Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Agito XIII Jump Posters

Andriasang: Get a closer look at the only Jump Festa representation for Fabula Nova Crystallis.

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stonecold32861d ago

i hope ffvs 13 stays on ps3 exclusive peace out ?

SonyNGP2861d ago

Enough with the peace out crap. It's starting to bug me.

vsr2861d ago

The True FF on PS3 GOTY 2012

Edito2861d ago

I was a big fan i used to think like that but at this point i don't care if versus is exclusive or not i think its going to suck cause nomura is GOD we know but Wada will mess that thing up for sure i don't care about SE anymore give me The Last Guardian and im good to go and ill stick with my FF X, 8 and 7 (the best FFs ever 4 me)

TroyAndAbed2861d ago

Versus XIII is going to be incredible!

Is anyone else excited that it's based on Hamlet?

Sitris2861d ago

Source? Would love it to be true, just haven't read anything about that, if so. Consider me 'excited'.

Rybnik2861d ago

Watch the trailers...the Shakespeare quotes are from Hamlet.
This doesn't necessarily mean the game is based on Hamlet, however.

Greek God2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

If its multi i never buy a thing from Squreenix again
you can say goodbye to my money!

But before that im still getting Dissidia Duodecim^^

Sitris2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Why is that? And please, don't spew some crap like 'look at FF13' cause the game was linear from the start of development and i loved it. Why will doing what SE did with FF13 make any effect on the PS3 version, we still had full HD cutscenes and smoother experience. BTW i don't own an Xbox 360, and will get FFv13 no matter what for my ps3.

Edit: Ok i see what your argument is, no point even trying, FF13 is an awesome game, N4G can rage all they want, all that matters to me is i found the game to be phenomenal.

RedDead2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Well sitris, I hated FFXIII. I'm not gonna blame the 360. There was a part taken out due to the 360, some sort of park and lightnings house, but so what? that would have saved the rest of the game. It's not the 360's fault it's the devs fault. People who say "but to fit the size limits of DVD" Shut up. The game to a very noticible hit in graphical quality. And it was still on 3 dvd's. The Ps3 version was only affected by losing that area.. It's fine if you like the game aswell. But it's the game I really dislike this gen. The only one I feel this way about.

Edit---And jesus, would it hurt them to update Noctis hair and clothing? that pic of him sitting on his um Crystal defender chair, has been there since the first trailer/

femshep2861d ago

no your right
FF13 an awesome game and was better on the ps3 putting it on the 360 was a smart move cause then they'd have more fans buying it and more sales in general.
i got it on the ps3 and im getting versus on the ps3 but i have a friend who has a 360 and can barely afford what he has with a wife and kid....he has always loved the FF series so he'd be able to get it being multi plat

if they do announce mutiplat game for versus it will be all the better more people to enjoy the game....just like mass effect 360 has the whole experience but more people can enjoy the series

redwolf2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )


you are right about expanding the audience and allowing more people from different format to play it,

but you can't use the Mass effect 2 on the ps3 as an example, since the PS3 version of Mass effect 2 is a superior version(using ME3 engine)where it has shown to be more improved version in all forms(DLCs, better graphics and all in one blu ray), whereas making the FFv13 a multi plat with 360 will only gimp the game from being the complete version as a PS3 exclusive

Sitris2861d ago

Thanks for a better reply RedDeadDestroyer and i agree with the majority, except it being disappointing :P

I 1000000000% agree with the chair comment, like common!

I just think people saying FFv13 will be bad if made multiplat is a stupid thing to say. The games performance on PS3 will be the best guaranteed. Of course i would prefer it to be exclusive, save dev time and make a better overall experience, but you gotta look at it from the business side of things, more sales = more money. More than likely it would sell more on 2 platforms.

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gon-freaks2861d ago

I'm not even the least bit excited about this game anymore at this rate.

Newtype2861d ago

They should learn not to piss off fans.

karl2861d ago

hell yeah

if SE actually gets better sales out of FF being ps3 exclusive

bye bye future 360 versions of any SE games..

thx god if that happens

RedPawn2861d ago

I liked XIII, but the game really wasn't finished. I understand them finally pushing it out the door, but I agree I need a lot more than airships, world maps, and cool characters to make me jump for joy.

It's still on my radar though, just calm.

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