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Static-X2863d ago

Already? How about fixing the game first Treyarc?

CovertGunman2863d ago

I would say that they're working on it. I've already seen some improvements, so I'm happy. Plus, they have plenty of time to fix more things between now and February 1. :)

XI_-Minty-_IX2863d ago

"I've already seen some improvements"

I'm sure many people would love to have your version of the update.

MerkinMax2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

All I can say now is, WTF Treyarch!!! I play on PS3, and the game used to be nearly flawless for me. I can't even use the FAL anymore. I honestly can't hit someone with it. The hit detection has turned to shit, the game feels laggy, and I barely get 4 bar connections anymore. On top of that, my NAT is now Moderate. I don't know what the hell they were thinking by rolling out that update. Here I was thinking, "Yay, Flak Jacket Pro is fixed!"

Well, back to BFBC 2 for the time being.

CovertGunman2863d ago

Alright, so there are still plenty of things that need to be fixed in Black Ops, but you can't deny there have been some improvements. Maybe not extremely big improvements in your eye, but improvements nonetheless.

BeOneWithTheGun2863d ago

Hmmmm...Little Big Planet, Dead Space and Killzone 3 OR more COD abortions.


Serious_J0nes2863d ago


Since when did you and JD_2020 start seeing eachover??

I paid more than enough money for this game and i expect it to work, I still can't join friends and play, not even going to mention the hit detection!

People like you is why game developers rush out unfinished games cause they know your going to be "happy" with a unfinished product

What a noob

Soldierone2863d ago

Agreed with Static, not touching any type of DLC till this game is fixed. No excuses.

commander2863d ago

"I've already seen some improvements"

Since when does breaking the game with their last update qualify as an improvement?

CovertGunman2863d ago

Come on guys, is is that difficult to be optimistic about the game? Every single game has it's ups and its downs and it takes time to fix any problems. Now I honestly don't play the game 24/7 as it appears that some of you have, but I've noticed things that need some tweaking. I don't think there's anything game breaking or anything like that. I've also seen some improvements with party systems, snipers, connection quality, and several other things. Sure, if you put them on a balance with other issues, it tends to lean heavily towards the issues, but still, they're working on it. It sounds to me like you guys don't know a ton about game development and the amount of work that goes into it. I know a lot about since I am a member of the Press, but that's besides the point. Ultimately, stop being so pessimistic about it, suck it up, build a bridge and get over it. Be patient.

y0haN2862d ago

I've experienced a much better game now, I mean it only crashes twice a day now.

TheFact0032862d ago

@CovertGunman, answer to me how NaughtyDog could pull off Uncharted 2? Other than "they are a PS3only developer and they had more time". 1. They are both PS3 developers. 2. They had equal amount of time to work on it since U1 came out near end of 2007 and U2 followed 2 years later. Same with WaW and Black Ops, they had a 2 year gap. U2 has NEVER lagged on me, graphics are far superior, there have never been frame rate drops, screen tearing, pop-in textures, etc. Plus, that game doesn't charge you $15 for 4 maps that should have already been in the game.

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tman6922863d ago

I need to go listen to a brutal breakdown. This shit news is killing me!

BulletToothtony2863d ago

sold my copy of Black Ops this weekend because my hits don't register so i don't give a fuck!

You have to spray on pray on this game.. aiming is worthless!

tman6922863d ago

Good for you. Hope you didn't give it to gamestop though.

HolyOrangeCows2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

I think I'm going to upgrade from Black Ops to Call of Duty 4 (I haven't gotten the Ps3 version of it yet) after final exams.
That is, so long as the servers for COD4 haven't gone to crap.

2863d ago
The_Claw2863d ago

Activision already planning on emptying your pockets? no way...

egidem2863d ago

Aha! Black Ops...a game that I haven't even played. Until they fix this thing, I ain't touching it. It all went downhill since CoD 4.

Ginbe2863d ago

Fixing who? Maybe the PS3 version an PC.

princejb1342863d ago

seems like there working harder on the dlc than fixing the issues

ngecenk2863d ago

for $15 you can get 4 new map (+1 hidden map) new classes, new weapons, new vehicles, new theme, new songs, new gameplay style.... only in BFBC2.

why bother buying this buggy games?

ps: i have ps3

2863d ago
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lugia 40002863d ago

Money milking. There we go again.

Organization XII2863d ago

Only fools will fell for it and get these stupid rip off DLC

irepbtown2862d ago

I traded it in for Gran Turismo 5.
BFBC2 is more than enough FPS for me.

MGRogue20172863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

1200MS Points!?!?!

Excuse my language but.. lol You have got to be fucki... that's it! I ain't getting it.. I didn't buy the MW2 map packs either.

Buying that map pack is like allowing Treyarch/Activision to shove their penis up your ass man, real hard-like.. That is exactly how it is.

Don't buy this map pack guys.. We need to show 'em. Something needs to be done about this.. ffs.

Nitrowolf22863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

well it's better then what IW had. I hope by "5 new maps" they really do mean 5 new maps, plus the zombie pack. Still high IMO but better then the IW crap
still not buying though

chidesd2863d ago

Its actually 4 new multiplayer maps and a zombie map but im still buying it

Nitrowolf22863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

the f is up with so many disagree's? (at least respond)
Would you rather as a consumer be ripped off with 3 new and 2 old? Or rather take 5 new maps? of course me adding at the end of my other comment shows that i would still not buy it.
I was clearly stating that, that is a better deal, but in the end still way to high of a price.

Black-Helghast2863d ago

Disagree is a feature man...Deal with it.

vickers5002863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )


Do you honestly think these immature N4G commenters will take that into account in the slightest?

I'll bet you ten bucks that the majority of the people bashing this game haven't even played it, yet still run their mouths off anyway.

Yes there are those people with legitimate concerns, but they are in the very small minority of people who actually comment here.

Most of these people commenting are children who think they're cool because they hate Call of Duty and the people who play it. I would bet another 10 bucks that if I searched through a couple of these kids comments, I'd find the exact same comment posted like 2 weeks ago, something like "screw this game, I'm selling it and going back to bad company 2", then two weeks later "screw this game, I'm going back to bad company 2", and it goes on and on.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending the price of the DLC or the bullsh** Activision has pulled and continues to pull, and I'm not even defending the problems other people have been having (the patch made things better for me, but I've seen it vary from person to person and know that it's worse for some people, but not for myself), but the level of immaturity coming from the commenters here at N4G is astounding. It's like they've all joined a club to hate Call of Duty, and it's pretty lame.

You don't have to like the game, and you don't/didn't have to buy it, so stop b*tching over it and move on to something else. Buy another game and go play it instead of spending so much time on N4G in articles of games you know you hate.

I'm most likely not going to buy the maps unless they're really damn good, but I doubt they will be, but it's not THAT overpriced (yeah they're overpriced, but not outrageously overpriced). You're getting 5 brand new maps for 15 bucks if you CHOOSE (remember kiddies, you aren't actually forced to buy them, so think of that the next time you make an angry, immature comment full of obscenities) to buy them.

darksied2863d ago

Until they actually release the map names and descriptions, I wouldn't assume they're new. This is activision, so "new" might mean "new for Black Ops." This might be 2 new, 2 remakes (probably of MW2, of all things) and 1 zombie, who knows. But still, $15? That's a lot.

Soldierone2863d ago

Pretty sure there were some rumors or something going around that WaW stuff would make its way to Black Ops. So Id assume the zombie maps from WaW will be re released at a price (they were already included in the Prestige edition if im not mistaken) and something else will get rehashed for the game also. Then we will get a second one that follows the same rehashed method, and suddenly support will completely disapear and Activision will be hyping the next COD....welcome to a business model.

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solar2863d ago

should be free. you will gain more <3 for supporting your product. but the money hat isn't as full with GH, TH, and other crap products not producing monies.

Blaster_Master2863d ago

5 new maps, 1 new zombie map too? Im game. Hopefully they bring more zombie packs.

swiftshot932863d ago

6 maps for $15? Come on dude...

chidesd2863d ago

actually 5 maps for $15 have to listen to the pod cast

ScentlessApprentice72863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

"It was mentioned that it had been previously arranged that the DLC would be exclusive for the 360 for a period of time."

It "had been previously arranged"? What happened? Did Microsoft decide to cut back a bit after the 500M it gave to Oprah to buy another husband and to Ellen DeGeneres to buy another wife?