This Week's Early Flying Get (Tetsuya Nomura Details January Conference)

Andriasang: BlazBlue Continuum Shift II set for PSP, Team Persona seeks staff, date set for Dynasty Warriors 7, Tetsuya Nomura details January conference and more.

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RedDead2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

"Versus will, as expected, be shown at the event. We'll get to hear main character Noctis speak for the first time. In addition, we'll get to see plenty of actual footage from the game, although this is apparently before the game's visuals have been given a quality bosot"

My mood:
About fu**ing time !

Edit---seriously, this has been my most anticipated game since the first trailer. The trailer is just .....

Edit---Not even a month to go!

Thank god they put the date to 18 I have 3 tests on jan 6th(maths), 12th(circuts) and 14th(physics)

I watched goddamn E3 instead of studying for the most importent test of my life for christs sake, I really doubt I would have studied on the 11th.

Best thing about the new date is it's actually the 17th for europe and US. Not even a month away :P

Simon_Brezhnev2857d ago

I really hope they have a release date. I hope its a worldwide release and not a year after japan. Got a strange feeling we wont get it until 2012

vsr2857d ago

GOTY 2012 confirmed

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

If someone skiped the trailers of FF Versus and Agito in TGS 2010, here there are:

Son_Lee2857d ago

You should have studied. Did you pass the test? You should have known no info would come out at E3 haha.

But this is very good news. This is Square's literal Final Fantasy if they want to keep a fan base going.

RedDead2857d ago

Better than I should have considering how little I tried. Got into a course I wanted anyway :)

Although E3 did suck that year haha

Godmars2902857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Sorry, but I cast The Ring into Mount Doom a while ago.

To impress me at this point vsXIII has to come out - actually be released - and have gotten me involved with its story and world within the first hour of playing it. Make for forget time passing.

Wild Arms did that. Chrono Trigger did. Sure as Hell FFIV, VII and X did it.

I want *THAT* kind of JRPG back God Damnit!

Put it on the fu*king 360 - JUST MAKE IT A GOOD GAME!!!

Booyah2857d ago

Ohhhh a fellow gamer who played Chrono Trigger. ^^

ReservoirDog3162857d ago

Says we'll hear Noctis for the first time. Reminds me of this old interview.

"Nomura: The Versus protagonist is not a character with a Squall-like or Cloud-like personality like everyone is thinking now. He is a type that has not been seen in the generations of the series yet. For a long time now, I have wanted to try making a character like him, but I hesitated because he is a type of character that might fall close to “out of bounds.”

Are you really that critical of him!?

Nomura: Yes. (Haha) There are probably people who dislike his type. Usually, protagonists do not have strong personalities to avoid having the personality interfere with the player’s empathy, and so very distinctive characters are relegated to side-roles, but not this time. He has a bit of an overabundance of p idiosyncrasy. I think that when he speaks, the impression of him will change considerably."

So that should be interesting. I mean, when you read that, it kinda only points to one thing right?

Godmars2902857d ago

This says to me that Nomura is as out of touch as the rest of Square Enix with what made them Squaresoft much less its fanbase. That he's more focused at what the character isn't than what he is.

ReservoirDog3162857d ago

Well I wouldn't say that. I say he knows exactly who the character is. He's just being pseudo cryptic on why people won't like what he is and they'll focus on what he isn't.

He obviously cares deeply about his personality if he's been wanting his personality type for a long time.

Looking at what a person is while realizing what they're not isn't a bad thing.

Also I don't understand the disagree.

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Otheros002857d ago

I hope somebody is streaming it. We need more info about the game.

Lavalamp2857d ago

Oh, that's a good point. It never even occurred to me that we would have to wait until the footage hits the net. Reading people's reactions on Twitter is only going to make me more and more anxious to see it. I hope our fellow gamers are well prepared to get us the goods asap.

Bellcross2857d ago

Well it's about damn time we got some info on this game it has only been 5 years.

Square-Enix it's time to get your shit together and give us the games we've been waiting for.

Taz Yamauchi2857d ago

I hope we have not been waiting 5 years for a multiplat, Multiplats are just not worth that time, keep it exclusive and i'll be all over it day one

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