Cosplay Spotlight: Talim (Soul Calibur)

RipTen: "Her high-pitched voice and obsession with the wind or whatever made her one of the more annoying names on the Soul Calibur roster, but I always found myself coming back to Talim during my SCIII and IV marathons. Little did I know that she would one day provide us with a glorious cosplay spotlight. Also, see-through pants."

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jaredhart2954d ago

Cosplay isn't bad but I can't tell if thats a guy or a girl. :(

Misterhbk2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Talim is badass! Aside from Kilik (sp) my favorite in the series. Link has three basic sword swings! She has combos!

That out of the way, this chick is fail!

CrzyFooL2954d ago

I never used her. Mitsurugi or gtfo! also, agreed - this girl needs more . . umm well YOU KNOW. ( . )( . )

Her bayonetta cosplay was way better, but I think they did that one before.

soundslike2954d ago

"Aside from Kilik (sp) my favorite in the series. "


real men play taki and fake out the triple kick

Sigmarue2954d ago

Awww... I thought she was pretty.

ECM0NEY2954d ago

Me too... The people hating probably couldnt even land this girl.

Urmomlol2954d ago ShowReplies(1)
Arup022954d ago

I'm almost sure that this article will be 1000° degrees and will only have a few comments.

CrzyFooL2954d ago

Nah, she's not that hot. Gaming cosplay needs to be super fucking sexy epic to get that hot. Outfit is decent, but not great. MEH

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