Where The Hell Are The Xbox 360 Exclusives, Microsoft?

NextGN writes: We have reached the end of 2010 and what have Microsoft left their consumers to be excited about? Forza... really? What the heck is going on, Microsoft? We didn't even get an official Gears of War III announcement at this years VGAs? We all know it's coming so why not just go ahead an announce it - or is that game going multi-platform as well?"

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shutupandplay2954d ago

Everybody knows Microsoft keeps a tight lid on their game announcements. There are way more 360 exclusives to be announced for 2011, there will be many people eating crow.

Dramscus2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

They would have announced them before christmas to boost sales. It's the obvious thing to do in a business sense.

Sure there will probably be a couple but if they had some good ones up their sleeve they would have been parading them out at the vga's telling everybody that the xbox would blow the ps3 out of the water next year.

I think their banking on cod games and timed exclusive dlc for the win. Which as things go is like playing a two pair against the royal flush that sony has been showing off.

Edit: By the look of things in a speculative sense (which I'll probably be massively disagreed with upon) it kind of looks like their planning to pull a sega and drop into publishing.
Their games division has posted a steady string off losses each year, despite the xbox live cash cow and having more consoles sold than sony and better games sales generally. They just spend too much on timed exclusives and advertising. Their not announcing new games, new ip's or old, buying new studios (or heaven forbid starting them) or doing much of anything.
There have been many reports about their shareholders and investors being displeased with the games division. Even greenberge sold his stock. Microsofts putting a good face on the whole thing, and did just release the new peripheral but like everyone else says it seems like a last chance play. If they had been real confident in their gaming devision they would have released kinect for windows and xbox simultaneously. That however would obviously have stolen sales for it from xbox. If their trying to get enough sales on the system to save the division without making any long term plans their aren't many conclusions to reach other than a last push before the end.

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BattleAxe2954d ago

"Everybody knows Microsoft keeps a tight lid on their game announcements"

I laugh everytime someone says this. MS is never going to touch Sony when it comes to exclusives, and its looking like the only decent exclusives that MS is ever going to have are Halo, Forza, Gears of War and Fable. But the only problem is that Gears 3 is the last Gears game, and Bungie doesn't make Halo anymore, so it looks like you better get used to Kinectimals.

LORD-PHOENIX2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

@shutupand play are you forgetting 2009?

ms had a barren year and everyone said wait for e3,tgs etc and nothing was announced,seems 2011 is heading the same way but its not surprising considering the lack of first party studios,which means ms cannot have blockbuster games every year,

gears is ms's big hitter and due to a lack of other blockbusters that game got pushed back to a later date

its just common sense really, and as a 360 owner im saddened that kinect has become ms's staple right now,to cover up from the lack of first party games and studios.

my main fear is gears 3 is the last of microsofts epic trilogy deal, if epic then decide to do a bioware,insomniac etc and gain more revenue which would make sense as third party exclusives are drawing to an end,what will be microsofts pulling power? halo,fable and forza,compared to nintendos and sonys exclusive that just isnt enough.

entering a console race is a marathon not a sprint,if ms were smart they would buy sucker punch and quantic dreams before sony (dont boo me sony fanboys) im just talking from a business perspective, and visa versa if sony truly want to monopolize first party content they would acquire sucker punch and quantic dreams also

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rockleex2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

I honestly don't think MS will keep supporting the hardcore market.

They'll spend all their money and the casual crowd and let multiplatform developers take care of the hardcore crowd.

I think their next console will follow the same strategy.

Whats sad is that their hardcore userbase, which are being abandoned, are fine with all this and still defend them as if they're actually offering more than Sony.

Shadow Flare2954d ago

Just as a reminder, 'exclusive content' was the reason Aaron Greenberg gave for raising xbox live to $60. Yet ps3 with so many more exclusives keeps psn free. Go figure.

Persistantthug2954d ago

That's the only thing Microsoft can do at this point to take the wind out of Sony's sails.

Of course, I'm sure it won't be ready until holiday least I hope, or we'll be potentially looking at a new round of RRODs.

But yeah...based on the non actions of Microsoft (besides Kinect of course), Don't be surprised to hear about XBOX 3 sometime in 2011.

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Pollak2954d ago

While I agree that PS3 is currently the console to buy if you don't own a current gen system, the idea that just because there aren't may exclusives there are no games is just ridiculous.

On top of that I would go as far and say that a majority of the 360/PS3 user base is completely oblivious to what the 2011 release schedule for games is. I really don't understand these doom and gloom articles/comments.

HolyOrangeCows2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

"Everybody knows Microsoft keeps a tight lid on their game announcements"

Yeah, look at all of the exclusives from this year that were announced under a year before they released.
Halo, that was announced E3 2009
Mass Effect 2....yep! A "mere" 10 months before
Fable, that was Aug '09
Alan Wake........just kidding
SC:, not even close
Crackdown, that was June '09

Like um........uh........
Oh that's right. Most of them weren't.

But don't worry, for there will be plenty of casual Kinect reveals.

EVILDEAD3602954d ago

It's THAT time of the year again..

The Fan bloggers and fan kids are about to waste their breathe in about 35 more articles in 2011 pretending that the 360 is doomed because it hasnt announced it's exclusives list..

NextGN might as well write for the Open Zone if it wants to convince anybody other than the usual suspects that an RPG Fable 3 selling 2 million+ in less than 2 months is a 'huge flop'

The 100% truth is no matter how many lists are supposedly proving the END of the 360, it keeps thriving.

On paper there is no other year that comes close to have being more anticipated on the PS3 that a year with God of War 3 and Gran turismo 5..and still the 360 is doing just fine

In fact, with all of the exclusives lists that claiming superiority of Micrsoft's the end of 2011 there is a good chance that the top 5 games on the PS3 will be Multiplats (currently holding on to 4 out of 5)

At the end of the day it's simply the same ol' boring internet ducktales..

I loved how after E3 the internet pretended Micrsoft was over..

Fast forward..

Slim launch..success
Halo reach..#1 exclusive of 2010
Kinect launch..success

The funny part about Kinect is the haters first said there were NO hardcore games and now that the hardcore games are the ones that have purposely been announced.the silly claim is that Kinect is the ONLY priority for Microsft.


Ps3 has an outstanding line-up..I'd stand in a line for a copy of SOTC..but nothing on the list is going to effect Microsoft at all

The honeymoon for Kinect, Reach, and COD: Black Ops doesn't end on January 1st 2011..the sales will keep coming into the first quarter and beyond

What's the point of releasing your big dogs in the first or second quarter of 2011, when there is a ridiculous amout of quality games dropping between now and then?

Ask the developers of Alan Wake what it was like to spend all that time on the game only to be released the same day as the Red Dead monster of 2010.

Pushing Gears 3 into the fall was a brilliant move..the first two thrived in that slot..why not the 3rd?

In the end, just like every get a bunch of lists...people don't support the games and then..silence


AngryTypingGuy2953d ago

The answer for Microsoft is simple: acquire several first-party studios just like Sony did. It's won't let a bunch of MS exclusives pop up over night since games take time, but it would definitely be a worth investment that will pay off in the future.

ShinMaster2952d ago


And maybe Gears...

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Strange_Evil2954d ago

If MS had a sh!t load of exclusive coming in late 2011, then why the hell did they pull Gears 3 to late 2011? Gears 3 delayed to late 2011 indicates that MS felt there was a void in exclusives late next year and thus they pushed back Gears 3 to late next year to boost the sales and patched up Forza:Kinect to look more beefier.

The first 6 months is a virtual drought and if anything were to be released, it should have been announced by now. And MS doesn't have the Sony policy on releasing exclusive per month... They like to have 2-3 games in the limelight and hence I doubt MS has anything left for late next years as well.. Maybe a Halo HD remake who knows to milk som e more money.

2011 will be a replica of 2009 for MS.

RageAgainstTheMShine2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Agree on Gears pull out,

Maybe more Kinect exclusive games for 360 next year is a sure bet, yay!

hennessey862954d ago

code name kingdoms will come out early to mid next year.

DigitalRaptor2954d ago

maybe we will find out that Kingdoms is not exclusive after all, and that it is coming to PC at the same time as the 360 version, and to PS3 a year later.

It honestly would not surprise me.

The only way I can see that game staying exclusive, is if it is published by Microsoft Game Studios.

egidem2954d ago

@shutupandplay Assuming you are a Kinect fan then you'll enjoy dancing around the room while you force yourself to believe that Microsoft's Dance Central is a game for hardcore fans...Sony is bringing in lots of exclusives in much frankly that I have no money left to buy all. What will you be left to play after GeoW 3???

kindi_boy2954d ago

They are busy with kinect

Spider0502954d ago

Do you know why Microsoft dont waste money on exclusives?
Because US people keep buying Xbox 360 and outselling PS3 in US.
So long if people buy Xbox 360s, so long Microsoft dosent make exclusives.

Masterchef20072954d ago

Because all Microsoft needs to do is rely on just the USA and forget about the other Markets. But we all know that you have to do well in all markets and that is what Nintendo and Sony have been doing

egidem2954d ago

Do you know why Microsoft dont waste money on exclusives? It's because they are betting everything on Kinect and its success. They think that it is "The One". People have said it before and I'll say it again: Hardcore Gamers (the ones who made Microsoft's gaming business what it is today) WILL and have found Kinect a casual thing.
Microsoft is going after the casual market (a no brainer) and in the process leaving the core gamers confused. How do they think that such a casual device with such kiddish games is going to appeal or attract them core gamers? Just because Kinect is selling well doesn't mean that it is being well supported by the hardcore fans.

I own both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and I enjoy whatever goods each one has to offer but personally, I do think that exclusives count. They give you that reason to own that certain console over the other. Looking at the PS3 line up for next year, it looks like the PS3 is future proof for 2011...What is Microsoft offering on the table? More Kinect games? More Dance Central? That doesn't sound like it's fore core gamers to me. Somewhere in 2011 one xbox fanboi will look at Sony's green grass and ask themselves: "Microsoft, where are those huge surprise games you've been covering up?" And I can tell you they won't take Kinect for an answer.

egidem2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Look up Red Ring of Death and ask how many of your friends bought New Xboxes and they will almost tell you it's because their old ones died. The point: just because more has been sold doesn't mean it has a SUPER huge base.

Sarcasm2954d ago

"Everybody knows Microsoft keeps a tight lid on their game announcements"

Just like 2010 right?

"Just wait til E3"

We waited... we got Kinect and skittles...

It's okay, E3 2011 we'll finally see the next Xbox, maybe that's what they're keeping a tight lid on.

k-Lan2954d ago

Sarcasm is my pick for the "Douche of the day" comment. There are MANY to pick from but this dude sounds mad. lol!

Just forget about the Xbox 360 and go and enjoy your PS3. What's the problem? You have secret crush on the Xbox brand or something?

Here's a question. What exclusives are coming out on the PS3? What? I DON'T GIVE A FUCK! And neither should you for the 360.

One last thing, all this Kinect bashing is going to come back at all of you in the future. I hope i'm around to witness the crying.

FACTUAL evidence2954d ago

@ K-Lan

LOL. You said sarcasm sounds mad? LMAO...K-Lan, I'm not bashing you as a kinect fan, but if you honestly think kinect has legs to hold up the 360 alone you must be smokin'. Kinect is basically The 360's eye toy, it will always be there, but it will be nothing major...BTW, have fun with your shovel ware next year.

strickers2954d ago

I own both consoles and I'll comment on whatever I feel like.MS has a shit year 2011 and this myth of MS announcing late is just that.
Point me to the short announce to launch games and Ill point you to a Huxley,Gears3 or Fable3.Ages in advance or vapourware.

k-Lan2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

You sound mad as well! lol! You guys throwing some kind of Xbox bashing party (geeky sausage fest) for new years?

I couldn't give a shit about Kinect. Just because i laugh at you people because you bash a product you don't care about doesn't make me a Kinect lover.

"if you honestly think kinect has legs to hold up the 360 alone you must be smokin"

Please show me where i said that? Learn how to read.

"Kinect is basically The 360's eye toy, it will always be there, but it will be nothing major"

Is that some of your FACTUAL evidence? I'm totally convinced buddy. lmao!

@ Strickers

Are you english? Did somebody prevent you from sharing your opinion? lmao @ u.

insomnium22954d ago

K-lan is trying waaaaay too hard....

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Kon_Artist 2954d ago

i guess thats the thing that happend with 2010

Aloren2954d ago

Really ? I played a lot of great games I couldn't have played on any other consoles this year, like Splinter Cell, Mass Effect 2 , Alan Wake, reach, Fable 3, Divinity 2, Tropico 3, supreme Commander 2... Yeah, some are on pc... but they're not on any other console.

dragon822954d ago

The article is about exclusives not great games on Xbox. Splinter Cell, Alan Wake, Halo Reach and Fable 3 are exclusives. The onthers not so much.

dragon822954d ago

The article is about exclusives not great games on Xbox. Splinter Cell, Alan Wake, Halo Reach and Fable 3 are exclusives. The others not so much.

Aloren2954d ago

How are tropico 3, supreme commander 2, or divinity 2 less exclusive than Splinter Cell ?

Mmmkay2949d ago

I guess you think gta4 was exclusive as well... or fallout! ???

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Heavy_Rain2954d ago

Is it because you have no titles to play you are not following your policy of 'Shutupandplay' Comeone man Kinectimals is surely good enough LMAO!

rrw2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

They still have dry first half where Killzone and LBP2 will make a boost on PS3 sales. by E3 probably PS3 already out sold xbox.

even if they announced something new like Halo 4, uncharted 3 and other PS3 exclusives like twisted metal already waiting there which simply Give xbox stiff competition to steal Xmas

Father Murder X2954d ago

Killzone 3 and LBP2 won't be boasting any sales for the ps3. Damn you guys are ignorant.

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showtimefolks2954d ago

over this again look we all know gears 3 and forza 4 are for fall 2011. i believe ms will have few small games but nothing major till 2012 ms had a big year in 2010 so one off year can't hurt

2010 was a off year for me as aq ps3 owner after Q1 because there was nothing else but as we can see one slow year means one huge year

hopefully MS will announce something at gdc/e3



you mean a big year for kinect...

and exclusive dlc.

hennessey862954d ago

I dont care about the exclusive black ops dlc because i got of that lagfest but i did buy kinect so the more good games that come out next year for that the better. Also i see code name kingdoms releasing next year and whos to say microsoft havnt got a few suprises up there sleaves but untill then ill happily play killzone 3. Oh the joys of owning both. wa hooooooooo

Bathyj2954d ago

Are you kidding?

Fable 2 was barely out before they started talking about Fable 3.

As soon as people began talking about GT they started talking up Forza. Why do they even need another Forza at this point.

M$ are always yelling the loudest when they have the least to show.

Like Dramscus said, I'm sure they will have a couple unannounced titles, but good games take years to make and all M$ has been doing is disbanding studios, not cultivating secret AAA software.

Unless you really, really like Gears, or are hanging out for Joyride 2 and Kinectamals 2 then Xbox is not the gamers choice in 2011.

RevXM2954d ago

Well said.

It is very few 360 CORE games next year.
Ill get Gears 3 for sure.
Also Forza and Kingdoms if they doesnt get pushed out to 2012.

Ps3... well you know the fucking list and Im gonna get them all... almost all... if my wallet can keep up.

And then there is multi plats. ME2+?3, Rage, Crysis 2, Brink, Dead space 2, Shift 2...

strickers2954d ago

Why would you commit to buying a game you've never seen,that is not even from a game series you love?
That is fanboyism alive and well.
You know nothing about Kingdoms apart from it be likely to be very pretty.

MrBeatdown2954d ago

Gears 3
Fable 3
Crackdown 2
Halo Reach

Those are all games announced over a year before they released, and that's taking into account Gears' original April release date. Add Kingdoms to that list since that sure as hell isn't releasing before E3 2011. Which games have they ever kept "a tight lid on"?

And even if you are right, who's developing these games? And if these games are so great, why does Microsoft feel the need to delay Gears 3 to the fall?

Sorry, but that whole "Microsoft doesn't announce their games early" excuse is just that, an excuse.

guigsy2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Gears 2 was announced 8 months before release, Forza 3 4 months... 4 MONTHS BEFORE RELEASE.

Boody-Bandit2954d ago

Yeah guigsy and we were all SHOCKED when they were announced! /s

MrBeatdown2953d ago


Congrats on naming two whole games, one of which was announced three years ago. You went back that far and you've only come up with half of what I came up with in this year alone.

I guess that makes "keeping a tight lid on it" the exception, not the rule huh?


you know I use to think that.. but after the last 2 years, I am not so sure.

Lets be honest, we have really had F"£^%k all from MS and I don't think we are ever going to see this grow by much more then 2 or 3 a year max.

Kinect is the focus now and if they want to give us a reason to play on the 360, they will just buy some exclusive DLC rights.....for 6 months...

it's all good though, slowly but surely my ps3 collection is going to start growing. My xbox collection has only grown by a few multi-plat titles.

as for kinect, not for me.

Boody-Bandit2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Doesn't this feel like deja vu? MS bailed on the original XBox like it had a fatal disease and it appears they are doing nearly the same thing but this time in favor of a casual device for little kids and soccer moms instead of new hardware (XBox 360). It's almost like MS is saying FU to the hardcore crowd and "jump in" to the casuals.

The only game I am looking forward to for my 360 in 2011 is Forza 4 and with the implementation of Kinect I am not on the edge of my seat with anticipation.

Since E3 2010 I had a feeling this is how things were going to pan out. I hate it when I'm right. MS, Nintendo bit me in the ass one too many times and now you are right there with them. If you don't put those teeth away I am going to leave and not come back and I am sure I'm not the only one that feels this way.

@Dark Witness
You are like a ghost around these parts any more. <- The redneck in me talking.

NeloAnjelo2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

"There will be many people eating crow"... Thats only you.

See what people don't realise is that MS has already sold all the consoles it can to the "Hardcore" The next market now to take is the casual, hence the Kinect Strategy.

Which hardcore, sensible gamer would play $150, plus $60 for live, plus extra for netflix? It makes no sense. The casual however will eat up Kinect, and games like Dance Central and other "Get fit" titles will dominate... just like Wii sports and Wii fit. Games like Gears are there to keep the hardcore at bay.

rob60212954d ago

the problem with catering to 2 different markets is they'll get very little crossover sales, meaning the software they sell (where they make most of their money) won't be any better, despite the increased user base. They'll brag about consoles sold numbers, while their attach rate to popular games will decline. Number of consoles sold doesn't get developers to side with a console, how much money they make developing for that console does. Focusing on Kinect will fail to expand their hardcore market - the people that buy all the games.

ico922954d ago

Microsoft would rather spend their money on timed exclusivity and watered down pc ports, because they realised they can make just as much revenue on that, as they can on actual exclusives, quite sad really.
and people saying that microsoft will announce games later in 2011, guess what Sony and Nintendo can do the same thing, LBP was announced 5 months before its supposed release date.

FOXDIE2954d ago ShowReplies(1)
zag2954d ago

MS got rid of all it's game studios in favour of multiplats from 3rd parties. that's the way MS does business get used to it.

dredgewalker2954d ago

Let's be logical here, everyone knows Sony has more first party devs than both MS and Nintendo devs combined. I would dare anyone to disagree with that fact. I do hope that MS has something up its sleeve to make 2011 competitive and enjoyable for all gamers.

Moentjers2954d ago Show
gaden_malak2954d ago

"Everybody knows Microsoft keeps a tight lid on their game announcements"

There is absolutely no proof of this at all.

Halo 3, ODST, Reach, Gears of War 3 (maybe 2), Splinter Cell: Conviction, Mass Effect 2(when it was exclusive), Alan Wake were all announced long before they were released.

ReservoirDog3162954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

You know, I kinda don't buy into that line that they keep their games under wraps till E3.

I mean, this last year, people were asking what games were gonna be released this year and everyone said wait for E3. Well what'd they announce? Fable 3 was already annoucned. Crackdown 2 was already announced. Gears 3 was already announced. Kinect was already announced (though it was project natal). There was no other games.

I went a whole year without buying a 360 game. And the year before that I only bought the GTA DLC on a disc that later went to the PS3, where I bought GTA IV.

And I waited for E3. Nothing came except a huge devotion to Kinect, which I don't care for at all. Especially when its killer app is a dancing game that I would never touch.

I still love my 360 but what could they possibly announce? They have no studios making games. 3rd parties rarely go exclusive nowadays. I don't know.

edit: Though to be fair, every E3 before 2010's showed MS kept their big surprises a secret and wowed us all in one big shot. So, cautiously optimistic though with a definite worry about 2011.

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kudakadere2954d ago

mybe MS want to win e3 2011

Belasco2954d ago

Wow, the amount of disagrees is pretty telling. I think thats a record.

NewShadow1012954d ago

microsoft said there are many exclusives to be announced for 2011. they said they will announce something in February. but i am still disappointed in microsoft, after the VGA's i wanted to toss my XBOX out the window. for right now i admit that i am going to stick with my PS3, if microsoft doesnt show me anything, im going to sell my xbox. otherwise its going to sit and collect dust until gears comes out in september. im a hardcore gears fan, but im not going to keep a game system for one game.

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KillerCucumber2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Very true. 2011 is not looking good for fellow Xbox 360 games. Most exclusive announcements have been Kinect titles, and pullig Gears of War 3 announce from the VGAs moments before the reveal is really sketchy. Anyone remember when Toshiba were going to announce that they bagged Warner Brothers studio for HD-DVD? It turned out that Sony's BD got it which meant that Toshiba had to raise the white flag and retreat. Is this happening to Xbox 360?

The kinect could very well be Microsoft's last chance in the gaming industry.



They have one more chance early 2011 at CES. A lot of my friends are in the gaming industry and this is a huge topic. There is something strange going on - not many journalists are talking about it, though. The whole lack of in-house studio theories could be spot on. I think the flag has been raised.

Masterchef20072954d ago

This is actually kind of worrying. But in the end Microsoft and Sonys consoles always offered a similar experience the only one who goes out of the norm is Nintendo. In my opinion i prefer 2 consoles on the market one that offers a hardcore experience and another that offers something different. So to have (according to your post) just Sony and Nintendo competing with each other would be a great thing. There would still be competetion which is great for gamers and both would produce many incredible first party games and on top of that both consoles would offer a different game experience.

kaveti66162954d ago

I feel sorry for all the wonderful third party developers who are scratching their heads, wondering why their critically acclaimed games don't sell. It's because bumbling yokel fanboys think that only exclusives are great. I don't need a single exclusive to come out for 360 from this point on.

There is a large backlog of multiplatform titles that I haven't had the chance to play.

And there are a great many games on my PS3 which I need to play.

People keep asking for more more more, but they forget about all the games they missed.

deadreckoning6662954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Well said..I've had more fun with multiplatform games than exclusive games this generation. Same thing with last gen too.

Its funny most of the people complaining about the lack of 360 exclusives are:

1. People who don't have 360s
2. People are so dense to believe that just because Microsoft hasn't announced anything THIS year(besides Gears), then NOTHING is coming NEXT year.
3. Fanboys who only care about exclusive games when Battlefield 3, Arkham City, the next COD and a shiton of other multiplatform games are coming out next year.

@Kitchen_Sink- According to the majority of people on this site, the PS3 has had better "product" than the 360 since why is it that the sales gap is no longer closing like it used to? Why hasn't the PS3 reached the 360s lifetime sales yet?

@Dramscus- I suggest you edit your comment...because you said MANY things that are just plain erroneous.

1. Who here is bashing exclusives? Who here is saying that multiplatform games are better than exclusives? All I said is that I've personally enjoyed multiplatform games than exclusive games this generation. Thats MY opinion and its perfectly fine if someone thinks differently.

2. You say that multiplatform games are always more buggy than exclusives. Give me an example.

"Also the people that bash exclusives, or say multiplats are better don't usually have ps3's."

Wrong. Your assuming that everybody thinks like you and EVERY PS3 owner has a hard on for exclusive games. If that were the case, the most played online game on PSN would be a PS3 exclusive. But its NOT...the most played game on PSN is part of a multiplatform franchise called "Call of Duty"...maybe uve heard of it.

Dramscus2954d ago

My problem with multi platform games is that their always and I mean always more buggy than exclusives.

Consequently I buy them after they've been out for a number of months. It feels like a waste of money to me buying a broken game and letting them fix it on my dime. I'll get it six months later, at a discount.

Also the people that bash exclusives, or say multiplats are better don't usually have ps3's. See I can be a fanboy and make wide generalities too.

kaveti66162954d ago


Glitches are inevitable.

Yes, it makes sense that multiplatform titles will have more glitches because there's a lot more work being done to make sure that all versions are released on time.

However, glitches don't bother me that much. And considering that many games get patched, it's not a problem.

Dramscus2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Can't change it sorry though I understand where your coming from.

Ok's I'll make a list.
For the sake of keeping it short I'll only go off the top of my head and in the last year.

Red dead redemption, black ops, spider man shattered dimensions, bayonetta, enslaved, medal of honour, fallout new vegas... should I keep going?

Seriously how can anyone say multiplats don't end up boing more buggy. The only general exception is sports games but it's hard not to see why in their case.

Also on your last point I don't actually feel that way I was just making a broad generality since

Its funny most of the people complaining about the lack of 360 exclusives are:

1. People who don't have 360s
2. People are so dense to believe that just because Microsoft hasn't announced anything THIS year(besides Gears), then NOTHING is coming NEXT year.
3. Fanboys who only care about exclusive games when Battlefield 3, Arkham City, the next COD and a shiton of other multiplatform games are coming out next year.

are all bread generalities.

Edit A Kaveti6616. I didn't say it bothered a lot just enough to not buy the games day one. I used to but after getting part way through a couple games and running into a game breaking glitch and having to restart I just don't any longer. I'd rather play safe.

Sarcasm2954d ago

Honestly, we need more PC games that are built from the ground up and not ported from the console versions.

Heavy_Rain2954d ago

First of all ps3 has outsold the 360 ever since it has been released. Lets take the LTD sales of the 360 since the ps3 was launched. 2) I personally dont care if 360 has no exclusives. Its just one reason less to buy a 360 in the first place.
3) Can I twist the same statement here stating only fanboys think exclusives dont matter and only multiplats matter. Please stop with your patronizing BS. The fact is games wise there is not much on the x360 side when compared to the ps3. Whether you are happy with the multiplats and hate all the ps3 games coming out is another thing all together. Please understand what the topic is about before speaking.

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How can the PS3 reach the 360's life time sales when it was launced a year later?

I own a 360 and I WANT exclusives! Why else would I have all three consoles? what justifies me keeping them? Its the games I want. You sound like a typical one console 360 gamer. All they talk about is COD, and how they dont need exclusives. I dont NEED exclusives. However, I appreciate the fact that one console has something that another doesnt have.

I find it hard to believe that so many people call themselves "hardcore" and havent played both Gears and Uncharted. Or God of War. Instead COD seems to be all they have and will only every have. I guess you prefer timed exclusive maps.