GeForce GTX 560 takes on Radeon HD 6950

AMD will launch its new performance cards of the Radeon HD 6900 series any day now. The flagship Radeon HD 6970 competes with NVIDIA's current top models, but to fight Radeon HD 6950 the green team has a new card coming; GeForce GTX 560.

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Jamaicangmr2950d ago

Taking no prisoners are we Nvidia? I just bought a GTX460 Superclocked for my lil brothers rig. I guess we'll both be upgrading soon. GTX470-GTX570 or 80 and GTX460-GTX560.

I know i don't need to but am a GPU whore.

ATi_Elite2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

this article is wrong as the the GTX 560 will most likely compete with the HD 6870 because competing against the HD 6950 would put it in the same performance category as the GTX 570. Maybe Nvidia will make a GTX 565 to go against the HD 6950. this comparision chart represents AMD's performance level and price comparison to Nvidia.

GTX 580 - HD 6990
GTX 570 - HD 6970
------- - HD 6950
GTX 560 - HD 6870
------- - HD 6850
GTS 550 - HD 6770

yeh yeh yeh i know the HD 6990 is a dual gpu card blah blah blah but this is what AMD has chosen as their flagship card to compete against Nvidias top card and at $600 a card, I don't care about the configuration (single gpu or dual gpu) it just better get the job done.