 10 years younger.

Plus he doesn't even have to put on a voice, Drake IS Nolan's voice.

Of course this isn't about art, it's about selling movie tickets. Fuck this Russell guy. I really hope this movie gets cancelled.

RememberThe3572862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Get nolan North out of your minds. No Hollywood studio would let that happen. At least Fillion would have a change to be embraced by the studio.

Fillion looks like Drake and acts like Drake, I really don't see anyone being a better fit.

jony_dols2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Yeah fuck this Russell guy, its not like he's directed anything good starring Mark Wahlberg.

Its not like he directed the highly acclaimed the Fighter or 3 Kings.

What does he know?

Maybe Sony should let Uncharted fans oppossed to Russell direct it. I'm sure they would do a way better job. /sarc

Lucreto2862d ago


Nathan Fillion would be perfect for the part. The Drake quotes are ones Nathan Fillion would say and in Firefly there were plenty.

Drake is based on Nathan Fillion. He looks like him, he sounds like him, (the way he speaks not the voice) they have the same name (and I don't think it is a coincidence)and a few of the games writers worked on Firefly.

ReservoirDog3162862d ago

Finally someone gets it! This is easily the first video game movie that the studios actually bought talent for and what does everyone do? Cry about the casting choice.

This guy makes mature modern day masterpieces. Literally. And he's comfortable with Mark Walhberg.

I agree that an Uncharted movie is almost useless because a. the games have very good stories and b. Uncharted without the interactivity is basically Indiana Jones but this guy can actually make a good movie out of this. Why not give it a chance?

CBaoth2862d ago

Uhh....WTF are you talking about? He stars in an ABC crime drama "Castle" where he plays an author trading comedic barbs with his female cop co-star Becket. Jesus Christ if that ain't on-the-job training, then what is it?

And did I see someone actually thought 3 Kings was a good movie?

ReservoirDog3162862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Just compare 3 Kings to any of your favorite movies on metacritic. Odds are it shows up winning out. Not saying reviews are everything but this director makes some awfully solid movies.

Sarcasm2862d ago

"It's not a universal agreement. I disagree and I don't think Nathan Fillion is fitting for Drake. Sure he's somewhat close but he's unable to carry out the small nuts of comments that Drake has in the game. Fillion has a stone face, which means his facial expression rarely changes while Drake is all about animated expressions. In truth, there's only one Drake and that's Nolan North. "

Would you rather have Mark Wahlberg? Seriously, that guy looks and acts the same in every movie and really doesn't have a lick of humor in him.

Not to say I have anything against Wahlberg, but he's not a fit for Drake.

barom2862d ago


Your video only confirms my observation. Fillion does not have the facial animation that Drake has, which in my opinion is a huge part of Drake's personality. He never says a smartass comment without a facial expression to complement it. Fillion's face is always serious and thus unfitting to play the part and quite frankly I think it also makes him (Fillion) less likeable due to that..

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ThanatosDMC2862d ago

Iceberg for Godzilla would be a funny ass movie though.

SMW2862d ago

Yeah this is beyond a joke. This fuckwit doesnt know shit about the game, shit about the characters.


If they change the character for the movie it's going to ruin the whole franchise IMO.

Nolan North and ND have worked so hard to make this series and the characters memorable and this wanker and Marky Mark are gonna relegate it into obscurity.

I'd love the staff at Naughty Dog to get behind Fillion and a GOOD director and basically boycott work on Uncharted 3 until Sony gets their shit straight.

Cos' you know what Sony wont do? Lay off the staff at Naughty Dog...

pr0digyZA2862d ago

Uh how would that help naughty dog, if they stop work on U3? and how would that stop the director from carrying on with production? And most of all how would that help us play the game? because I can tell you one thing and that is that im more interested in the game than the movie.

floetry1012862d ago

Obviously no one here saw The Fighter or any of David O. Russell's previous films, which are all excellent. Yes, David was being obnoxious about it, but so was the dude asking the questions. I mean, seriously? How can they possibly cast Nathan Fillion when Wahlberg is already signed on? Not to mention the film has ROBERT DE NIRO AND JOE PESCI ATTACHED TO IT. They haven't worked together since Goodfellas and Casino. Wahlberg has produced his best work with David O. Russell.

In all honesty, this could not be better set-up for a good game adaptation. If you want to complain about game adaptations, talk to Paul W.S. Anderson, the douche-bag that forever ruined Resident Evil. N4G is retardedly offended by this.

floetry1012862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Here is a list of David O. Russell's movies, for most of you uncultured tards:





For the record, he is yet to make a bad film.

Hell, keep this post fresh in your mind for when the Uncharted film is finally released, and it's actually awesome.

floetry1012862d ago

Disagree as much as you want, you make yourself look stupid by not replying.

RememberThe3572862d ago

How about you respond to the guy below who actually made a good point...

floetry1012862d ago

I did, and it's yet another case where words have been minced by websites that need hits.

visualb2862d ago

ehm...I love me some good cinema

David O Russell doesn't have any BAD films...but he doesn't have anything special.

actually the Fighter is his best film to date, and its the only film thats stuck out for him since three =P

+ not knowing of david o russell isn't being uncultured...he's not THAT great

he's no Ridley Scott, kubric or cassavetes =P

gamesmaster2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )


how can someone look stupid for disagreeing and having a differant opinion of this film setup.

basically you're saying 'if you dont think this film is going to be great you're stupid and an "uncultured tard".

i understand your point that the film has potential and i do see people overreacting but i think you've gone too far in pushing your point by making it personal. You sound like David O. Russell's biggest fan. (which is fine by the way).

jony_dols2862d ago

Kubric and Scott had their share of turkeys.

Anyone remember Kingdom of Heaven,Robin Hood or Eyes wide shut

madpuppy2862d ago

@floetry101, You're one of those people that have no problem eating excrement as long as it is shaped into a swan by someone you have heard is a great chef. You, sir are a follower and just because someone has a different opinion than you doesn't make them "uncultured". what the hell does that even mean?!?! The only way anybody can be "cultured" is if they agree with you??! Sophistication is defined by what YOU think!?!

There was no problem with the fact that you liked the Director and his movies to date and even that you feel that he is going to succeed in Making a Great Uncharted movie. BUT, you had to go and be an arrogant, elitist JERK!

Your opinions are just that, an opinion in a VAST sea of opinions and have no greater value than ANYONE else's here.

BigPenguin2861d ago

I don't think anyone is saying it wont be a good movie.

People are saying it will be a bad uncharted movie. Russell has already announced that he will be changing the background of Drake, turning him into the decendant line of artifact protectors. I don't know about you, but that sounds nothing like what Drake currently is, namely a rogue with delusions of grandeur(lol, I am descended from Francis Drake) who is in it for the money, but will always still do the right thing.

Changing the characters story in adaptation, ruins the reason we like the character in the first place. I am sure it will be a great movie, that just happens to star a guy named drake as well, and be named uncharted. It just wont be an uncharted movie.

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Orionsangel2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

I don't question his directing skills. He's a fine director. I question how he's using the popularity of a game franchise to launch this idea about a family of treasure hunters. He doesn't care in the least about being true to the source material. He just wants a big blockbuster hit and he's using big name actors and the success of a Video Game to get it. It's so insulting!

It's like if I announce I'm making a movie about this guy this guy that gets sucked into a whirlpool and it sends him to an underwater city. Where he fights these half human half shark mutants and it's called Bioshock.

Mr Tretton2862d ago

ugh, 'family of treasure hunters' makes my skin crawl. Why even use the Uncharted name then?

dredgewalker2862d ago

Maybe they should use "cousin of Lara Croft" since they've changed his background. I'm sick and tired of all these game-to-movie flops because the producers, directors and scriptwriters don't know anything about the game they are turning into a movie.

floetry1012862d ago

Again, the whole 'family of treasure hunters' quote has been misinterpreted. He never said Nathan would be linked to a family, but that he has a close relationship to the treasure hunting friends around him. Sully, Chloe, Flynn, Elena etc.

madpuppy2862d ago

@Mr Tretton, Hollywood does this ALL THE TIME!

They take a popular name and some small aspects of the original story and create something that has nothing to do with the source material, Look at "I, Robot" for an example of taking the name of a famous Issac Asimov story and inserting a different story underneath the name.

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NeloAnjelo2862d ago

As usual. Director has no fucking clue about the game.