Is Treyarch Selling Cancelled Maps?

Garrett Hartman of RipTen; "Yes, these are maps that have been cancelled…yet they bear some of the names of the maps announced..."

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MrAwesome2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

It's most likely Activision's work I can only imagine the conversation.
Ac:Hey this game has to much content take some away and then we'll sell it as DLC
Tr:But this is only the game's Beta...
Ac:Meh.who cares? everbody is going to buy it anyway.
Tr:The game's not even ready yet!
Ac:How many maps does it have?
Ac:25! are you crazy??? put in 14 we'll sell the rest in DLC, $15 for 5 maps our best idea yet; oh and you guys can start working in the next CoD.

I_find_it_funny2912d ago

hahaha who cares Cod crowd will pay for everything

n4f2911d ago

loll yeah its its like the best game ever made by human being ///s

gm9992911d ago

yep ithink they r selling rejected maps

BattleAxe2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

Hopefully the map pack gets reviewed, and even after that I'm going to ask my friends what they think before i buy it. I can use my friends as guinea pigs.

HopSkotch2912d ago

Everyone in the gaming industry today is selling out :/ disappointing...

frostypants2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

When was it NOT about money? They've just found more ways to get it.

HopSkotch2909d ago

It just seems money is more emphasized now. Seems its all about the money more than it used to be...but then again it could've been that i was a child 10 years ago and didn't buy my own games lol

r1sh122912d ago

This was always gonna happen.
I mean MW2 and infinity ward put out COD4 maps because they didnt want to put any effort into making new maps.
It already happened with Black Ops,
The hardened edition and prestige editions etc..Had the old zombie maps. (i already paid for them, so why must I pay again?).
I just got the standard edition, but the fact that many game dev's are doing this now is pretty bad. It seems like they want minimal effort and maximum profit.
I wouldnt be surprised if we see some [email protected] maps turn up as DLC.
This is the last activision game I will buy, Ive said it even before it came out.
Call of Duty is done, Im not sure if its only me but Im already finding it quite boring.

hakeem09962911d ago

Just like i didn't buy any of the $15 maps of MW2 ,i wont be buying these maps either if the prices are ridiculous .But seriously people what's the point of that articles? so these maps were canceled probably because they wouldn't be finish in time for lunch now that they have time ,they got finished and end of story. Most FPS maps packs were probably from canceled batch because they wouldn't make deadline .

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jaredhart2912d ago

Either sites are being duped or Black Ops players are.

I'd put nothing past Kotick.

Drjft2912d ago

Yeah this looks very suspicious indeed.

SnakeMustDie2912d ago

People gets scammed easily. Thats how it works.

karl2912d ago

they sell... u buy

thats how it works...

spektical2912d ago

wow lol

talk about a scam.

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