Crysis 2 PC Screenshots Extreme Resolutions

Here you can see some resolutions of 3,809px × 2,021px of Crysis 2 running in a PC, no more has to be said, you only need to watch this extreme images, it makes you think if you computer will handle Crysis 2 when it comes out.

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BeOneWithTheGun2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

No offense, but that comment in every Crysis article is getting as old as EPIC FAIL. Bubble to show I'm not trying to be a dick, but come on, get a new catch phrase!

OT: This will be interesting to see how it performs on the consoles. I like gaming in my recliner.

Yes, I know I can hook up my computer to my TV and all that but it's too much work. I prefer pushing a button, game comes on and I recline back and rest my hands in my lap and play. PC gaming is fun for a hour or so but my back is old, lol.

Shackdaddy8362861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

"Maximum game" is actually Crytek's catch phrase for their Crysis games. Thats why you see it so much.

toaster2861d ago

'It Only Does Everything' is getting pretty old now too, especially when it really doesn't do everything...

Heavy_Rain2861d ago

Yeah just like Jump in is getting old as well especially when half the time there are no games to play or its rroded.

totallysane2861d ago

@ even though it fail

neoandrew2861d ago

"Yes, I know I can hook up my computer to my TV and all that but it's too much work." - this is just silly, too much work - you are the laziest guy in the world or worse...

You can also use an xbox360 pad on pc, so your comment is just a RIDICULOUS TROLLING, nothing else.

jack_burt0n2861d ago


No he has a valid point, i have a decent rig and i only buy exclusives on pc, i cant navigate steam with an xbox pad and it can be a pain in the arse to check if its got steam achievements etc etc and whether pad support is native or using xpadder blah blah blah

Letros2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Lazy people

Xfanboy2861d ago

lmao how is pluging an hdmi cord from pc to tv to much work?? lol lazy ass!!

neoandrew2861d ago

@jack_burt0n - u are so lazy, why i would need to navigate steam, check achievement, tell me WHY ? Just lunch the game and PLAY man, it's in the game and it's in your hands!!!

HappyGaming2861d ago

Crysis 2 is looking extreme.

One another note... I never move my PC to my TV do people here actually do that every time they want to play a game?

BeOneWithTheGun2860d ago

I could take my computer out of the other room, hook up the tower to the TV and whatnot but then I am still sitting up using a m/k. I hate controllers if I am on a PC.

When I feel like a 6 hour gaming session, I want the ease of not having to move my whole set up into another room and dealing with all that. At one time, when the games were leaps and bounds apart in graphics, then yes, it was worth it. Now, not so much.

Come talk to me when you are almost 40, work 10 hour shifts, raising a kid, dealing with a psycho ex and tell me how "lazy" you're not feeling.


RedDragan2860d ago

My PC is in the same room as my HDTV. One HDMI cable between them.... wooooow.... so much hard work to connect them!

I like sitting back in my recliner with a proper powerful system with the option of either using a joypad OR a keyboard and mouse for a much better gaming experience.

But hey, what do I know... I am not praising a console so I must be wrong right?! /sarc

You know what the best thing is? I can use the monitor at the same time or just use the monitor so I can watch TV while playing a game or whatever else I am doing!!

So much for the "It only does everthing" slogan when it eats up the only TV in the room for one thing.

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Xfanboy2861d ago

lol you get alot of bubbles for your maximum comments!!

Shackdaddy8362861d ago

Cant wait for this game.

The first picture is my favorite. Very pretty.

wwm0nkey2861d ago

Now I just need to get 3 more 470 gtx cards and a 2,000p monitor and I will be set for a good 5-7 years lol

AKA2861d ago

not impress and many of the screen are from cutscenes
the fire effect, water looks nice, but textures look better then the normal but KILLZONE 3, GOW3 or Uncharted have better textures judging from the pictures.

not saying it look bad, plus it has a lot of blur effect that pc game love to hate in KILLZONE 2 know KILLZONE 3 does not have none but Crysis 2 have that effect, funy.

ps. please dont hateand be mature.
I'm just been honest.

ajcastillo2861d ago

In all your reasoning, you know you are starting a FLAME WAR with the CONSOLE vs PC, you know that it is a technical FACT that PC has BETTER GRAPHICS because of it hardware right, you cannot compare Uncharted 2 o 3 or Killzone 2 o 3 or even God of War 3 with any computer game because of the discreepancy of the hardware, so less try not to go there please.

Heavy_Rain2861d ago

Excuse me? while I agree Crysis 2 on pc will be better looking then KZ3 your statment that UC2 , KZ3 , GOW3 cannot be compared with any pc game is absolutely incorrect. Those above games are better looking then atleast 94% of PC games so please lets not try to go there.

On Topic - Pics look awesome!

evrfighter2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

no offense but the jagged linearity of kz2 and the horrid textures of anything not kratos in gow3 pretty much means they can't be compared to pc games.

i mean no camera control and still barely pullin 30fps?



nickjkl2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

not really when it comes ot flames and water thats art style but the amount of physics and and interactions with that water and fire is where pcs will get ahead of consoles

kilzone 3 isnt out so we dont know about textures and i will not hype it up on graphics which i have not seen on my own tv

NnT32912861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

"Those above games are better looking then atleast 94% of PC games"

LoL, I love Ps3 exclusives but let's be realistic here. Most PC multiplatform games on highest settings look better than any Consoles exclusives. Try games like Metro 2033, RE5...on PC, they look incredible.

HappyGaming2861d ago

"Uncharted 2 o 3 or Killzone 2 o 3 or even God of War 3 with any computer game"

That is really pathetic we know Crysis, BFBC 1&2 and lodes of other games are better prejudice aside...

There are many PC games that don't match up to those PS3 games at all.

RedDragan2860d ago

Gentlemen, stop comparing 7 or more year old PC games when claiming that 94% of PC games do not match up to PS3 exclusive.

Even mediocre PC games of today far excel the best looking PS3 exclusive, and some claim I am a PS3 fanboy. There simply is no way for a PS3 game to match a modern PC game graphically.

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Shackdaddy8362861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

If you played any of the Crysis games then you would know that they do in-game cut-scenes. The graphics you see are the graphics that will be in the game on highest settings so it wouldn't matter if its real-time gameplay or cutscene(actually, for Crysis 1 and its expansion, the shots that show people playing look better than the cutscenes).

And dont act like something is "fact" when you haven't played any of those games yet. Makes you look like a fanboy which I am sure you dont want to look like.

ThanatosDMC2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

The only difference is, this is their first Crysis console and pc game. It actually looks bland for a Crysis game must be console limitations. Check out the bottom pic in which the enemy is shooting and another one is hoping on chest high wall. Look at their surrounding. Look at where the guy closest to the screen is shooting. No particle effects on the walls, the ground, etc.

ct032861d ago

I agree with Thanatos. The look of this game reminds me of a mixture between Halo and Killzone. I really don't dig this at all.

It's hard to describe, but every screenshot I see just looks synthetic. The New York environment looks nothing like (a destroyed) New York. I think Crysis 1 was able to capture its tropical setting much better.

matey2861d ago

ur on drugs this game makes ps3 look dated by far

Sarcasm2861d ago

Cut scenes? Anything seen from Crysis is from actual graphics, there are no cut scenes in Crysis.

Bolts2861d ago

These screenshots looks average. Crysis Warhead can do this on my PC right now.

And to AKA: There is no such thing as a Cyrsis cutscene render, everything is live and in engine.

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jwk942861d ago

Yeah crisis 2 does look like crap compared to what was done with crisis 1, but thats mainly because of the consoles.

Pandamobile2861d ago

Are you high? This looks way better than Crysis. Just because it's not a jungle doesn't mean it looks bad.

jwk942861d ago

I still think Crisis 1 looks better.